The Pulp Series Character Reprint Index is a compilation of the reprint publication histories for over 166 different pulp series characters. The Index was originally serialized in ECHOES 58, 59 and 60 with an update in ECHOES 85. In April 1997, Fading Shadows Inc. published a revised and expanded version of the Index as a separate publication.
Click on the character name in the frame to the left and the reprint history for that character (in chronological order) will appear in this window. Click on FORMAT or NOTES in the headers on each individual characters page to view this information. Alternate listings in the original pulp publication order are available for some characters. Click on the blue button (if available) in the chronological order listing to access these.
Special thanks to the following individuals who have contributed information used in this Index.
Tom Johnson Albert Tonik Howard Wright Mike Chomko
Ginger Johnson Curt Ladnier Frank McSherry Jr. Steve Lewis
Steve Mitchell James Reasoner Virgil Utter
John Dinan Robert Weinberg Monte Herridge
John Gunnison Lohr McKinstry Bernard Drew

This list is a work in progress. Comments, additions, and corrections to the information presented herein are always welcome. Use the email link below or the email link at the bottom of each Index page to contact me.
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