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03 July 2015

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2015 Pulp Shows

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Adventure House
Now available!

 Gangster Special Issue

"The Law of the Outlawed" by Anatole Feldman
"The Underworld, a realm of racketeers and gangsters with a code and law of its own.  Justice!  To these outlaws, court justice is truly blind and only the flash of a rod will quiet the vengeance that troubles a fiery conscience."

"Sky Loot" by Tyne Van Tyne
"Forgery—Kidnapping—Murder—Plot and counter plot mark the development of The Sky-Gangsters' quest for diamonds and gold."

and other stories from UNDERWORLD MAGAZINE

 7x10, 110 pages, $9.95

Adventure House
Now available!

The Phantom Detective - Fall 1952

"Candidate for Death" by Robert Wallace   
Senator John Midworth was at the peak of a presidental boom when the bombshell burst, hurling him into limbo and at the same time giving Detective Richard Curtis Van Loan a mysterious problem of crime to fathom!

"Lady on A Double-Cross" by Harry Widmar
"Murderess With Brains" by William L. Jackson
"Mad Killer" by Philip Morgan
"Needled to Death" by Elizabeth H. Sutton

Cover Artist: Kirk Wilson

 7x10, 112 pages, $14.95

Adventure House
Now available!

G-Men - 03/36

"King Crime" by C.K.M. Scanlon
The F.B.I. plays the Ace of Special Agents in a G-Man deal at Nokomis—and Dan Fowler pursues a mysterious cowled menace, the nation-wide purveyor of murder whose heinous activities defy detection!

"Bandit Brand" by Kenneth L. Sinclair
"The G-Heat" by Robert Wallace
"Broken Glass" by Col. William T. Cowin

Cover Artist: Rudolph Belarski

 7x10, 128 pages, $14.95

Adventure House
Now available!

Man Stories - 05/31

"Four Bells and a Jingle" by Capt. G.R. Madden
The Famous "Devil's Triplets" continue on thier rollicking way to make and break South American revolutiuons."

"Faith O' Men" by Laurence J. Cahill
"Without Benefit of Stripes" by Lyn Fox
"Traitor to The Gods" by Will Beale
"The Chum Champ" by Worthen C. Cornish
"The Dead Face Grinned Twice" by Hugh B. Cave
"The Queen's Emerald" by Lee Willenborg
"The Battle of Loose Food" by Frank J. Schindler

Cover Artist: George R. Taylor

 7x10, 128 pages, $14.95

A mental marvel from birth, who used his talents on stage as a boy, Philip Strange is now known as "The Phantom Ace of G-2" by the Allies during WWI. A boyhood prank comes back to haunt the so-called Brain-Devil when he meets his vaudeville nemesis in the Theater of War. Karl von Zenden, the one-time "lightning-change" Man of a Thousand Faces, is now using his stage tricks as agent Z-13 for the Wilhelmstrasse—and he’s not one to drop the curtain on a grudge. Now backstage rivals are front-line enemies in an exclusive engagement of “Spy vs. Spy.” And when Strange gets into the act and uses his own makeup-mastery, the Great War becomes the Greatest Show on Earth! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting for your entertainment ... two strange operators head-to-head in eight pulp classics from the pages of Flying Aces magazine!

$16.99 | 6″x9″ trade paperback | 476pp | ISBN:978-1937590024

Join Smoke Wade, six-gun rider of theDevil’s Sky Range flying the Pinto-colored Spad he called Jake, after his favorite ranch pony back home in Arizona. With his trusty smoke pole strapped to his leg, there wasn’t a fight or a wager that the skipper of the 66th Pursuit Squadron was afraid to take on—and that included the Baron von Stolz, the toughest ace Germany had on the Western Front!
This exciting second volume of the collected adventures of Smoke Wade by Robert J. Hogan pits Smoke and the 66th Pursuit Squadron against some of von Stolz’s most sinister machinations yet in a rematch for the ages. From the pages of Popular Publication’s Battle Birds and Dare-Devil Aces, this book contains 11 more tales from 1934 and 1935 of the Cowboy Ace in Hell skies!
Author Robert J. Hogan’s first job after graduating from St. Lawrence University was riding range for several ranches on the west slope of the Rockies. After that he tried amateur boxing and playing piano for silent movies and hoedown dances. Before he became a writer he also had built houses, manufactured leather goods, designed planes, and taught flying.

Stories include:
“Cyclone Busters” – Battle Birds, February 1934
“The Pirate Patrol” – Battle Birds, March 1934
“Glory Hound” – Battle Birds, April 1934
 "The Black Ace” – Battle Birds, May 1934
 “Knock-Out Ace” – Dare-Devil Aces, July 1934
 “The Cyclone Ace” – Dare-Devil Aces, October 1934
 “Maverick Buzzard” – Dare-Devil Aces, November 1934
 “Bull’s-Eye Buzzards” – Dare-Devil Aces, February 1935
 “The Dynamite Trio” – Dare-Devil Aces, April 1935
 “Sixgun Dynamite” – Dare-Devil Aces, June 1935
 “The Rawhide Ace” – Dare-Devil Aces,September 1935

$16.99 | 6″x9″ trade paperback | 424pp | ISBN:978-1-937590-03-1

Airship 27 Productions
Now available!

Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to be releasing the second volume in this series of weird westerns by writer Fred Adams, Jr.

Deep in the heart of the Caplock Mountains of Nevada a frightening new horror is preying on settlers and prospectors alike.  When the entire crew of a mining outfit is found torn to pieces, the U.S. Cavalry is sent to investigate under the command of General Sherman; the famous Civil War tactician.  He immediately recruits his former army scouts turned cowpunchers, Durken and McFee, to help ferret out this new threat to frontier settlements.

Soon the two cantankerous saddle-mates find themselves caught up between government agents and frightened Indian tribes who warn of an ancient evil returned to plague the white invaders; warriors capable of transforming themselves into beast!

“At a recent comic convention, this title was our best seller,” reports Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor Ron Fortier.  “People were immediately taken with artist Zachary Brunner’s gorgeous cover and we’re thrilled to announce he’s back handling all the art in this terrific sequel; both cover and interior illustrations.”  Readers of the first book in the series may notice a peculiar familiarity in the artist’s background on the cover. They are in fact a continuation of those seen in the first cover.  “This was a deliberate decision,” says Fortier.  “And we can’t wait until readers put both books together side by side.”  Award winning Art Director, Rob Davis adjusted the old logo to make this visual sequencing possible.

Once again Fred Adams Jr. delivers a gripping weird western that combines the best elements of both genres to deliver a non-stop action-adventure that will have pulp fans whipping through the pages.  Six-Terrors Vol II is a book you won’t want to put down.

Now Available at Amazon.com in hardcopy and on Kindle.

Airship 27 Productions – Pulp Fiction For A New Generation!

Softcover edition now available!
eBook edition now available!
Hardcover edition now available!

Altus Press is proud to announce the first new Tarzan novel in several years!

Written by the prolific adventure writer, Will Murray, author of The Wild Adventures of Doc Savage series, Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-don is an authorized sequel to one of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ most celebrated Tarzan novels, Tarzan the Terrible.

“Having been an Edgar Rice Burroughs fan since 1968,” says Murray, “the opportunity to bring this iconic character back to life means a great deal to me. I’ve pulled out all the stops to faithfully replicate the storytelling style of the great Edgar Rice Burroughs and recreate the original era of Tarzan of the Apes.”

During World War II, John Clayton, Lord Greystoke has just completed flight training with the Royal Air Force when his superiors assign him to a secret mission: Locate the enigmatic British Military Intelligence operative codenamed Ilex, whose plane has gone down in a vast primeval wilderness that only Tarzan of the Apes dares brave. Flying Officer Clayton does not suspect that his superiors harbor an ulterior motive for assigning him this dangerous mission. Before it’s all over, the Lord of the Jungle will plunge into his wild past and confront dangers both familiar and unfamiliar in the prehistoric lost land where carnivorous triceratops and saber-tooth tigers roam.

Jim Sullos, President of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., notes, “We couldn’t be more pleased to have such a talented writer as Will Murray write a sequel to one of Mr. Burroughs’ Tarzan novels. The pace is fast and the suspense never lets up, just what a reader expects when following the adventures of our Ape-Man.”

Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-don features a startling cover illustration by award-winning artist Joe DeVito, who executes the covers for Altus Press’ Wild Adventures of Doc Savage series.

“It is always a treat painting covers for Will’s Doc Savage adventure yarns,” says DeVito. “And now, Tarzan, the granddaddy of all the great action-adventure characters. After sculpting the Centennial Tarzan statue for ERB, Inc. in 2012, I was hoping to get a crack at a Tarzan painting as well. This book provided an opportunity to combine them both!”

Altus publisher Matt Moring adds, “As a long-time fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs––beginning with the quest to put together a complete collection of ERB's Ace paperbacks many years ago–-it’s almost unbelievable that I’d one day be able to say that I’d actually publish an authorized Tarzan novel. And based on Will's long track record, there can be no doubt that this will be an epic story.”

Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-don will be released in paperback in June, to be followed by a deluxe hardcover edition with a wraparound cover and a bonus Tarzan short story by Gary A. Buckingham, “Tarzan and the Secret of Katanga,” a sequel which ties into the lead novel. There will also be an e-book edition released in all popular formats.

Hardcover - $39.95    Softcover - $24.95   eBook - $5.99  

Will Murray:
I’m immensely pleased and proud to announce that I had been chosen by ERB Inc. to write the first authorized Tarzan novel in several years to be set in the series’ original time period.

Although I’m perhaps best known for my Doc Savage novels, I actually discovered the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs about a year before I discovered Doc. It was the purchase of the Ballantine Books edition of "The Gods of Mars" in 1968 that started me on my lifelong love affair with all things Burroughsian.

When the opportunity came to write a Tarzan adventure, I gave a lot of thought over which phase of the ape-man’s career to set my story. From the beginning, the plan was to sequel "Tarzan the Terrible," one of ERB’s most masterful Tarzan novels, and a personal favorite of the Burroughs’, second only to "Tarzan of the Apes" in that series.

At first, I thought we would leave the timeframe vague, but the more I delved into the series, the more I was drawn to the little-recorded phase in which John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, left his jungle home to serve in the Royal Air Force during World War Two. Burroughs portrayed his hero as an observer in "Tarzan and The Foreign Legion,” so he would likely have previously undergone flight training. Here was a great jumping-off point to depict the civilized John Clayton in a rarely-seen role––that of combat fighter pilot––from there to segue into a classic reversion to this natural state as the untamed Lord of the Jungle.

In "Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-don," fresh from flight school, Clayton is given a secret mission. An RAF plane has gone down in Africa, along with a military intelligence operative codenamed Ilex. His mission is to locate Ilex and bring the nameless agent back to civilization, along with the unknown Axis secret being carried to Allied leaders.

As it happened, the missing plane crashed into a previously unexplored area Pal-ul-don. So when Flying Officer Clayton’s shark-mouthed P-40 Tomahawk fighter plane is attacked by pteranodons, causing him to crash land in strangely familiar territory, the ape-man discovers he’s back in the Land of Man. And so begins his quest.

In this sequel, we are not revisiting the cities and peoples encountered in "Tarzan the Terrible." Instead, Tarzan finds himself caught in the web of a completely different tree-dwelling tribe which presents the fearless ape-man with one of the most epic challenges of his long career. Tarzan the hunter becomes Tarzan the hunted!

I don’t want to give away any more of the story, but "Tarzan: Return to Pal-ul-don" is an imaginative quest into a savage land both familiar and alien. The allies and perils the ape-man collects along the way are a tribute to the powerful imagination of Edgar Rice Burroughs, one of the great pulp adventure writers of the 20th Century.

This is Tarzan of the Apes as Burroughs originally portrayed him.

Altus Press
by Emile C. Tepperman
Now available!

The Suicide Squad returns for five final sagas:
“The Suicide Squad’s Last Mile” “Shells For the Suicide Squad,” “Wanted—In Three Pine Coffins,”
“The Suicide Squad’s Private War,” and “—For Tomorrow We Die!”

 $22.95 softcover / $34.95 hardcover

Fee shipping on softcover editions!

Altus Press
by Frederick C. Davis
Introduction by Will Murray 

Newly remastered and now available again!

From the pages of Secret Agent “X.”
For the first time in one collection, all five of the occult detective Ravenwood’s adventures have been collected in one volume,
as written by one of the greats of the pulp era, Frederick C. Davis. Also features an all-new introduction by Will Murray.

Remastered to match the design of the forthcoming releases of two other Frederick Davis series:
Mark Hazzard and Paul Kirk. All three titles will match in design.

$17.96 softcover / $29.95 hardcover / $4.99 eBook

Fee shipping on softcover editions!

Altus Press
The First Series of Releases Features Popular Authors Such as Lester Dent, Otis Adelbert Kline, W.C. Tuttle, and George F. Worts
 Now available!

Altus Press is Pleased to Announce The Argosy Library

The legendary Argosy Magazine was one of the top pulps of all time. Known for its high-quality fiction, it was home at one time or another to such writers as Max Brand, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Johnston McCulley, and Erle Stanley Gardner, among hundreds of others.

With The Argosy Library, we're collecting the best of the stories, many of which for the first time. Series 1 of The Argosy Library contains ten titles, each by an Argosy mainstay, and covering a wide variety of genres. These also showcase a mixture of stand-alone novels and collections of short stories featuring some of Argosy's best series characters.

Each book in The Argosy Library is available individually or as heavily-discounted Series sets... available in softcover, hardcover, and ebook sets.

Get all of Series 1 at a big discount!
  Hardcover Edition Bundle: regularly $369.40, on sale for just $299.95
Softcover Edition Bundle: regularly $207.50, on sale for just $149.95
Ebook Edition Bundle: regularly $59.90, on sale for just $44.95

Altus Press
GENIUS JONES by Lester Dent
Introduction by Will Murray

Now available!

The gold-dusted saga of a red-bearded young giant, raised in the Arctic on seal-meat and encyclopedias, who descends on civilization with a loud and solid crash.
In his search for wisdom and adventure, the man Jones doesn’t have Aladdin’s lamp—but he doesn’t really need it….

Never before reprinted, it’s the longest novel Lester Dent ever published, and one of the most famous.

This edition restores text cut from its original publication.

Part of The Argosy Library of classics.

271 pages
 $17.96 softcover / $29.95 hardcover / e-book $4.99

Altus Press
by W. Wirt

Now available!

The sagas of Jimmie Cordie and his crew were among Argosy’s most popular series when it was brought to that magazine during its early ’30s renaissance.

Quite clearly an inspiration for the creation of Doc Savage, this edition collects his first nine adventures.

Part of The Argosy Library of classics.

240 pages
 $17.96 softcover / $29.95 hardcover / e-book $4.99

Altus Press
THE SWORDSMAN OF MARS by Otis Adelbert Kline

Now available!

Harry Thorne, explorer and swordsman, had scarcely more than heard of the Red Planet, Mars—when an amazing thing happened….
Otis Adelbert Kline is well-known as one of the best fantasy/adventure contemporaries of Edgar Rice Burroughs.
This edition is sourced from the original magazine text and includes all of the original illustrations.

Part of The Argosy Library of classics.

237 pages
 $17.96 softcover / $29.95 hardcover / e-book $4.99

Altus Press
by W.C. Tuttle, Introduction by Sai Shankar

Now available!

Once voted Adventure Magazine’s most popular author, W.C. Tuttle introduced the world to one of his longest-running,
and most popular series characters, Henry Harrison Conroy, in the pages of Argosy.

Collected here are the first four stories.

Part of The Argosy Library of classics.

269 pages
 $17.96 softcover / $29.95 hardcover / e-book $4.99

Altus Press     Review      

Altus Press
GONE NORTH by Charles Alden Seltzer

Now available!

When Jim Fallon started for the Hudson Bay country, he wasn’t sure whether he was on a man-hunt or a wild goose chase—but he found his quest was fraught with real enough peril.
Among the best novels ever written by one of Argosy’s most popular authors.

Part of The Argosy Library of classics.

220 pages
 $17.96 softcover / $29.95 hardcover / e-book $4.99

Now available!

One of Argosy’s most popular authors pens this never-before reprinted novel of a trail of crime that ran from sleepy Maple Hollow to Steel City.

Part of The Argosy Library of classics.

265 pages
 $17.96 softcover / $29.95 hardcover / e-book $4.99

Altus Press
BALATA by Fred MacIsaac
Now available!

Trees of living gold in the Amazon jungles, guarded by alligators, poisoned darts and rival hunters—such was the lodestone that drew an American expedition, and the unwilling Pete Holcomb….

Part of The Argosy Library of classics.

216 pages
 $17.96 softcover / $29.95 hardcover / e-book $4.99

Altus Press
BRETWALDA by Philip Ketchum
Now available!

’Twas the mightiest weapon the eyes of man had ever beheld; its mystic name meant “Ruler of Briton.”
And from over the Northern Sea came a Viking’s thrall—the only man in the world who could wield that fearsome steel—to save good King Alfred and the homeland he scarce remembered.

 Collecting—for the first time—all 12 stories of the Bretwalda saga.

Part of The Argosy Library of classics.

479 pages
 $26.95 softcover / $39.95 hardcover / e-book $4.99

Altus Press
  by Victor Rousseau
Now available!

A groundbreaking science fiction, post-apocalyptic & time travel classic from the early days of The All-Story by an underrated writer.

Part of The Argosy Library of classics.

183 pages
 $16.15 softcover / $29.95 hardcover / e-book $4.99

Altus Press
FOUR CORNERS, VOLUME 1 by Theodore Roscoe
Now available!

Mystery runs rampant in the quiet, upstate New York town of Four Corners….
Easily one of Roscoe’s best-written series, Volume 1 collects the first half of this lost masterpiece of the pulps.

Part of The Argosy Library of classics.

201 pages
$17.96 softcover / $29.95 hardcover / e-book $4.99

Altus Press
by Jay J. Kalez, George A. Starbird and Lincoln Hoffman

Coming soon!

Volume 2 contains the first three stories, uncut, in order, and accompanied by the original illustrations:
“El Viborito” by Jay J. Kalez, “Badmen of the Cayugas” by George A. Starbird, and “The Valley of Crucifixion” by Lincoln Hoffman.

405 pages
 $39.95 hardcover / $29.95 softcover / $4.99 ebook

Altus Press
By Frederick C. Davis
Coming soon!

The Fight Against the Lawless!
From the pages of Ten Detective Aces, featuring all six of Mark Hazzard’s adventures in one volume!

Contains the following stories:
“Coffins for Two,” “Juggernaut Justice,” “Corpses’ Court,”
“The Murder Crypt,” “Terror Tribunal,” and “The Death-Chair Challenge.”

296 pages
 $29.95 hardcover / $19.95 softcover / $4.99 ebook

Altus Press
By Arch Whitehouse
Coming soon!

Fighting the aerial forces of evil for nearly ten years in the pages of Flying Aces, Kerry Keen aka The Griffon finally returns to print!
This edition continues the complete reprinting of the series. Volume 3 contains the next six stories:
“Riddle of the Rocket,” “Cavalry of the Clouds,” “Twin-Engine Treachery,”
“Test Pilot Terror,” “The Carrier Coup” and “Scourge of the Sky Brood.”

275 pages
 $29.95 hardcover / $19.95 softcover / $4.99 ebook

Altus Press
By Victor Rousseau
Coming soon!

The complete reprinting of the greatest of the Doc Savage pastiches continues!
Volume Three of contains the next three adventures of Jim Anthony:
“Murder Syndicate,” “The Horrible Marionettes,” and “Border Napoleon.”
This volume also includes editor notes and correspondence.

353 pages
 $39.95 hardcover / $29.95 softcover / $4.99 ebook

Altus Press
By H. Bedford-Jones

Coming soon!

Carson’s contraption failed as a mine-detector, but it could locate something buried much deeper: treasure.
Thus spurred one of H. Bedford-Jones’ most exciting series, one that has never before been reprinted.

Part of the Uniform H. Bedford-Jones Library.

357 pages
 $34.95 hardcover / $24.95 softcover / $4.99 ebook

Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Books
The Shadow monthly readalong!


Sanctum Books is initiating a monthly group readalong and discussion of a Sanctum Books SHADOW volume, beginning June 7th (so that anyone who doesn't already have the novels has time to obtain them and prepare for the shared reading experience). Here's the schedule for the first three months:

JULY: THE SHADOW #13: "Six Men of Evil" & "The Devil Monsters."
AUGUST: THE SHADOW #27: "The Python" & "The Shadow, The Hawk and The Skull."

Anthony Tollin has tried to select novels for diversity. "The Murder Master" & "The Hydra" are very different tales: the first being an action-packed thriller that takes place partly in a radio studio, while the latter shows off Walter Gibson's wry sense of humor and has a lot of great human interest bits involving The Shadow's and the real Lamont Cranston's very different interactions with Margo Lane and Commissioner Weston. "Six Men of Evil" & "The Devil Monsters" both venture into fantastic Doc Savage territory, with The Shadow battling dinosaurs and mythological beasts in the latter, which has to be Walter Gibson's most offbeat Shadow novel (which fans either love or hate). And "The Python" starts off running from the very first page, with The Shadow already captured, bound and drugged in the clutches of a master villain!

To join the discussion, all you have to do is LIKE the Sanctum Books Facebook page.

Please join us beginning June 7th for a shared reading experience.
If you've already got the novels, great!

If you don't have them, it is now even easier for you:
FREE POSTAGE if you order any one of the above books (just $12.95 each) or an even bigger discount if you order all three: just $30 postpaid for the six novels!
That's an $8.85 discount with FREE POSTAGE!
Just send payment to: Sanctum Books; P.O. Box 761474; San Antonio, TX 78245 or Paypal to: orders@shadowsanctum.com

Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Books
Now available and arriving in comic shops July 8!

THE SHADOW Volume 97: "Crime at Seven Oaks" & "The Northdale Mystery"
The Master of Darkness uncovers hidden evil in the quiet New Jersey town of Northdale in two classic pulp thrillers by Walter B. Gibson writing as "Maxwell Grant." First, the wail of the banshee signals "Crime at Seven Oaks" until The Shadow unleashes a giant Great Dane named Vulcan to bring a hidden killer to justice! Then, Lamont Cranston returns to Northdale with Margo Lane to investigate the mystery of a bizarre bank robbery and the puzzling distruction of the stolen funds. This deluxe pulp reprint showcases both original color pulp covers by Graves Gladney and George Rozen and the original interior illustrations by Earl Mayan and Paul Orban, with new commentary by popular culture historian Will Murray and a special tribute to man's best friend. (Sanctum Books) 978-1-60877-180-6  Softcover, 7x10, 112 pages, B&W, $14.95

Anthony Tollin, P.O. Box 761474, San Antonio, TX 78245-1474
1 book: $14.95 plus $3.00 (First Class) or $2 (Media Mail) for postage and packaging
2 books: $29.90 (cover price) First Class postpaid
Six issues for $84 (first class) or $78 (media mail) [postpaid]
Check, Money Order, or Paypal (orders@shadowsanctum.com)

Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Books
Now available and arriving in comic shops July 8!

THE SPIDER Volume 6: "City of Flaming Shadows" & "King of the Fleshless Legion"
The Pulps' most bloodthirsty crimebuster battles super-villains in two action-packed thrillers by Norvell Page writing as "Grant Stockbridge." First, the "Darkness" falls upon New York, turning the metropolis into a "City of Flaming Shadows." The Spider singlehandedly battles to save a populace praying for his destruction! Then, the Spider is blamed for the crimes of a deadly double, while he struggles to save the city from an epidemic of poison death perpetrated by the "King of the Fleshless Legion." This double novel pulp reprint showcases the original color covers by John Newton Howitt, John Fleming Gould's classic interior illustrations and historical commentary by Will Murray. (Sanctum Books) 978-1-60877-173-8 Softcover, 7x10, 144 pages, B&W, $14.95

Anthony Tollin, P.O. Box 761474, San Antonio, TX 78245-1474
1 book: $14.95 plus $3.00 (First Class) or $2 (Media Mail) for postage and packaging
2 books: $29.90 (cover price) First Class postpaid
Six issues for $84 (first class) or $78 (media mail) [postpaid]
Check, Money Order, or Paypal (orders@shadowsanctum.com)

The Art of Joe DeVito
Doc Savage: The Sinister Shadow Giclée print
Now available!

Limited Edition Archival Giclée

Run of 150 with 25 Artist Proofs

Artist signed and numbered with Certificate of Authenticity

Choose Image size:

11 x 14 - $50.00

14 x 18 - $70.00
Both sizes fit standard frames

$5.00 S&H (within the Continental U.S.)

Art's Reviews Podcasts! - Now online!

Ric Croxton and Art Sippo Review Recently available New Pulp!
My old Pal Ric and I review some recent New Pulp Publications, recenly released classic pulp and Silver age adventure ebooks and some new TV Shows of interest to our fans.  There are several recently published works that Pulp Fans may not know about but will want to check out!

Past episodes:
Jim Beard and Duane Spurlock on "The Airship Hunters"
Ed Hulse: Pulp Scholar and Publisher
Jerry Gill Discusses his Vic Challenger series
Will Murray on Doc Savage, The Shadow and Tarzan!
Beyond the Mountains of Madness - the lost anthology finally in print!

Beb Books - Now available!

Now with Paypal and ebooks!

After years of resistence, Beb Books has decided to enter the 21th century and signed up for a Paypal account: beb01@sprynet.com

Now you can order from our extensive list of early science fiction, fantasy adventures and hero pulps and pay on-line.
 Just send me your order and I send you an invoice.
Then go to Paypal, select “Send Money to friends or Family” to expedite the transaction, and your order will be on its way.

Beb Books is also beginning to offer its many titles as eBooks.
Currently we only offer ePub format, until we can arrange to validate conversion to the Kindle format.
eBooks will be priced at $1.99 for any title.
While all titles will eventually be converted we are just starting out, some titles may not be immediately available but your interest will push up their place in the queue.

New to our catalog this week is The Voluntary Nemesis by Perley Poore Sheehan.
Playboy millionaire Christopher Querle wakes up one morning to discover he - or someone whose handwriting is exactly the same as his, has announced that he is giving all his money away to charity.
Penniless, Querle is forced to work for a living, and rebuilt his life as a kinder more thoughtful soul. A tale of redemption and comedy. (epub $1.95. Print $6.00 plus postaage.)

This is the last week of Beb Books Spring ebook promotion, five adventure novels at Victor Rousseau,
a $9.95 value but till the end of April available for an even $8.00.

Five highly entertaining tales for the price of four!

Titles include:

    Draft of Eternity - America revolts against a foreign invader in the distant future.
     Eye of Balamok - War in the center of the Earth’s core.
    Eric of the Strong Heart - A scholar fights Vikings in the far north for the hand of a princess.
     My Lady of the Nile - Intrigue and espionage in Ethiopia as a secret cult fights for power.
     Fruit of the Lamp - A matrimonial-minded female genie causes mayhem for a wealthy bachelor.

These five titles are also available in print for $6.00 each.

Other titles in our catalog are being converted to ebooks as we speak.  Already over twenty titles are available.

Write to me at: Brian Earl Brown, 11675 Beaconsfield, Detroit, MI 48224.
E-Mail me at beb01@sprynet.com.
Ask for a list of everything  in stock. It’s free.

Black Coat Press
Now available!

by Camille Debans
adapted by Brian Stableford

"Milady, I cannot renounce conquering England. That would be to stop within sight of the goal, but I can, in favor of my wife, treat gently a vanquished people that has never been mild itself toward defeated enemies..."

In The Misfortunes of John Bull (1884)a spurned lover seeking to avenge an insult by an English nobleman, becomes a billionaire and turns an improvised nation into a global empire, ultimately defeating and conquering England. This significant future war story anticipates warfare on a global scale, especially naval warfare, featuring battles between ironclad warships assisted by various fictional inventions.

Graour the monster was determined to maintain his companions in confrontation with the original question, that of the vampire, knowing full well that the mere word "brucolaca" unhinged them, gave them gooseflesh and could drive them to the most horrible ferocities.

Graour the Monster (1903) is an extraordinary Gothic novella in which a hulkish dwarf created by the Dr. Moreau-like mad surgeon Dr Matthews returns to Romania seeking vengeance, but finds only doomed love and cpombat with one of Matthews' victims who has returned as a vampire.

US $22.95 / GBP £14.99
5x8 trade paperback, 284 pages 

by Chevalier de Béthune
adapted by Brian Stableford

The Inhabitants of Mercury are shorter than humans... they resemble the charming ideas we have of zephyrs and genii.
Their beauty only fades after several centuries. All of those small people have wings, of which they make use with a marvelous grace and agility...
The World of Mercury was first published in 1750 before Voltaire's Micromégas (1752) or Tiphaigne's Amilec (1753). In developing his world, Béthune shaped one of the few "Creationist fantasies" entirely unaffected by religious dogma.

His Mercury shines with originality, adventurousness and, especially, bizarrerie. The description of the aerial conflict between the defenders of Mercury's Great Mountain and the monstrous invaders from the "crust" expelled from the Sun is triumphantly eccentric, a match in its colorful extravagance for any space battle featured in the great tradition of 20th century space opera.

US $20.95 / GBP £12.99
5x8 trade paperback, 232 pages 

by Maurice Leblanc
adapted by J-M. & R. Lofficier

On my left, Alsace-Lorraine. On my right, Baden, Wurttemberg, and Bavaria...
All those disconnected, discontented states, crushed under the heel of the Prussian Charlemagne, but restless and ready to throw off the yoke at any moment.
Do you understand all that a man like myself can do in the midst of that?
Rudolf Kesselbach, a South African billionaire, is murdered in a Parisian palace. Arsene Lupin is framed for the crime, and must escape from the clutches of the wily M. Lenormand, the head of the French Sûreté, while looking for the real murderer, an enigmatic figure dressed in black who signs his crimes "L. M."

Both Lupin and L. M. also seek to acquire Kesselbach's secret which may completely overthrow the political map of Europe, the key of which is encapsulated into a mysterious cryptogram: 813.

813, written in 1910, is Arsene Lupin's greatest adventure, taking him from the prison of La Santé in Paris to the corridors of the great powers of Europe. Never has Lupin met such a savage and cunning adversary as L. M., or solved such an impenetrable mystery as "813", which defied even Sherlock Holmes' legendary sagacity.

Retranslated and published uncut here for the first time, this edition of the novel comes with a new epilog written especially for this book by noted lupinologist Jean-Marc Lofficier which exposes the truth behind Holmes' role in 813.

US $22.95 / GBP £14.99
6x9 trade paperback, 300 pages 


Black Dog Books
New titles now available!

The Lost Craig Kennedy Stories by Arthur B. Reeve

With an introduction by J. Randolph Cox.
Before CSI, there was Craig Kennedy, the most famous "scientific detective" of all time.
Follow Kennedy, known as "the American Sherlock Holmes," as he unravels a web of dope, kidnapping and white slavery in "The Abduction Club," deciphers the case of "The Stolen War Secret," and battles espionage, duplicity and treachery while helping to protect the American home front in "The Treason Trust," "The Film Murder," "The Star-Shell" and "The Love Game."
Extremely popular when written, this is the first book appearance of these novellas and short stories in their original form since their initial publications.

Trade paperback / 260 pages / Price: $14.95 US

WOMEN ARE THAT WAY by David H. Keller, MD
With an introduction by Gene Christie.
Descend into a world of depravity and glimpse into the most bizarre tales imaginable, showcasing Keller as a master of psychological horror.
 • Who would kidnap thirty-three pathetic microcephalons-and for what perverse goal?
 • Is the ancient axe truly cursed? Will its new owner be forced to re-enact a tragic past?
 • What strange magic allows the beautiful showgirl to maintain her youth and beauty for decades for a lustful audience?
 • Why did Johnson falsely report to police that he had brutally murdered his spouse?
 • What final inconvenience did the ungrateful husband cause for his domineering wife?

Trade paperback / 167 pages / Price: $14.95 US

Black Mask Pulp Story Reader #8
Stories from the January, 1942 issue of DARE-DEVIL ACES
Now available!

Seven soaring stories from the January, 1942 issue of DARE-DEVIL ACES magazine!
Presented by Black Mask Magazine and iPulpFiction

Presented by Black Magazine and iPulpFiction.

DARE-DEVIL ACES is one of several aviation pulps published by Popular Publications. Aviation pulps were an outgrowth of adventure magazines and came into their own as World War I ended and daring aviators such as Charles Lindberg and Amelia Earhart were grabbing headlines. Stories centered on WWI battle action, but shifted to modern conflict as WWII began.

BULLETS FOR THE SKY WOLF By William Porter A stolen ship, an outlawed ace… and only the wind and the bullets could hear the last taunting farewell of the outcast of Bristol Squadron: “I’ll be cold meat tomorrow, pals—but I’ll give ’em hell today!”

TALONS OF THE HAWK By Daniel Winters One last hell-packed hour the fates had given Fighting Joe Gregory to settle his destiny in enemy skies—bullets in the dawn and a traitor’s unmarked grave—or escape with a secret that would rock the world!

YOU CAN’T KILL AN EAGLE by Robert Syndey Bowen “Half of this outfit swears you’re a spy; the other half curses you for a coward. We’re takin’ off now for the hottest corner in this man’s war. An’ you’re going with us—to write your answer with your guns!”

AIR ANGELS By Dusty Dowst Warbirds are gamblers, and the stake is life… Here are some battle tales of the pioneer combat group in air history—the jinx busters of the Lafayette Escadrille!

EACH DAY WE DIE By O.B. Myers When Death’s watchdogs howl on the ceiling of hell, and the quitters have fled and the luckless have perished, a certain breed of flying man will yet stick to his guns and remember: “Each day we die—but we fly again with the dawn!”

DEATH PATROL by Ray P. Shotwell What did it mean, that challenge from doom-laden skies—“Keep out of the air today—or you will die to the last man!”

NOTE: The new volumes are not reproductions, but new edited and re-typeset preservations of pulp literature from 1927-1951.

Series: Black Mask Pulp Story Reader
Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: iPulpFiction.com
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches
Paperback: $7.99

Kindle: $3.99
Nook: $3.99

Black Mask Pulp Story Reader #9
Stories from the November, 1945 issue of ALL-STORY LOVE
Now available!

Pulp magazines weren't just for men.
Six stories of romance from the November 1945 issue of ALL-STORY LOVE magazine!

Presented by Black Magazine and iPulpFiction.

REUNION by Phyllis Gordon Demarest Only when her husband returned from overseas would Hilarie know whether her war marriage was to have a happy ending.

ONE RING FOR LOVE by Nancy Crosby Does an engagement ring bring bad luck when more than one "girl has worn it?

HEART IN THE CLOUDS by Dorolhy Brodine Had Vincent a right to speak of the future when each kiss he shared with Chriss might be their last? Is a heart ever safe in a flyer's care?

WHO IS NATALIE? by Ruth Brown Tawny couldn't make up her mind between two suitors — so she asked a third to pick a husband for her.

GIRL MISSING by Millard Crown A missing heiress returned — and romance and danger waited to welcome her. Love had no place in Noel's dangerous masquerade.

TWO FOR THE SHOW by Tugar DePass The man Tarn loved came to watch her daring performance—but he brought his fiancee with him.

Series: Black Mask Pulp Story Reader
Paperback: 140 pages
Publisher: iPulpFiction.com
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches
Paperback: $7.99

Black Mask Pulp Story Reader #10
Stories from the February, 1946 issue of NEW DETECTIVE
Now available!

Six smashing crime stories from the February 1946 issue of NEW DETECTIVE magazine!

Presented by Black Magazine and iPulpFiction.

LADY IN FLIGHT by Rick Daniels
It was a strange world for Mary Abbot—where her warmest friend was a frozen corpse in the icebox!

BROKEN IVORY by David Crewe
They were paying off on my murder, so I had to watch myself die—twice!

THE DEATH DANCE by Cyril Plunkett
Can you solve the riddle of the smiling little lady—who danced gaily, long after her murder?

MAN AT BAY by Verne Chute
The Frisco guy was dead, but he still had a chore among the Iiving—an encore of his own murder!

TILL THE END OF CRIME by Robert Turner
He was just as well dead—and his best girl didn't seem to mind!

NAME YOUR STIFF by Carroll John Daly
Detective Hall was Satan to Gotham’s queen of corpses—because she loved him to death!

Series: Black Mask Pulp Story Reader
Paperback: 140 pages
Publisher: iPulpFiction.com
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches
Paperback: $7.99

Blood 'N' Thunder / Murania Press
The Blood 'N' Thunder Guide to Pulp Fiction
Now available for $19.95 to new subscribers to Blood 'N' Thunder!

If you’ve never subscribed to Blood ‘n’ Thunder and have not purchased The Blood ‘n’ Thunder Guide to Pulp Fiction, here’s your chance to do both at a discounted rate.

For $59.95 you’ll get the Guide (suggested retail price: $29.95) and four issues of BnT (suggested retail price: $12.50 each). That adds up to a savings of $20, or 25 percent, and includes shipping to domestic customers only. (International buyers seeking to take advantage of this deal will pay slightly more to offset the extra postage and must e-mail us for precise cost based on location.)

A greatly revised and expanded version of 2007’s Blood ‘n’ Thunder Guide to Collecting Pulps, this massive new book has been positioned as more of a reference work than a mere manual for hobbyists. It’s a complete history of the pulp magazine (told in more detail than ever attempted by a single author) wrapped up in one-volume. Its 2007 predecessor had 226 pages and close to 400 pulp-cover reproductions. The new Guide to Pulp Fiction has 414 pages and 700 cover repros, along with a smattering of original cover paintings.

Chapters from the old Guide have been extensively reworked. New chapters have been added on Spicy pulps, sports pulps, love pulps, and war-and-aviation pulps. Also, two new appendices have been created for pulp-fiction readers who don’t collect the vintage magazines. One appendix gives basic information on the best small-press reprint publishers, while the other lists the most important anthologies of pulp stories in various genres.

414 pages, 7x10, trade paperback

Blood 'N' Thunder / Murania Press
Upcoming Classic Pulp Reprints!

THE PURPLE EYE by William Corcoran

Coming soon is one of the unsung great pulp yarns of the early Thirties, originally published in a 1933 issue of the Popular Publications magazine DIME MYSTERY BOOK. Written by William Corcoran and titled The Purple Eye, it’s a 60,000-word novel that could very well have been the template for later hero pulps from Harry Steeger’s Popular. Corcoran is largely forgotten today, but he was a successful fictioneer who wrote for most of the major detective pulps (BLACK MASK, DETECTIVE STORY, and DETECTIVE FICTION WEEKLY among them), the top anthology pulps (including ARGOSY, SHORT STORIES, and ADVENTURE, which he briefly edited), and some of the best slicks (LIBERTY, COSMOPOLITAN, and THE AMERICAN MAGAZINE).
The Purple Eye has as its protagonist one of those globe-trotting millionaire adventurers so common in the hero pulps. Wayne Saxon returns to New York City from a round-the-world trip to find his home town terrorized by a crime cult, The Brotherhood of Baktuun, headed by the brilliant but seldom-seen Purple Eye. The police prove unable to halt the Brotherhood’s depredations, and Saxon combats the Eye’s murderous followers with the aid of a vigilante band known as The Secret Hundred. The Purple Eye moves like a runaway train and crackles with action, and after reading it you’ll wonder why this glittering little gem isn’t better known by pulp aficionados.

This should be available at PulpFest.

Blood 'N' Thunder / Murania Press
Upcoming Classic Pulp Reprints!

by Johnston McCulley

Coming later this year is a Johnston McCulley Collection, three volumes of crime and mystery yarns written by the creator of Zorro and originally published in Street & Smith’s Detective Story Magazine.

 I’ve chosen novel-length compilations of novelettes featuring favorite McCulley series characters.

These books are Alias The Thunderbolt,The Return of Black Star, and The Spider Spins His Web.

Each volume will include a specially commissioned essay on the prolific author.
Thunderbolt and Spider reprint the first three installments of their respective series, while Black Star contains novelettes from that series’ third year.
More information on this trio of books will be available as their publication draws closer.

Blood 'N' Thunder / Murania Press: EDitorial Comments - Now online!

BLOOD ‘N’ THUNDER #45 Preview - New!
7 Weeks to the 7th PulpFest
This Month’s Collectibles Update
Centennial Alert: Julius Schwartz
Birthday Boy: Hiram S. Brown, Jr.

The Bronze Gazette #74 (July 2015)
Now available!

This issue features:
by Howard Wright
“Shadow Over Andros: The Extraterrestrial Origins of Doc Savage” by John Vellutini
Doc Savage comicbook story: "The Man Who Wasn't There" from SHADOW COMICS VOLUME 4 #12, March 1945

Front Cover: Tim Faurote
Interior illustrations: Edd Cartier, Ron Wilber, and David Burton.
Now accepting subscriptions for The Bronze Gazette issues #74 and 75 only.
#75 will be the final issue.
Prices are as follows:
Cost is $12.00/2 Issues US
Cost is $13.00/2 Issues Canada
Cost is $14.00/2 Issues Overseas

For those that have stuck with TBG all of these years, thanks for your continued support.

 Send orders and  back issue inquiries to:
Green Eagle Publications
2900 Standiford Ave 16B
PMB #136
Modesto, Ca 95350
Checks and money orders should be payable to: Green Eagle Publications

Clark Ashton Smith
The End of the Story (The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith, Volume 1)

 Paperback edition coming in September!

THE END OF THE STORY trade paperback edition is scheduled for release the first Tuesday in September.
Copies will be available at NecronomiCon in Providence, RI.

Davy Crockett's Almanak of Mystery, Adventure, and the Wild West - Now online!

Pulp Gallery: SPICY MYSTERY (1940)  - New!
Overlooked Radio: THE WHISTLER  - New!
The Art of TOM ROBERTS (Part 7)  - New!
Forgotten Boks: Andrew J. Offutt's CONAN TRILOGY
A Fistful of Will Murray: TARZAN, THE SHADOW and DOC SAVAGE  
The Art of TOM ROBERTS (Part 6)  
Pulp Gallery: AMAZING STORIES 31, 32 & 33 (1928)

Now available!

The Digest Enthusiast Book Two is available in print and digital editions.
Explore the world of digest magazines, past and present.
Published by Larque Press LLC.

Contents of Book Two
Gary Lovisi: Gryphon Books, Paperback Parade, Sherlock Holmes
Steve Darnall: Nostalgia Digest, Those Were the Days, Radio’s Golden Age
Robert Lopresti: Alfred Hitchcock, Ellery Queen, Mike Shayne

Borderline (James Dean & Vampira, L. Ron Hubbard) by Tom Brinkmann
Astounding Trading Cards
The Mysterious Traveler Magazine (Robert Arthur and David Kogan)
The Italian Mister No Digest Comics by Joe Wehrle, Jr.
H.L Gold’s Beyond Fantasy Fiction by Joe Wehrle, Jr.
Australia’s Action and Leisure Pulp Crime Digests by Gary Lovisi
Archie Comics Digests By the Numbers by Matthew Turcotte

Monster! #15 edited by Timothy Paxton & Steve Fenton
Shanks on Crime by Robert Lopresti
Pulp Crime Digests by Gary Lovisi
Asimov's July 2015 edited by Sheila Williams
Big Fiction #7 edited by Heather Jacobs
Dead Weight by Frank Kane
Paperback Parade #88 edited by Gary Lovisi
Analog #1000 edited by Trevor Quachri

"Passenger for the Night Train" by Joe Wehrle, Jr.
"Sweet and Sour" by D.D. Ploog
"Painesville" by Richard Krauss
"In the Fight for His Life" by John Kuharik

Joe Wehrle, Jr. (cover & illustrations)
Brad Foster (gag cartoon)
Andrew Goldfarb (illustrations)
Michael Neno (illustrations)
D.D. Ploog (photo art)
Bob Vojtko (gag cartoons)

Also includes:
Editor's Notes
Beyond Fantasy Fiction contents
Mysterious Traveler contents and the original sources of its reprints
Robert Lopresti bibliography
Social media round-up
Opening Lines

Print version includes nearly 100 cover images.
Kindle version includes over 50 cover images.

152 pages, 5.5" x 8.5" digest
Print $8.99    Digital $2.99

Ron Ely announced as special guest!

October 9th, 10th and 11th, 2015

Ron Ely has agreed to attend Doc Con 18!
This will be the Doc Savage gathering of a lifetime!
Plan on attending October 9th, 10th and 11th, 2015 or call (623) 271-9005 for hotel reservations today!

GUEST SPEAKER: Prepare to be entertained! October Surprise, "world famous" pop sociologist, has been on assignment researching the sociocultural climate of the 30's and 40s using Doc Savage magazine as reference and guide. At Doc Con 2015 he will present portions of his research concerning the original fans that wrote letters to the Doc Savage Club, printed in the original publications between 1933 and 1949. Using census data and related sources, this presentation will outline discoveries about the original fandom, their backgrounds, and the lives they went on to lead.

Pre-registration will begin in late July. A webpage will be established for that and it will include a pre-registration gift that will most likely have to do with Ron Ely and Bob Larkin.

By air, you will fly into Sky Harbor International. It is only 15 minutes from the hotel which is located at: Comfort Suites, 9824 W Camelback Rd, Glendale, AZ, 85305, US Phone: (623) 271-9005. Tell the desk clerk that you are part of DOC SAVAGE group and they will give you the group rate room discount.

You don't have to book at the hotel but since it is the best price in the area and has a complimentary breakfast that you will eat with your friends both mornings. Additionally, the DOC SAVAGE SUITE will be located on the same floor as your room so you can stay late and not miss out on any of the DOC AFTER DARK plans on Friday and Saturday evenings.

DR. MABUSE  - Now available!
by Norbert Jacques

Back in print at last is Dr. Mabuse. This extremely rare English translation of the Norbert Jacques novel appeared only once in 1923 and then was lost for decades. And what a fantastic find it is!

Molded as much by legendary film director Fritz Lang as by novelist Norbert Jacques, Dr. Mabuse remains one of the more enigmatic figures in crime fiction and cinema. Created between the Great War and World War II, he became an embodiment of the rising Nazi Party and the disintegration of Germany’s Weimar Republic. The parallels were so close between Hitler and Mabuse that Lang’s first two Mabuse films were banned in Germany by Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda machine. There is a broad streak of the weird running through the Dr. Mabuse legacy. Is he an evil genius—a mere mortal with a malignant bent, or is he a demon spirit who carries on the dark crusade long after the human avatar is destroyed by his own maniacal ambitions?

The plot is wickedly simple. Dr. Mabuse has a mad dream to create his own personal empire in Brazil, an empire called Citopomar. In Citopomar he can rule without constraint. He can be a god! . . . but even a god requires some start-up cash, so he regrettably returns to his hated Europe to raise funds by any criminal means necessary. Why make money when you can steal it? Why merely cheat somebody at cards when you can control their hand through telepathic hypnosis? Why be just another common criminal when you can be an evil genius mastermind bent on world domination? Man or devil, he is a prototype super-villain whose sinister incantations still resonate in fiction and film today.

Fascinating parallels can be found in Ian Fleming’s first James Bond outing, Casino Royale. In that novel, bad boy Le Chiffre trolls the high-roller casinos to fund his schemes and even dares to embezzle from SMERSH in order to fund his human trafficking pipeline. Le Chiffre is yet another reincarnation of Dr. Mabuse. Bruin Asylum is proud to announce the resurrection of Dr. Mabuse by Norbert Jacques. English translation by Lillian A. Clare.

Paperback: 280 pages
Publisher: Bruin Books, LLC
Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 0.7 x 8 inches

Dum-Dum 2015
 August 20 - 23, 2015 

Andrews Memorial Town Hall
54 East Main Street
Clinton, CT 06413

“Tarzan”, “John Carter” (Warlord of Mars) and members of Edgar Rice Burroughs (ERB) family, along with  ERB comic strip writers & artists, authors of ERB related books;
and Burroughs Bibliophiles are all coming to Andrews Memorial Town Hall, 54 East Main Street, Clinton, CT – August 20-23, 2015 – to celebrate Burroughs’ genius. 

A movie marathon
Panel discussions
A Tarzan yell competition (judged by members of ERB’s family)
A video tribute to the late Denny Miller
An auction of ERB memorabilia
Vendors galore will all be there. 
And the public is invited – for free!

The public may also dine at the banquet, at the Clinton Country Club -- for the same fee as the Bibliophiles.
There, the guest of honor and banquet speaker will be Tony Award winner & theatrical animal trainer Bill Berloni
talking about training animals for performance and the 2015 Outstanding Achievement Award will be given, posthumously, to Denny Miller.

Dum Dum Banquet Speaker/Guest of Honor will be Bill Berloni

Our 2015 Dum Dum Banquet Speaker/Guest of Honor, will be Bill Berloni, who recently trainied Bowdie, a Poodle Mix, to play the part of Nana in the beloved musical “Peter Pan”, which aired, live, on NBC on December 4th. Another of his trainees is in the new “Annie” movie, which opened just before Christmas. Additionally, he has two dogs (one is the understudy) in the current National Tour of “Annie” – as well as critters in other theatrical productions, both domestically and abroad (Toto in “The Wizard of Oz” in Paris, France).

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bill Berloni, let me introduce him to you:

In the summer of 1976, Bill was a 19-year-old apprentice at the Goodspeed Opera House when a producer offered him his big break: a chance to act professionally and gain his Equity Card. In return, all Bill had to do was find and train a dog to play Sandy in the original production of "Annie".

What Bill didn’t know was that this was a bigger challenge than it seemed. Animal performances in movies or television can be stitched together using different takes, different camera angles, even different animals. To perform in a featured role, an animal actor would have to be trained to ignore the distraction of the audience and respond to the same cues the same way night-after-night, just like his human counterparts. It had never been done before.

Bill found his dog at a local animal shelter – beginning his career-long commitment to using rescued animals. Through a combination of persistence, patience and trial-and-error, he developed his revolutionary humane training techniques – learning how to teach actor and animal alike to create a successful performance. Annie became a huge hit and Sandy became “the longest running dog on Broadway,” never missing a performance in more than seven years.

Since then, Bill and his handlers have provided animals of all species and sizes, found in shelters, humane societies or rescue leagues, for Broadway, off-Broadway, national tours, regional theatres, special events, the New York City Ballet, motion pictures, television and commercials. When their careers are over, the animals return to Bill’s Connecticut farm.

Bill is widely recognized as an expert in animal behavior and for his dedication to rescue work. In addition to his work as a trainer, Bill is currently behavior consultant to the Humane Society of New York. He has a BFA in theatre, and is a published author and actor.


Nancy Miller, widow of Tarzan #12, Denny Miller

Nancy Miller, widow of Tarzan #12, Denny Miller, who died September 9th of ALS, will be with us from August 20th forward.  At the banquet on August 22nd, she will receive the 2015 Outstanding Achievement Award, posthumously, on behalf of Denny – and at the Dum Dum, will be vending his books and DVDs.  Additionally, a 48 minute video tribute to Denny  will be screened the night of August 21st.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, August 20
Noon - 6:00 pm, Dealer & Banquet Registration Check-in/Huckster room set-up, (Green Room)
Tarzan Yell Competition Sign-up (Green Room)
2:00 pm, Book Barn @ Niantic
Dinner on your own (see Economic Development Commission [EDC] Restaurant Guide)
6:30 pm, “Beatles Forever” Outdoor Concert at Vece Gazebo, 75 East Main Street (free)
(In case of rain the concert will be in Andrews Memorial Town Hall’s Auditorium)
     (Sponsored by the Clinton Chamber of Commerce)
7:30 pm, “The Many Faces of Tarzan” (1989) [by permission of Tom Lavagnino] (Auditorium)
8:45 pm, Burroughs Bibliophile Board Meeting (Rose Room)

Friday, August 21
Breakfast, on your own (see EDC Restaurant Guide)
9:00 am - 6:00 pm, Huckster Room open in the Green Room
9:00 am, Banquet Registration Check-in
Tarzan Yell Competition Sign-up (Green Room)
9:00 am, "Tarzan Finds a Son" (1939) Johnny Weissmuller * (Auditorium)
10:30 am, "Tarzan's Magic Fountain" (1949), Lex Barker [by permission of ERB, Inc.] (Auditorium)
12:00 pm, Lunch on your own (see EDC Restaurant Guide)
1:00 pm, "Tarzan" TV Series (1967), Ron Ely (Auditorium) *
“The Perils of Charity Jones” [Parts 1 & 2] (guest starring Julie Harris)
3:00 pm, "Tarzan" (1999), Disney Animated Feature (Auditorium) *
4:30 pm, "Tarzan's Many Genres" ( Books, Comics, Radio, Stage, Screen (live action &
          animation and TV).  Panel moderator: Scott Tracy Griffin
          Panelists: Will Murray, Joe DeVito, Alexander Simmons & Michael R. Hudson
6:00 pm, Dinner on your own (see EDC Restaurant Guide)
7:30 pm, Video Tribute to Denny Miller (Auditorium)

Saturday, August 22
Breakfast on your own (see EDC Restaurant Guide)
9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Huckster Room open in the Green Room
9:00 am, “John Carter” (2012) (Auditorium)
11:15 am, ERB’s influence on modern Sci-Fi (Auditorium)
           Panel discussion will be moderated by Scott Tracy Griffin:
           Panelists: Jake (Buddy Saunders), Diana Leto, Mark Ellis & Thomas Yeates
12:00 pm, Lunch on your own (see EDC Restaurant Guide)
1:00 pm, Tarzan Yell Competition - Emcee will be Clinton’s own Dennis Donovan (Auditorium)
2:00 pm, “The Search for Sandy” [by permission of Bill Berloni] (Auditorium)
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm, Public Auction of ERB memorabilia (Green Room)  (Bill Ross auctioneer “extraordinairre”)
6:00 pm, Cash Bar & Banquet (Clinton Country Club/128 Old Post Road aka Rte 145)
             2015 Outstanding Achievement Award, posthumously, to Denny Miller
             Golden Lion Awards to: Jake (Buddy) Saunders & Jim Gerlach
             Morgan High School ERB Art & Essay contest winners to be introduced.

             Guest of Honor: Bill Berloni, Tony Award Winning Animal Trainer
             [Stage (i.e. “Annie”), screen & television] Training Animals to Perform - Then & Now
9:00 pm, Fireworks Extravaganza (Clinton Town Beach)
         [Clinton Chamber of Commerce]

Sunday, August 23
8:30 am, Farewell Breakfast at the Clinton Town Beach's picnic pavilion, with the food (Dutch Treat) from the beach's Hazy Daze concession.

* In Partnership with the Henry Carter Hull Library of Clinton, CT

Additionally, there will be presentations in the Andrews Memorial Town Hall’s Rose Room.  Presenters and the presentation schedule will be announced on a separate sheet as an insert. 

The remaining panelists to date are undecided which panel they wish to serve on:
Diana Leto
Alexander Simmons

Rose Room Presentations
(concurrent with the events in the auditorium)

The following people will be making presentations in Andrews Memorial Town Hall’s Rose Room on either Friday, August 21st or Saturday, August 22nd. 
The schedule will be announce once we know the names of all the “notables” who want to make presentations.

Joe DeVito
Michael R. Hudson w/Diana Leto
Diana Leto w/Michael R. Hudson
William Patrick (Will) Murray
Alexander Simmons

Dum Dum Notables

(* = panelist)

1) Bill Berloni (Guest of Honor/banquet speaker): Has trained over 300 rescue animals for performance for stage, screen and television. (http://www.theatricalanimals.com/)
2) Linda Burroughs: widow of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Grandson Danton
3) Llana Jane Burroughs: Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Great-Granddaughter.
4) Dejah Burroughs: Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Great Granddaughter.
*5) Joe DeVito: Artist/Sculptor (Centennial Tarzan Statue); Illustrator, upcoming Will Murray Tarzan Novel. (http://www.jdevito.com/)
*6) Mark Ellis: American novelist and comic-book writer, who under the pen name James Axler has written scores of books for the Outlanders paperback novel series; other book titles; and numerous independent comics’ series.
*7) Scott Tracy Griffin: Author, “Tarzan: The Centennial Celebration”; ERB Historian; actor. (http://scotttracygriffin.com/)
*8) Michael R. Hudson: publisher and book producer; owner of Sequential Pulp Comics and Raven's Head Press (http://sequentialpulpcomics.com/).
*9) Diana Leto: Illustrator, on-line ERB comic strip “Cavegirl”; “My Little Pony”; and Sesame Street Workshop (http://www.dianaleto.com/)
10) Nancy Miller is Denny Miller’s widow. (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denny_Miller)
11) Pocho Morrow, widow of Gray Morrow (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gray_Morrow), who among other things, did the art for the Sunday “Tarzan” (from 1983 until his death in 2001)
*12) William Patrick Murray (Will Murray): Author, upcoming Tarzan novel; “Doc Savage”, at al http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will_Murray
*13) Jake (Buddy) Saunders: “The Martian Legion”; Lone Star Comics on-line (http://www.mycomicshop.com/; http://www.themartianlegion.com/) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jake_Saunders_(writer); and
*14) Alexander Simmons: Writer, “Tarzan” Sunday comic strip; “Archie”, et al http://www.SimmonsHereAndNow.com/; http://www.KidsComicCon.com/ and http://www.colorofcomics.wordpress.com/
15) Jim Sullos: President of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. (http://www.edgarriceburroughs.com/)
16) Cathy Mann Wilbanks: Executive Assistant & Archivist. @ Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. (http://www.edgarriceburroughs.com/)

17) Thomas Yeates.  As a comic artist for over 25 years, as you surly know, he is considered by many to be an astute master of his trade. Currently Thomas does the awesome art for the Sunday newspaper & on-line “Prince Valiant”. Additionally, he is an incredibly talented classical artist & gifted illustrator. (http://www.thomasyeates.com/)

 How to get to Dum Dum 2015

Clinton, Connecticut is a mere 20 miles or so east of New Haven and is easily accessible by plane, train and car.

Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport (BDL) services all major airlines, as well as bargain priced Southwest (http://www.southwest.com/ (sign up for their e-mails); and Jet Blue (http://www.jetblue.com; sign up for their e-mails as well). Bradley is only 55 minutes from Clinton by car. Folks can also fly into New York’s JFK or L...aGuardia; Rhode Island’s Warwick/Providence; or Boston’s Logan - and then rent a car or take an airport limo or train. Additionally, US Air flies into New Haven’s Tweed-NH Airport.

Clinton is also accessible by Metro North, from New York City’s Grand Central Station to New Haven -- and then Shoreline East from New Haven to Clinton (or any of the other nearby shoreline stations); and Amtrak, which has stops in New Haven and nearby Old Saybrook.

And of course, you can always get there by car -- to Exit 63 or 64 on I-95.

Check it out! http://clintonctedc.com/index.html

Edgar Rice Burroughs' family has an indirect link to Clinton, CT, where Dum Dum 2015 will take place.

ERB’s brothers, George and Henry (Harry) both went to Yale, graduating there in 1889 from the Sheffield Scientific School.
http://www.erbzine.com/mag10/1094.html and http://www.erbzine.com/mag10/1095.html.

Coincidentally, 189 years earlier, Yale was “born” in Clinton.

Where to stay
Clinton Motel
163 East Main Street, Clinton, CT
(½ mile from Andrews Memorial Town Hall)
A modest 15  unit  family run motel.  They have set aside 12 of the 15 rooms until May 31, 2015 for Dum Dum registrants.  After that the rooms will be released to the general population. First come.  First served.  The prices are as follows: $120 for Friday & Saturday nights combined,  for a room with 2 queens size beds.  If Thursday night as well would be an additional $62; $98 for Friday and Saturday nights combined,  for a room with two double beds. Thursday night would be an additional $62; and for a room with just one queen size bed – $89 for Friday & Saturday nights combined, with an additional $52 for Thursday night.

1750 Boston Post Road
Old Saybrook, CT
(6.09 miles from Andrews Memorial Town Hall)
EconoLodge has set aside 30 of their 43 rooms at a 15% discount.  These rooms & rate will be held for us until August 5th.  Each of 29 will be $81 + tax per night.   The 30th is an efficiency,  with LR, BR (with two queen size beds) and kitchen for $120 + tax per night.  

3 Liberty B&B
3 Liberty Street
Clinton, CT
(.39 miles from Andrews Memorial Town Hall)
Four beautiful bedrooms.  No Dum Dum price yet.

Water’s Edge Resort & Spa
1525 Boston Post Road
Westbrook, CT
4.94 Miles from Andrews Memorial Town Hall)

Hammonasset Beach State Park Campgrounds:
(544 of them + 2 miles of beach and boardwalk)
(2.16 miles from Andrews Memorial Town Hall)
[camping for tents & Rvs, + a few cabins are now available]

What to do in the Clinton area

For folks who want to take side trips on their own: Since Clinton is only 20 or so  miles from New Haven, they can go there to check out Yale; the Yale Center for British Art (http://britishart.yale.edu/) ; the Yale Art Gallery (http://artgallery.yale.edu/)  and the Peabody Museum of Natural History (http://peabody.yale.edu/) (with its Pulitzer Prize winning dinosaur mural by my dear, late, friend Rudy Zallinger.) Or they may want to hop a commuter train to NYC for the day.  Clinton is also near  Mystic Seaport (http://www.mysticseaport.org/ ); Mystic Aquarium (http://www.mysticaquarium.org/); Essex Steam Train (http://www.essexsteamtrain.com/); Gillette Castle State Park, formerly the home of actor William Gillette, who portrayed Sherlock Holmes on the stage; Connecticut’s Dinosaur State Park and the Goodspeed Opera House (http://www.goodspeed.org) where “Annie” & “Man from La Mancha” started before going to Broadway.  Additionally, for those that like to gamble – there are two, nearby, tribal run casinos (Foxwoods & the Mohegan Sun).   Three miles West is the nationally acclaimed  R.J.Julia Booksellers (http://www.rjjulia.com/).  And the fabulous Book Barn @ Niantic is just a few miles to the East, off  I-95 (http://www.bookbarnniantic.com/).

The Burroughs Bibliophiles is a nonprofit 501c(3) literary society which is devoted to the study of - and promotion of  interest in - the works, fictional characters and life of Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Burroughs is best known for his creation of “Tarzan” and of  the heroic Mars adventurer & warlord, “John Carter” -- although he produced works in other genres as well.  He has been openly acknowledged by Ray Bradbury, George Lucas and James Cameron, among others, as have greatly  influenced their work. 

Founded in 1960,  just ten years after Burroughs’ death, the Burroughs Bibliophiles sponsor an annual convention known as a “Dum Dum”.  As mentioned above, in 2015 this event will be held at Clinton, Connecticut’s Andrews Memorial Town Hall, August 20-23.   The Dum Dum is being organized and hosted by Peggy Adler and Harry Swaun, both of Clinton.

For more information about this Dum Dum in general, or to attend the banquet, a registration form and other info is available at www.ERBzine.com/dumdum and www.tarzan.com/meets, as well as at Dum Dum 2015’s FaceBook page, group & event. For more information about Edgar Rice Burroughs and a Bibliophile membership form go to http://www.burroughsbibliophiles.com/.

** Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Edgar Rice Burroughs Comics
 All New Comic Strips created exclusively for ERB, Inc.
You can subscribe for only $1.99 / month

Fifteen strips currently available on the  Burroughs comics website:
"Tarzan of the Apes" by Roy Thomas and Pablo Marcos, adapting the original Tarzan novels.
"Tarzan" by Roy Thomas and Tom Grindberg, featuring new Tarzan adventures.
John Carter: Warlord of Mars by Roy Thomas and Rodolfo Pérez Garcia.
"Korak the Killer" by Ron Marz and Rick Leonardi.
"Carson of Venus" by Martin Powell and Tom Floyd.
"The Eternal Savage" by Martin Powell and Steven E. Gordon.
"The War Chief" by Martin Powell and Nik Poliwko.
"The Cave Girl" by Martin Powell and Diana Leto.
"Pellucidar" by Chuck Dixon and Gary Kwapsiz.
"The Land That Time Forgot" by Martin Powell and Pablo Marcos.
"The Mucker" by Ron Marz and Lee Moder
"The Monster Men" by Tom Simmons, Erik Roman, L Jamal Walton, and Cristian Docolomansky
 "The Lost Continent" by Martin Powell and Oscar González 

 "The Jungle Girl" by Martin Powell and Will Meugniot
"The Outlaw of Torn" by Thomas Simmons and Jake Bilbao

Edgar Rice Burroughs Comics
Featuring art from your favorite ERB comic strips!
Now available!

The Land that Time Forgot Comic Tee
The Mucker Comic Tee
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Tarzan of the Apes Comic Tee

Mens and Womens sizes
Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XXL (+$2), XXXL (+$2)
$ 24.99 each

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow in Review:
There is no new Shadow review this week.

Pulpgen-Online Pulps:   Now with over 1000 stories online!

"Crime Ain't My Business" by Ralph Berard from 10-STORY DETECTIVE, November, 1942
All this hobo wanted was enough dough to ride the luxury coach from Seattle to Los Angeles. But to get that dough he had to uncork a murder and blackmail the police department.
"Copper's Hate Beat" by S. J. Bailey from TEN DETECTIVE ACES, February, 1937
Jimmy the Runt was declared ineligible for the police force because of an injury to one of his feet. And limping Runty was wont to loose his bitter ire at the good-natured neighborhood bull, Patrolman Brady - until he saw, too late, how bravely the honest bluecoat could knowingly walk into the maw of death.
"Beyond Murder" by Phil Richards from SECRET AGENT "X", November, 1936
Stanley Henshaw didn't even bother about an alibi. For the corpse would provide one.

Facebook - Now online!

There are numerous groups on Facebook that are of potential interest to pulp fans.

The Shadow Knows
Agents of The Shadow

Flearun - A Doc Savage Group
Fans of Bronze

G-8 and Operator #5
The Spider - Master of Men
Flash Gordon
The Others [The Gray Seal, Nick Carter, Fantomas, Arsene Lupin, The Saint]
Professor Jameson alias 21MM392

The Pulp Heroes
Pulp, Pulp Everywhere and Lots and Lots to Read
Pulp Talk
Pulp Magazine Authors and Literature Fans

The Serial Squadron Cinema Cliffhanger Serial Archive

Edgar Rice Burroughs - Facebook Forum
Edgar Rice Burroughs: Worlds of Adventure

Windy City Pulp & Paper Convention

Pulp Coming Attractions

Robert E. Howard Comics Group
The Robert E. Howard Foundation

Robert E. Howard Readers
Two Gun Bob--The Worlds of Robert E.  Howard
The International Robert E. Howard Fan Association
Conan the Cimmerian
REH: Two-Gun Raconteur

Altus Press
Weird Tales Magazine

  Now online!

New on Famous (and forgotten) Fiction!

June 2015
In Writings
The first, and chronologically the last, Mowgli story, "In the Rukh" by Rudyard Kipling as it appeared in the June, 1896 issue of McClure's Magazine with illustrations by W. A. C. Page and dual introductions by Bob Gay and Dan Neyer.

May 2015
In Writings
Two new items for your reading pleasure:
The Output of Authors - Nineteen famous authors discuss (often with tongue in cheek) their working habits and writing speed in an article from the  April, 1897 issue of Pearson's Magazine (UK).
 The Downfall of Reginald Pym by George Allan England - Another story written while he was a student at Harvard that originally appeared in  the October, 1901 issue of The Harvard Illustrated Magazine. 

April 2015
Continuing our reprinting of the works of George Allan England, we present "The Battle of Woolly Field," England's second professional sale that is based on a Civil War incident.

March 2015
In Writings
We've added a new section to our Writings section: The Arthur Conan Doyle Collection.  Here, you will find all our reprintings of Doyle's works (with more to come), along with an added tidbit or two.

But, as they say in infomercials, there's more!
We've also added a suspense story by Doyle "The Brazilian Cat", a pastiche of Sherlock Holmes, "The Adventure of the Two Collaborators" that includes an introduction describing the background of the how the story came about, and an article/interview from the August, 1892 issue of THE STRAND MAGAZINE, "A Day with Dr. Conan Doyle": a bit of insight into Doyle's life including all the original photographs that appeared with the article.

February 2015
In Writings
Continuing our look at England's life and work, we present George Allan England: the Harvard Years by Bob Gay, an in-depth look at England's years as a student at Harvard, including a bibliography of his work for The Harvard Illustrated Magazine, links to stories England wrote while a student and an overview of his first published book, Underneath the Bough.

January 2015
In Writings
The 6th, and final tale of The Chronicles of Don Q., "How Don Q. Played a Three-Cornered Game" presented as it appeared in the December, 1903 issue of Pearson's Magazine, including the Stanley Wood illustrations. 
An introduction by Dan Neyer and the translation of all foreign words and phrases are included as an added bonus.

Famous (and forgotten) Fiction is a new site featuring familiar and obscure fiction along with articles, pictures and essays.  In the Writings section, we have fiction by H. C. Bailey (the first Reggie Fortune story), Carl Stephenson, Sinclair Lewis and a large selection of Kipling, including the complete Mowgli stories and "The Man Who Would Be King."  We've also added an article about Sleeman's An Account of Wolves Nurturing Children in Their Dens, that includes a complete reprinting of the work.

In Comics, there is an overview of Superman #205 ("The Man Who Destroyed Krypton!") and a look at a Steve Ditko illustrated story that bears a strong resemblance to a well-known story by Carl Stephenson.The Pictures section starts with a group of collectible (and some not so) items and is the first of 24 collections.

The site is hoping for subscribers to keep it going and future plans call for more stories, more articles and there are a number of novels  we also intend to add to the mix.
New material will be appearing on the last Friday of each month (which means we'll have more new stuff at the end of February). 
In a few month  s, we will also be offering ebooks: on the site (in PDF) and at Amazon and B&N in their proprietary formats.

Fu-Manchu - New comic book adventures coming soon!

Wai Chew ('Chewie') Chan and Christopher ('Chris') Sequeira are pleased to announce they have signed a multi-year license contract with the owners of the Doctor Fu Manchu and associated characters literary rights!

This deal will allow Chewie and Chris to produce comic-books and graphic novels featuring characters and concepts from the original Sax Rohmer DOCTOR FU MANCHU series of novels and short stories. They shall be able to adapt existing stories as well as expand and create new takes on the series and its continuity. Their license allows them to self-publish or work in partnership with a publisher or publishers!

Their very first planned story, an epic, twenty-first century mega-adventure graphic novel anticipated to run near 120 pages will be serialized in six or more chapters.

Details to come, but we can start you guessing and debating right now with a title that couldn't be more tantalizing: 'THE EXONERATION OF DOCTOR FU MANCHU'.

Fu-Manchu: THE WRATH OF FU-MANCHU - Coming March 1, 2016!
by Sax Rohmer

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Titan Books
List Price: $9.95

Girasol Collectables - July Pulp Replicas!

Girasol Collectables is pleased to announce the final issues in its ongoing series of Pulp Replicas.

That dreaded moment has come and the Girasol Pulp Replicas project is coming to a close.
We've stepped up production on the next three months of Replicas and we now have the final issues available to complete the sets of the Spider, Operator 5 and Terror Tales.
After this, no NEW Replicas will be added to the catalogue.
We will, for an as yet undetermined period, be keeping the existing catalogue available.
However, we may begin retiring the less-active Replicas at any time, so don't delay if there are any you're interested in!
Contact us before ordering large quantities to confirm availability.

All of the remaining issues shown below are available now.
For those of you accustomed to the monthly specials, you can still order that way if you prefer.
If you're looking for individual titles, you can order them singly, or all together, whichever suits you best.
We'd like to thank everybody that has supported the project over the years, and we hope that the Replicas continue to provide reading and research enjoyment for years to come.
We do not anticipate taking on any other pulp reprint projects at this time and our Pulp Cover Gallery project is our only active item at present.

July Monthly Special: All three for $95 ($10 off)
THE SPIDER #118 from December 1943 - $35  
TERROR TALES #51 from March 1941 - $35
OPERATOR 5 #48 from November/December 1939 - $35

Girasol accepts checks, International money orders, and Paypal as methods of payment.
Other than Replicas, please confirm availability first before ordering items such as pulp magazines or other books.
Paypal payments can be made to our regular info@girasolcollectables.com email address.

As always, these reprints are exact copies including the illustrations, ads, and back-up stories and have been printed on off-white paper, staple-bound and finished off with a high quality reproduction of the original cover.
The only thing missing is the smell (alas) and the flaking newsprint.

Email Girasol Collectables at: info@girasolcollectables.com.
A complete listing, along with other items such as books, fanzines and of course pulps, can be found on
the Girasol Collectables website at http://www.girasolcollectables.com/

All payments must be made in $US payable to Girasol Collectables and mailed to:
Neil Mechem c/o Girasol Collectables
3501 GlenErin Drive, Apt. 1409,
Mississauga, ON, Canada L5L 2E9

Back issues - Still available!

ALL DETECTIVE MAGAZINE  ($25 each postpaid)
#27 January 1935

BLACK MASK MAGAZINE ($35 each postpaid)
April 1920 - First issue!
June 1,1923 - The rare KKK issue

CIVIL WAR STORIES ($25 each postpaid) 
Spring 1940

DAN TURNER  ($25 each postpaid)
Dan Turner Hollywood DetectiveNo. 1 (January 1942)
Dan Turner Hollywood Detective No. 2 (April 1942)

DIME MYSTERY BOOK ($35 each postpaid)
#1 December 1932

DOCTOR DEATH  ($25 each postpaid)
#1 February 1935
#2  March 1935
#3  April 1935

DR. YEN SIN  ($35 each postpaid)
#1 May/June 1936
#2 July/August 1936
#3 September/October 1936

EERIE TALES ($20 eachpostpaid)
#1 July 1941

GOLDEN FLEECE  ($25 each postpaid)
#1 October 1938
#2 November 1938
#3 December 1938
#4 January 1939
#5  February 1939
#6  March 1939
#7  April 1939
#8 May 1939
#9 June 1939

HORROR STORIES ($35 each postpaid)
#1 January 1935
#2 February 1935

#5  July 1935

MAGIC CARPET ($25 each postpaid)
#1 January 1933
#2 April 1933
#3 July 1933
#4  October 1933
#5  January 1934

THE MYSTERIOUS WU FANG ($35 each postpaid)
#1  September 1935

#2  October 1935
#3  November 1935
#4  December 1935
#5 January 1936
#6 February 1936
#7 March 1936

November 1936 with a rare Domino Lady cover appearance

THE OCTOPUS ($35 each postpaid)
February/March 1939

OPERATOR 5  ($35 each postpaid)
#1  The Masked Invasion (April 1934)
#2  T
he Invisible Empire (May 1934)
#3  The Yellow Scourge (June 1934)
#4  The Melting Death (July 1934)
#5  Cavern of the Damned (August 1934)
#6  Master of Broken Men (September 1934)
#7  Invasion of the Dark Legions (October 1934)
#8  The Green Death Mists (November 1934)
#9  Legions of Starvation (December 1934)
#10 The Red Invader (January 1935)
The League of War Monsters (February 1935)
#12  The Army of the Dead (March 1935)
March of the Flame Marauders (April 1935)
#14 Blood Reign of the Dictator (May 1935)
#15 Invasion of the Yellow Warlords (June 1935)
#16 Legions of the Death Master (July 1935)
#17  Hosts of the Flaming Death (August 1935)
#18 Invasion of the Crimson Death Cult (September 1935)
#19 Attack of the Blizzard Men (October 1935)
#20 Scourge of the Invisible Death (November 1935)
#21 Raiders of the Red Death (December 1935)
#22  War-Dogs of the Green Destroyer
(January 1936)
#23 Rockets From Hell (February 1936)
#24  War Masters from the Orient (March 1936)
#25 Crimes Reign of Terror (April 1936)
#26 Death's Ragged Army (June-July 1936)
Patriot's Death Battalion (August-Sept. 1936)
#28 The Bloody Forty-Five Days (Oct.-Nov. 1936)

#29 America's Plague Battalions (December 1936)
#30 Liberties Suicide Legion (January 1937)
#31 Seige of the Thousand Patriots (February 1937)

#32 Patriot's Death March (March-April 1937)
#33 Revolt of the Lost Legions (May-June 1937)
#34 Drums of Destruction (July-August 1937)
#35 The Army Without a Country (Sept-Oct 1937)
#36 The Bloody Frontier (Nov-Dec 1937)
#37 The Coming of the Mongol Hordes (Jan-Feb 1938)
#38 The Seige that Brought the Black Death (Mar-Apr 1938)
#39 Revolt of the Devil Men (May-June 1938)
#40 The Suicide Battalion (July-Aug 1938)
#41 The Day of the Damned (Sept-Oct 1938)
#42 The Dawn that Shook the World (Nov-Dec 1938)
#43 When Hell Came to America (Jan-Feb 1939)
#44 Invasion from the Sky (March-April 1939)
#45 Winged Hordes of the Yellow Vulture (May-June 1939)
#46 War Tanks of the Yellow Vulture (July-Aug 1939)
#47 Corpse Cavalry of the Yellow Vulture (Sept-Oct 1939)
#48 The Army from Underground (Nov-Dec 1939)

ORIENTAL STORIES ($25 each postpaid)
#1  October / November 1930                        
#2  December 1930 / January 1931
#3  February / March 1931
#4  Spring 1931
#5  Summer 1931

#6  Autumn 1931
#7  Winter 1932

#8  Spring 1932
#9  Summer 1932

PIRATE STORIES ($25 each postpaid)
November 1934

THE PHANTOM DETECTIVE ($25 each postpaid)
February 1933

SAUCY MOVIE TALES  ($25 each postpaid)
#3   December 1935 (#1 after a title change)
#4   January 1936  (#2 after a title change)
#5   March 1936
#9   July 1936
#11 September 1936

#17 March 1937

THE SCORPION ($35 each postpaid)
April/May 1939

SOLDIER OF FORTUNE ($25 each postpaid)
October 1931

SPICY-ADVENTURE STORIES  ($25 each postpaid)
#2  November 1934 [#1 after the ashcan]
#3  December 1934
#4  January 1935
#5  February 1935

#6  March 1935
#7  April 1935
#8  May 1935
#9 June 1935
#10 July 1935
#11 August 1935
#12 September 1935
October 1935
#14 November 1935
#15 December 1935
#16 January 1936
February 1936
#18 March 1936
#19 April 1936
#20 May 1936

#21 June 1936
#22 July 1936
#23 August 1936
#24 September 1936
#25 October 1936

#26 November 1936
#27 December 1936
#28 January 1937
September 1937
December 1937

SPICY-DETECTIVE STORIES  ($25 each postpaid)
#1  May 1934
#3  July 1934
#4  August 1934
#5  September 1934
October 1934
#7  November 1934
December 1934
#9  January 1935
#10 February 1935
#11 March 1935
#12  April 1935
#13 May 1935
#14 June 1935
#15 July 1935
#16 August 1935
#17 September 1935
October 1935
#19 November 1935
#20 December 1935

#21 January 1936
#22 February 1936
#23 March 1936

#24 April 1936
#25 May 1936
#26 June 1936
#27 July 1936
#28 August 1936
#29 September 1936              
#30 October 1936
#31 November 1936
#32 December 1936
#33 January 1937

#42 October 1937
#76 August 1940

SPICY-MYSTERY STORIES  ($25 each postpaid)
#2  June 1935
#3  July 1935
#4  August 1935
#5  September 1935
#6  October 1935
#7  November 1935

#8  December 1935
#9  January 1936
#10 February 1936
#11 March 1936

#12 April 1936

#13 May 1936
#14 June 1936
#15 July 1936
August 1936
#17 ­ September 1936
#18 October 1936
#19 November 1936
#20 December 1936
January 1937
#22 February 1937
#23 March 1937
#26 June 1937

SPICY WESTERN STORIES  ($25 each postpaid)
#1  November 1936
December 1936 
#3   January 1937
#4   February 1937
#14 December 1937 

THE SPIDER  ($35 each postpaid)
#1  The Spider Strikes! (October 1933)
#2  The Wheel of Death (November 1933)
#3  Wings of the Black Death (December 1933)
#4  City of Flaming Shadows (January 1934)
#5  Empire of Doom (February 1934)
#6  Citadel of Hell (March 1934)
#7  Serpent of Destruction (April 1934)
#8  The Mad Horde (May 1934)
#9  Satan's Death Blast  (June 1934)
#10 The Corpse Cargo  (July 1934)
#11 Prince of the Red Looters (August 1934)
#12 Reign of the Silver Terror (September 1934)
#13  Builders of the Black Empire (October 1934)
#14  Death's Crimson Juggernaut (November 1934)
 The Red Death Rain (December 1934)
#16 The City Destroyer (
January 1935)

#17 The Pain Emperor  (
February 1935)

#18  The Flame Master (March 1935)
#19 Slaves of the Crime Master
(April 1935)
#20 Reign of the Death Fiddler (May 1935)
#21 Hordes of the Red Butcher (June 1935)
#22 Dragon Lord of the Underworld (July 1935)
#23 Master of the Death Madness (August 1935)
#24 King of the Red Killers (September 1935)
#25 Overlord of the Damned (October 1935)
#26 Death Reign of the Vampire King (November 1935)
#27 Emperor of the Yellow Death (December 1935)
#28 The Mayor of Hell (January 1936)
Slaves of the Murder Syndicate (February 1936)
#30 Green Globes of Death (March 1936)
#31 The Cholera King (April 1936)

#32 Slaves of the Dragon (May 1936)
#33 Legions of Madness (June 1936)
#34 Laboratory of the Damned (July 1936)
#35 Satan's Sightless Legion (August 1936)
#36 The Coming of the Terror (September 1936)
#37 The Devil's Death Dwarfs (October 1936)
#38 City of Dreadful Night (November 1936)
#39 Reign of the Snake Men (December 1936)
#40 Dictator of the Damned (January 1937)
The Mill-Town Massacres (February 1937)
#42 Satan's Workshop (March 1937)
#43 Scourge of the Yellow Fangs (April 1937)
#44 The Devil's Pawnbroker (May 1937)
Voyage of the Coffin Ship (June 1937)
#46 The Man Who Ruled in Hell (July 1937)
Slaves of the Black Monarch (August 1937)
Machine Guns Over the White House (Sept 1937)
#49 The City That Dared Not Eat (October 1937)
#50 Master of the Flaming Horde (November 1937)
#51 Satan's Switchboard (December 1937)
#52 Legion of the Accursed Light (January 1938)
The City of Lost Men (February 1938)
#54 The Grey Horde Creeps (March 1938)
City of Whispering Death (April 1938)
#56 When Thousands Slept in Hell (May 1938)
#57 Satan's Shackles (June 1938)
The Emperor from Hell (July 1938)
The Devil's Candlesticks (August 1938)
The City That Paid to Die (September 1938)
#61  The Spider at Bay (October 1938)
Scourge of the Black Legions (November 1938)
The Withering Death (December 1938)
Claws of the Golden Dragon (January 1939)
The Song of Death (February 1939)
#66  The Silver Death Rain (March 1939)
Blight of the Blazing Eye (April 1939)
King of the Fleshless Legion (May 1939)  
#69  Rule of the Monster Men (June 1939)
#70  The Spider and the Slaves of Hell (July 1939)
The Spider and the Fire God (August 1939)
#72  The Corpse Broker (September 1939)
#73  The Spider and the Eyeless Legion (Oct. 1939)
#74  The Spider and the Faceless One (Nov. 1939)
Satan's Murder Machines (December 1939)
#76  The Spider and the Pain Master (January 1940)
#77 Hell's Sales Manager (February 1940)
#78 Slaves of the Laughing Death (March 1940)

#79 The Man From Hell (April 1940)
#80 The Spider and the War Emperor (May 1940)
#81 Judgement of the Damned (June 1940)
Dictator's Death Merchants
(July 1940)
#83 Pirates From Hell (August 1940)
#84 Master of the Night-Demons (Sept. 1940)
#85 The Council of Evil (October 1940)
#86 The Spider and his Hobo Army (November 1940)
#87 The Spider and the Jewels of Hell (Dec. 1940)
#88 Harbor of Nameless Dead (January 1941)
#89 The Spider and the Slave Doctor (February 1941)
#90 The Spider and the Sons of Satan (March 1941)
#91  Slaves of the Burning Blade (April 1941)
#92  The Devil's Paymaster (May 1941)
#93 The Benevolent Order of Death (June 1941)
#94 Murder's Black Prince (July 1941)
#95 The Spider and the Scarlet Surgeon (August 1941)
#96 The Spider and the Deathless One (September1941)
#97 The Satan's Seven Swordsmen (October1941)
#98 Volunteer Corpse Brigade (November1941)
#99 The Crime Laboratory (December 1941)

#100 Death and The Spider  (January 1942)
#101 Murder's Legionaires (February 1942)
#102 The Gentleman from Hell (March 1942)
#103 Slaves of the Ring (April 1942)
#104 The Spider and the Death Piper (May 1942)
#105 Revolt of the Underworld (June 1942)
#106 Return of the Racket Kings (July 1942)

#107 Fangs of the Dragon (August 1942)
#108 Hell Rolls on the Highways (September 1942)

#109 Army of the Damned (October 1942)
#110 Zara, Master of Murder (November 1942)

#111 The Spider and the Flame King (December 1942)
#112 The Howling Death (January 1943)

#113 Secret City of Crime (February 1943)
#114 Recruit for the Spider Legion (March 1943)
#115 The Spider and the Man from Hell (June1943)
#116 The Criminal Horde (August1943)
#117 The Spider and Hell's Factory (October1943)
#118 When Satan Came to Town (December1943)

($25 each postpaid)
#2 December 1933

STRANGE STORIES  ($25 each postpaid)
#1 February 1939

STRANGE TALES  ($25 each postpaid)
#1 September 1931
#2 November 1931
#3 January 1932
#4  March 1932
#5 June 1932
#6 October 1932
#7 January 1933

TERROR TALES  ($35 each postpaid)
#1  September 1934
#2  October 1934
#3  November 1934
#4  December 1934
#5  January 1935
#6  February 1935
#7 March1935
#8 April 1935

#9 May 1935
#10 June 1935
#11 July 1935
#12  August 1935
September 1935
#14  October 1935
#15  November 1935
#16  December 1935
#17 January 1936
#18 February 1936
March 1936
#20 April 1936
#21 May 1936
#22 June 1936
July/Aug 1936
Sept-Oct 1936
#25 Nov-Dec 1936

#26 Jan-Feb 1937

#27 March-April 1937
#28 May-June 1937
July-August 1937
#30 September-October 1937

#31 November-December 1937
#32 January-February 1938
#33 March-April 1938
#34 May-June 1938

#35 July-August 1938
#36 September-October 1938
#37 November-December 1938
#38 January-February 1939
#39 March-April 1939
#40 May-June 1939

#41 July-August 1939
#42 September-October 1939
#43 November/December 1939

#44 January/February 1940
#45 March/ April 1940
#46 May/June 1940
#47 July 1940
#48 September 1940
#49 November 1940

#50 January 1941
#51 March 1941

THRILLING MYSTERY ($25 each postpaid)
#1 October 1935

WEIRD TALES  ($35 each postpaid)
#1  March 1923
#2  April 1923
#4  June 1923

#5  July/August 1923
#6  September 1923
#7  October 1923

#8   November 1923

#9   December 1923/January 1924 
#10  February 1924
#11  March 1924
#12  April 1924
#13  Anniversary Issue May/June/July/24 ($50)
#14  November 1924 - One of the rarest WT's
#15  December 1924

#16  January 1925
#17 February 1925
March 1925
#19 April 1925
#20 May 1925
#21 June 1925
#22  July 1925
#23  August 1925
 September 1925
#25  October 1925
#26  November 1925
December 1925
#28 January 1926
#29 February 1926
#30 March 1926
#31  April 1926
#32  May 1926
#33  June 1926
#34  July 1926
#35  August 1926
#36  September 1926
#37 October 1926
#38 November 1926
#39 December 1926
#40  January 1927
#53  February 1928
#59  August 1928
#96 December 1931
#107 November 1932
#108 December 1932
#111 March 1933
#114 June 1933

#115 July 1933
#117 September 1933
#118 October 1933
#121 January 1934
#124 April 1934
May 1934
#128 August 1934
#129 September 1934
#131 November 1934
#130 October 1934
#132 December 1934
#134 February 1935
#135 March 1935
#143 November 1935
#151 July 1936
#152 August 1936
#153 October 1936
#173 June 1938

FUTURES PAST: A Visual History of Science Fiction
1926: The Birth of Modern Science Fiction
Now available in e-book PDF format!

Welcome to one of the largest and most ambitious projects ever attempted in the field of science fiction.  In the pages of FUTURES PAST we will be covering, in detail, the birth and development of modern science fiction over its first 50 years – from 1926 to 1975.  Designed in a yearbook format, each issue of FUTURES PAST will cover all the works, people, organizations and events in detailed chronological order. 

Relive novels such as LAST AND FIRST MEN, GALACTIC PATROL, and WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE all the way to more recent classics such as 1984, DUNE, and THE LEFT HAND OF DARKNESS. 

Follow the early careers of legends such as Bradbury, Clarke, Heinlein, Sturgeon, Asimov, Leinster and many others, year by year, story by story and novel by novel.

Learn about and even listen to hundreds of “old time radio” plays produced for shows such as DIMENSION X and BEYOND TOMORROW. 

Attend the major conventions such as the first Worldcon held in New York City in 1939.  Read all the details, the award winners and the activities.  See photos and even video taken at some of the later conventions.  Hear about it from the people who were there.

There will even be coverage of amateur clubs and fanzines over the years, beginning with THE COMET published in 1930 by the Science Correspondence Club in Chicago.

Yes, every book, every magazine, every film, convention, and so much more!  FUTURES PAST is dedicated to all those amazing people who helped to shape our modern world by giving us a sense of wonder, by showing us possible futures and addressing social issues long before they touched the mainstream, and by simply daring to ask, “what if…”  Our goal at FUTURES PAST is to keep alive the people, works and memories of a great genre and introduce them to a whole new generation of readers, thinkers and dreamers.

 When completed, this series will be the most comprehensive history of the field ever undertaken. 

FUTURES PAST is available at the link below as a PDF download for $6.00, as well as a limited content review copy for FREE

FUTURES PAST: A Visual History of Science Fiction

Girasol Collectables
Now available and highly recommended!

Girasol Collectables is pleased to announce Volume 4
in its new series of Pulp Cover Gallery Editions.


Girasol has launched a new series of deluxe hardcover editions which feature full sets of top quality cover scans of various pulp titles. These numbered Limited Edition volumes of 300 copies each are designed to present the cover art in all its glory. The interior pages are 8.5"x11", full color throughout, 130+ pages.

Each book in the series has a mix of full page scans, size as to the original pulps, as well as some 4 per page and 6 per page. The exterior is made from bonded leather, with a small color cover inset on the front of an issue-of-interest from the interior. There is a brief introduction about the cover art and artists, as well as a title checklist with issue number, date, and cover artist if known.

Due for an May 30, 2015 release!
A combo volume of full sets of scans of the 2 titles, all 210 issues in total.

This edition will be the same format as our first 3 volumes, 8.5" x 11" interior, 130+ pages full color throughout, bonded leather exterior, limited to 300 numbered copies. There is a brief introduction about the artists and issue dates/numbers checklist... as mentioned before with this series, these volumes are NOT comprehensive books about the pulp titles themselves, they are visual references for the cover art.

A mix of full page, size-as covers, and 4 per page images. Top quality, hi-res images, with the pulp edges showing on a black background. Great stuff to look at! Dime Mystery touted itself as the Weirdest Stories Ever Told, and certainly the cover art was true to the claim!

Only $130 (prices include s&h within North America - overseas add $25)
Visit our ebay store to order, or email us for more information to acquire your copy.
Paypal payments to: info@girasolcollectables.com

Please note that this is not a comprehensive book about the pulp itself, but rather, a visual reference of the covers.

The Golden Age - Now online!

Misc Science Fiction Covers & Art 
Avon Fantasy Reader ~ 18 Issues ~ 1947-1952
Misc Spicy Pulps ~ Cover art by H.J. Ward & H.L. Parkhurst
Spicy Mystery Stories ~ 1935-1942 ~ Cover art by H.J. Ward & H.L. Parkhurst

The Golden Age!
Masterworks from the Golden Age of Illustration - Volume Three
Now available for pre-order!
Shipping in August 2015!

The response to the first volume in The Golden Age series was overwhelming, and many of you quickly asked for more. Volume Two was fully funded on Kickstarter in just ONE DAY, thanks to your generous support, and while that book has been printed and is in bindery now in China, I have gone ahead and assembled an all-new THIRD volume that I hope you're going to enjoy. My goal is for BOTH books to ship at the SAME TIME in August, so you won't have to wait for months to have all of these great books in your library.

This new book presents the work of 204 artists with 217 full page reproductions of original paintings, some of the finest images produced during the Golden Age of Illustration, all photographed directly from the original art. I've worked to include more diverse artists this time, with more pin-up, pulp, and paperback artists represented. Don't think I've had to scrape the bottom of the barrel or have run low on great art! My archives run deep, and this book is just as outstanding as the first two volumes, with many masterpieces included.

As with the previous books, this print run will be limited to just 1000 copies. It is 224 pages, 9”x12”, full-color on premium glossy stock, hardbound with dust jacket.

You will notice that I am not using Kickstarter to fund this book. While the previous campaigns were great, and Kickstarter works well, the overall Kickstarter community added little to the sales of the book. Ultimately, my sales are coming from YOU, the dedicated fans of Illustration Magazine and the other books I have produced. It seems foolish to give Kickstarter 10% in fees when I can simply collect pre-orders myself the "old fashioned way."

Featured Artists
Avati, Ballantine, Beckhoff, Benda, Bergey, Biggs, Bowler, Brehm, Briggs, Brown, Brown, Brunner, Buell, Bull, Bundy, Burns, Cady, Campbell, Carter, Chiriacka, Christy, Clymer, Cooper, Cornwell, Coughlin, Craft, Crandell, Crawford, Crockwell, D'andrea, Damron, Darley, Davis, De Mers, Dohanos, Dorne, Downes, Driben, Dryden, Duer, Dulac, Dumas, Dunn, Dunton, Durenceau, Ekman, Elliot, Enright, Epperly, Erbit, Erickson, Erickson, Falter, Fawcett, Fischer, Fisher, Flagg, Folkard, Forsberg, Foxley, Frahm, Gannam, Gaul, Gaze, Georgi, Giguère, Gilbert, Gillen, Gillespie, Godwin, , Graef, Granville-Smith, Gross, Hampson, Hastings, Heitland, Hilbert, Hintermeister, Hoff, Holmgren, Hood, Hughes, Humphrey, Hunt, Hurst, Irwin, Jackson, Johnson, Kalin, Keay, Keller, Kernan, Klett, Lagatta, Lathrop, Leach, Leake, Lebrun, Leyendecker, Lindsay, Link, Louderback, Lovell, Lowell, Mccarthy, Mccay, Mcginness, Mcmein, Meese, Moran, Nappi, Neill, Newell, Olson, Parker, Parrish, Peterson, Phillips, Pogany, Potthast, Price, Pyle, Rabreau, Rabut, Reinhart, Relyea, Reusswig, Riggs, Robinson, Rockwell, Rozen, Rozen, Saalburg, Safran, Sambrook, Sandham, Saunders, Savage, Sawyers, Sawyer, Schaare, Schaeffer, Schmidt, Schomburg, Schoonover, Schulz, Scott, Sewell, Shaw, Shepherd, Shermund, Shinn, Sickles, Sidrone, Smith, Smith, Smith, Soulen, St. John, Stahr, Stanley, Stephens, Sterner, Stevens, Stoops, Stuart, Studdy, Tepper, Terpning, Thomson, Thrasher, Thulstrup, Tilburne, Timlin, Tinsley, Tossey, Traver, Travis, Utz, Valigursky, Van Buren, Vargas, Varian, Vassos, Verbeck, Ward, Ward, Webb, Wenzel, Woener, Whitcomb, Whitmore, Wilbur, Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wistehuff, Wittmack, Wolsky, Wood, Woolf, Wyeth, Zuckerberg.

As before, if you pre-order the book now you will receive a copy for only $40 postpaid, delivered anywhere in the U.S. (100 "Early Bird Specials" are being offered for only $35 if you act fast!)
A "Special Edition" featuring a signed and numbered bookplate, presented in a slipcase, and limited to just 100 copies, is also available for $60.

After JULY 1, the retail cost of the regular unsigned edition will rise to $44.95 plus postage, so please order today! 
Thank you for supporting The Illustrated Press!

Gotham Pulp Collectors Club
3rd Saturday of every month

 Gotham Pulp Collectors Club is a club for pulp collectors to meet in the NYC/Metro area.
It meets the 3rd Saturday of every month.
Check the website at the link below for exact time and place information.

Name:  Gotham Pulp Collectors Club
Time: 1-5 PM
Muhlenberg Library on West 23rd Street.

Contact:  Mark Halegua at msh@pulps1st.com

Gotham Pulp Collectors Club

Go-Hero / Executive Replicas / Phicen Ltd.
Sheena, Queen of the Jungle 1/6th scale collectible figure

Available for pre-order later this month!

Go Hero has announced all of the pertinent details regarding the upcoming Sheena, Queen of the Jungle 1/6th scale collectible figure. Along with Go Hero, Executive Replicas, and Phicen Ltd have collaborated to produce this first-ever figure of the original Queen of the Jungle. It's slated to retail for $149.99, when it goes up for pre-order later this month.

As beautiful as she is dangerous, Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, fiercely defends the rain forest and its denizens from all those who would do them harm. Originally conceived to be a counterpart to Burroughs' Tarzan, Sheena leapt off the pages of Fiction House comics in 1937 to become the very first female character to have her own title, four years before Wonder Woman. Since then, Sheena has been featured in comics, graphic novels, TV shows, and her own feature film. Although there have been many imitators, there will only ever be one jungle queen. 

The 1/6th scale Sheena, Queen of the Jungle features the following:
Portrait of Sheena, Queen of the Jungle
Rooted Hair
Phicen NEW 1:6 Scale Seamless Poseable Body
Tailored Leopard print Mono-Kini w/ Skirt
Hoop Earrings, Bracelets, and Anklets
Arm Bands
Belt with Buckle
Knife with Sheath
3 Sets of Hands
Figure Stand

Haffner Press
The Watcher at the Door: The Early Kuttner, Volume Two
Now available for pre-order!

Edited by Stephen Haffner
Foreword by Robert A. Madle
Introduction by Dr. Garyn G. Roberts
Cover Art by Jon Arfstrom
700+ page Hardcover

Before his marriage to (and subsequent collaborations with) Catherine L. Moore, Henry Kuttner was a frequent contributor to the pulp magazines that specialized in the weird, supernatural, horror, and science fiction genre. Beginning in 1936, with the minor classic “The Graveyard Rats,” Kuttner launched a steady stream of short stories aimed at Weird Tales, Strange Stories, Thrilling Mystery, and others.

Writing for Weird Tales brought Kuttner into direct correspondence with that magazine’s premier contributor. H. P. Lovecraft. Kuttner set several stories in Lovecraft’s “Cthulhu Mythos” and two are presented in THE WATCHER AT THE DOOR: “Hydra” and “The Hunt.”

At this point in his still-young career, Kuttner had cracked the science fiction market and was steadily publishing in Thrilling Wonder Stories, Fantastic Adventures, Science Fiction, and made his first sale to the new prestigious fantasy magazine, UNKNOWN.

In the course of writing the stories collected in this volume, Kuttner married Catherine Lucille Moore on June 7, 1940 (in New York with artist Virgil Finlay as Best Man).
THE WATCHER AT THE DOOR is the second volume in a three-volume “Early Kuttner” set collecting many of Kuttner’s earliest stories, most of which have never been reprinted.

For those of you that missed on getting a copy of Volume One:
For a limited time, Haffner Press is offering the out-of-print TERROR IN THE HOUSE as a combo with preorders of THE WATCHER AT THE DOOR.
Take advantage of this great offer at the link below.

You can also pre-order THE WATCHER AT THE DOOR along with THE COMPLETE IVY FROST and THE MICHAEL GRAY MYSTERIES for #125 and receive a Bonus Chapbook and free shipping. Take advantage of this offer at the Haffner Press Homepage at the link below.

Haffner Press
The Complete Ivy Frost
by Donald Wandrei

Cover Art by Raymond Swanland
Now available for pre-order!

It may come as a surprise to some that Donald Wandrei wrote more mysteries than all his horror, fantasy, and science fiction tales combined. This volume collects all eighteen adventures of Wandrei’s ratiocinative detective I.V. Frost, who is ably assisted by his beautiful and tough female assistant, Jean Moray. A scientist and inventor, Frost has his own approach to solving mysteries. Rather than following the usual hard-drinking, trench-coated style of many of his contemporaries, Frost’s strategy was to mix the logic of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes with the technology of Lester Dent’s Doc Savage. In 2000, D.H. Olson edited a volume published by Fedogan and Bremer collecting the first eight of Frost’s adventures. A second volume of the remaining 10 tales was promised but never materialized.


Haffner Press
The Michael Gray Mysteries
C.L. Moore & Henry Kuttner

Now available for pre-order!

Edited by Stephen Haffner Introduction by Ed Gorman Cover Art by Lawrence Noble
A massive omnibus of four novels from the late 1950s all featuring the amateur sleuthing of San Francisco psychoanalyst Michael Gray.

The Murder of Eleanor Pope —Psychoanalyst Michael Gray leads police to a three-time killer!
The Murder of Ann Avery —Psychoanalyst solves brutal slaying!
Murder of a Mistress —Psychoanalyst Michael Gray solves the killing of a girl who knew too much about too many men who had too damned much to lose.
Murder of a Wife —Marked for Murder! No one believed her—not even the police!


Haffner Press Status Update:
Nearly everything is in hand to bring this 4-novel omnibus to you.
Once we have Fredric Brown's MURDER DRAWS A CROWD under our belt and out in the wild, this is the next title to go to press.
NOTE: this title is part of a 3-book combo of Horror & Detective titles that features an exclusive chapbook. See the Haffner Press homepage for details.

Haffner Press
(Writer) Fredric Brown, Jack Seabrook (Cover) Norman Saunders
Now available for pre-order!
Expected to debut at the Windy City Pulp and Paper Show on April 17!

A massive fix of liquor-fueled murder, smoke-clouded mystery, and hard-hitting revenge from the author of The Screaming Mimi and The Fabulous Clipjoint. This archival-quality hardcover assembles 38 incredibly rare stories from 1938-1942, with the original Pulp artwork from such magazines as Thrilling Detective, Masked Detective, Detective Fiction Weekly, and more. This is the book Fredric Brown fans have been waiting for!

Hardcover, 6x9, 744 pages, B&W, $40.00

Haffner Press Status Update
 Look for this 744-page bundle of awesome to debut at the Windy City Pulp and Paper Show on April 17th.
Check out the ordering page for MURDER DRAWS A CROWD for a sneak-peek at some of the interior illustrations and the decorated endpapers.

Please be aware that the price on publication will be $45, so you can save $5 by preordering at $40.

Haffner Press

Hard Case Crime
Coming soon!

July 2015

by Ed McBain
Cover art by Gregory Manchess


He’d been a promising piano prodigy, once. Now he was just an addict, barely scraping by, letting his hunger for drugs consume him. But a man’s life can always get worse—as Ray Stone discovers when he wakes up beside a beautiful nightclub singer only to find her dead...and 16 ounces of pure heroin missing. On the run from the law, desperate to prove his innocence, Ray also faces another foe, merciless and unforgiving: his fierce and growing craving for a fix...

Ed McBain was one of the most popular mystery writers of all time, creator of the 87th Precinct series and recipient of the Mystery Writers of America’s Grand Master Award. SO NUDE, SO DEAD was his very first crime novel—and this is its first appearance in print in more than half a century.

First publication in nearly 60 years!
"I defy any reader to put this novel down once he starts it."—Richard S. Prather, best-selling author of THE PEDDLER
Also featuring Die Hard, a bonus McBain short story from the pulps about the price of addiction, starring private eye Matt Cordell from THE GUTTER AND THE GRAVE

September 2015


by Lawrence Block
Cover art by Glen Orbik


Cashed out from the NYPD after 24 years, Doak Miller operates as a private eye in steamy small-town Florida, doing jobs for the local police. Like posing as a hit man and wearing a wire to incriminate a local wife who’s looking to get rid of her husband. But when he sees the wife, when he looks into her deep blue eyes...

He falls—and falls hard. Soon he’s working with her, against his employer, plotting a devious plan that could get her free from her husband and put millions in her bank account. But can they do it without landing in jail? And once heÕs kindled his taste for killing...will he be able to stop at one?

First publication ever!
The author of more than 100 novels including the bestselling A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES (which became the Liam Neeson movie), Lawrence Block is one of the most acclaimed living crime writers.
Lawrence Block’s eight previous Hard Case Crime novels include THE GIRL WITH THE LONG GREEN HEART.

Jerry Schneider Enterprises
Now available!

NAKED MEN OF NAGA by Gordon MacCreagh

THE ARGOSY CLASSIC FICTION REPRINT SERIES features one novel and one novelette this time:
 "Naked Men of Naga" by Gordon MacCreagh and "The Captain of the Burgher Guards" by John P. Ritter.
Reprinted in facsimile format.

Pulp-Sized Magazine
120 pages


By Walter B. Gibson

VALDOR, the master mind reader, saw clearly the horrifying vision of Arlene . . .
uncon-scious, bound and gagged . . .
he saw a mysterious Egyptian room filled with a deadly poison gas . . .
and he knew that two women had clashed over one man! Death and destruction crowded those other visions out of his mind . . .
 and he saw that the man they had fought over, the man they had killed for, was himself, Valdor the Mind Reader.

But Valdor did not know that his broadcast set the tempo for this mad dance that meant . . . murder.
Even Valdor did not realize that a simple twist of the dial, the turn to his mind-reading program, started the chain reaction that spread havoc from coast to coast!

242 pages


THE KING IN YELLOW GN - Arriving in comic shops July 8!
(Writer) Robert W. Chambers, I.N.J. Culbard (Art/Cover) I. N. J. Culbard

The supernatural stories that make up Robert W. Chambers's classic piece of weird fiction are tied together by a play that brings madness to all who read it: The King in Yellow. It's a book that draws readers in with an irresistible yet innocent opening act, then drives them insane with the poisonous words of Act 2. An influence on writers from H. P. Lovecraft to Neil Gaiman, The King in Yellow is one of the most important works of American supernatural fiction. In this dangerously unputdownable graphic-novel adaptation, I. N. J. Culbard brings to life a thrilling tale of horror that will make readers laugh and cry and tremble with fright.

Trade paperback, 7x10, 144 pages, Full Color, $19.95

King Solomon's Mines
by Mark Ellis (Author), Pablo Marcos (Illustrator), Melissa Martin Ellis (Designer)

Now available!

Adapted from the novel by H. Rider Haggard

The classic tale of savagery and adventure reimagined! Before Tarzan, and long before Indiana Jones there was Allan Quatermain—the quick-witted adventurer equally at home in the drawing rooms of London and the Dark Continent of 19th century Africa. When he meets Princess Ignosa, the living embodiment of fierce female grace, Quatermain is drawn down a path of greed, treachery and black magic that leads to the legendary King Solomon's Mines.

Paperback: 56 pages
Publisher: Millennial Concepts
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.1 x 10 inches

The KING SOLOMON'S MINES graphic novel by Pablo Marcos and Mark Ellis is just the first of several planned projects (with Ying Ko Graphics) featuring "reimagined" classic adventure heroes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's CHALLENGER by Jeff Slemons, Jules Verne's NEMO by Steven E Gordon and of course, HR Haggard's QUATERMAIN, by the legendary Pablo Marcos.

The Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia ConventionStar-As Seen on TV is a three-day festival held inside the Hunt Valley Wyndham. Here, you can watch dozens of screenings of vintage movies, world premiere documentaries, Hollywood celebrities posing for photos and signing autographs for fans, slide show seminars from authors and historians, over 200 vendor tables with retro merchandise, antiques and collectibles and... well, it is a lot of fun.  

Whether you have been to other conventions in the past or never attended a convention before, we recommend you give it a try. You'll discover what people Batmobile on Displaykeep returning year after year. Attendees come from California, Canada, Seattle, England, Belgium, Florida, Maine... and statistically the size of the attendance has grown every year. MANC didn’t attract such a faithful following by accident. Nearing our 10th anniversary, MANC has offered fans a chance to meet Hollywood actors, visit a drive-in movie theater, watch old fifties films like Creature from the Black Lagoon in 3-D, have their picture next to The Blob silicone, watch Abbott and Costello impersonators perform on stage, and have a great time.  

HOURS (Thursday to Saturday)  
Vendors: 9 am to 6 pm  
Celebrity Autographing: 10 am to 5 pm  
Seminars and Movies: see schedules
The event ends Saturday at 5 pm so if you  plan to attend on Saturday, do not arrive late! Everyone who attends gets a free 52 page program guide!

Moonstone Books
Night Hawk: “The Hell Caverns”
Author: Ron Fortier  /  Cover: Doug Klauba
Now available direct from Moonstone Books!
Coming soon to comic shops!

Moonstone is proud to present a new aerial adventurer by pulpsmith Ron Fortier!

When German Air Command unleashes squadrrons of “Fire Bombers” against helpless French villages, it is up to Nighthawk, the Flying Spy, and his team of aces, to infiltrate the impenetrable Castle Von Scharf and discover the secrets of the Hell Caverns.

To do so, Nighthawk will have to outwit and defeat the beautiful but deadly aviatrix, Marlena von Scharf, the daughter of his greatest foe; the Black Knight.

Softcover, 6x9, 124 pages, B&W, $9.99

Moonstone Books
The Black Bat Returns
Authors: Ron Fortier, Bobby Nash
Cover art: Mike Fyles

Coming in November!

The original Black Bat returns in this thrilling collection of all NEW action-crime stories!
Read the character that was created at the SAME TIME as Batman!

Ex-District Attorney Tony Quinn is blinded in a courtroom assault!
He now seeks justice outside of the law as the relentless hero who can see in the dark: The Black Bat!
Guest-starring: The Green Lama, Domino Lady, and Golden Amazon!
Stories by Ron Fortier, Bobby Nash, Adam L. Garcia, Colin B. Harvey, Sean Taylor, James Palmer, David Boop, David White, and Josh Vogt!
Softcover, 6” x 9”, 270 pages, $13.95

Mystery*File - Now online!

- New! 
A Movie Review by Dan Stumpf: THE SPIDER (1945).
Walker Martin's Report on Windy City 2015
Convention Report: PULPADVENTURE CON 2014.

The New Pulp Heroes - Now online!
Tom Johnson has started a new Blog for authors who have created new pulp heroes.

Doc Warlock
The Black Falcon
The Crimson Bat

Off-Trail Publications - Now available!

by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
Introductions by Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson and John Locke

Before he was a comic-book pioneer, Major Malcolm-Wheeler Nicholson wrote adventure tales for the great pulp magazines—and no run-of-the-mill pulp fiction was it. The Major served as a cavalry officer on the southwest border during the Mexican Revolution. While the First World War raged in Europe, he fought the Moro insurgency in the southern Philippines. Then followed his strangest assignment, conducting espionage in legendarily hostile Siberia. After the war he was stationed in Western Europe. These places became the settings for the majority of his hardboiled adventure stories. His use of authentic detail, combined with his superior storytelling ability, make his stories difficult to put down. You read one of the Major’s entrancing tales—and your imagination is transported back to those real places of danger and daring!

This inaugural collection of the Major’s fiction includes stories set in all four of his real-life arenas, originally published in top adventure pulps: Adventure, Argosy, The Popular Magazine. It is time for the Major to receive his due—as one of the genuine larger-than-life men of the pulps. Included is an in-depth introduction by Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, the Major’s granddaughter.

“Yes, Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson is one of the very, very few people responsible for the birth of the comic book industry as the visionary founder of what we today call DC Comics. And, yes, Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson is one of the very, very few people responsible for giving the world Superman.”

Michael Uslan,
Executive Producer of all the Batman movies,
Comic book historian, and author of his memoir, The Boy Who Loved Batman.

“Not many adventure writers can claim to have based their stories on their own exploits. Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson could—and because of it, his evocations of heroism and combat have a believability and a personal depth unlike anything else in pulp fiction.”

Gerard Jones,
Author of Men of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters and the Birth of the Comic Book.

6x9-inch perfect bound; 264 pages, $20.00

Checkout  earlier titles by clicking on the link below.


Perils On Planet Perils On Planet X - Now online!

Perils On Planet X is a swashbuckling adventure on a lost planet… join Colonel Donovan Hawke of Terra as he travels through time and space to the ancient emerald world of Xylos – home of vicious reptilian predators, ruthless strato-pirates, beautiful princesses, and innumerable fantastic dangers!
Perils On Planet X is high adventure on alien worlds – classic space opera in the  Burroughs and Alex Raymond traditions, revived for a new millennium!
The adventure begins today at the link below!

Thursday, August 13 through Sunday, August 16, 2015

PulpFest, also known as “Summer’s Great Pulp Con,” returns to the beautiful Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus, Ohio for its 44th edition. It will begin on Thursday, August 13th at 6 PM with four hours of early-bird shopping in the dealers’ room, located on the hotel’s third floor. You can learn how to become an early-bird or a dealer by visiting our registration page. To reserve a room at the Hyatt Regency, click “book a room.” PulpFest 2015 will run until 2 PM on Sunday, August 16th, when our dealers’ room will shut its doors.

As 2015 marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of author H. P. Lovecraft–the “Edgar Allan Poe of the 20th Century” and “The Copernicus of the horror story”– PulpFest will be celebrating his life and his work. In addition to programming on the author’s celebrated Cthulhu Mythos, we’ll also examining his relationship with WEIRD TALES, the pulp magazine where the bulk of his fiction was published.

PulpFest 2015 will also be paying tribute to Ned Pines’ Standard Magazines, better known as “The Thrilling Group.” Along with Street & Smith, Popular Publications, and the Frank A. Munsey Company, Pines’ line was one of the leading publishers of pulp magazines during the early twentieth century. We’ll be spotlighting a wide array of the company’s magazines, examining the Standard hero, detective, western, adventure, and sports pulps as well as their line of comic books. Click on our schedule and programming buttons for additional details.

Although the focus of PulpFest 2015 will be pulp magazines and related materials, visitors will also find vintage paperbacks, digests, men’s adventure and true crime magazines, first edition hardcovers, series books, dime novels, original art, Big Little Books, B-movies and serials and related collectibles, old-time-radio shows, and Golden and Silver Age comic books for sale in its 15,800 square-foot dealers’ room, located in the Regency Ballroom. In addition to attracting some of the leading collectibles dealers from across the United States and Canada, PulpFest also plays host to a wide array of contemporary publishers including those who reprint material from the old pulps as well as publishing houses dealing in contemporary genre fiction.

At PulpFest, you’ll find science-fiction books and magazines, detective and adventure pulps, westerns, original cover art and interior illustrations, stacks of digest magazines, vintage paperbacks and comic books, unique films, and much, much more! You’ll be entertained and informed by countless presentations and panels featuring leading pop-culture experts. You’ll see old pals and meet new friends. You can even join FarmerCon, the convention dedicated to Grand Master of Science Fiction Philip José Farmer. You’ll find all this and more at PulpFest, “Summer’s Great Pulp Con!”

If you are having trouble booking a room for PulpFest 2015, there are still blocks of rooms available through Matsuricon (which is taking place over the same weekend as PulpFest 2015). Visit http://matsuricon.org/hotel-reservations/ to find a room that is close to the convention. When booking through the Matsuricon site, please be sure to request the Matsuricon group rate.

WE ARE URGING PEOPLE TO BOOK THEIR ROOMS ASAP!!!!! If you are not from the Columbus area and want to attend PulpFest 2015, you need to book your room NOW and not later. Rooms are disappearing fast during the 8/13 - 8/16 time frame. PLEASE BOOK NOW!!!!

The Weird Tales of Philip José Farmer
To most pulp enthusiasts, the late Philip José Farmer is best known as “A prolific and popular science fiction writer who shocked readers in the 1950s by depicting sex with aliens and challenged conventional pieties of the genre with caustic fables set on bizarre worlds of his own devising.” In science-fiction circles, Farmer is most remembered for his novels. Called “sprawling, episodic works that gave him room to explore the nuances of a provocative premise while indulging his taste for lurid, violent action,” his best were set in the Riverworld and World of the Tiers series. He was named a Grand Master of Science Fiction in 2001. To those who know and love him the best — the members of FarmerCon who first joined our convention in 2011 — Philip José Farmer is revered for his work concerning the Wold Newton Family. But what about Philip José Farmer, the horror writer? In this year when PulpFest celebrates the 125th anniversary of the birth of H. P. Lovecraft, it seems fitting that our FarmerCon friends turn their attention to Philip José Farmer, the writer of weird tales.

Jon Arfstrom — Last of the WEIRD TALES Artists
PulpFest is extremely proud to welcome artist and illustrator Jon Arfstrom as its special guest to this year’s convention. Beginning at 8:45 PM, on Friday, August 14th, and following our guest-of-honor presentation by author Chet Williamson, please join pulp art historian David Saunders for a short interview with fantasy artist Jon Arfstrom, perhaps the last surviving artist to paint covers for the original run of “The Unique Magazine,” WEIRD TALES. Mr. Arfstrom will also have a table at the convention where he will be displaying some of his original art. He will have a sampling of paintings and drawings, mostly from the 1970’s on, that he will be selling at the convention. His table will be next to the DreamHaven Books display in the PulpFest 2015 dealers’ room.

The Heirs of WEIRD TALES
As part of its celebration of the 125th anniversary of the birth of H. P. Lovecraft, PulpFest 2015 will be paying tribute to WEIRD TALES, the rough-paper magazine where many of the author’s most influential works were published. The first periodical to be largely devoted to the fantasy genre, WEIRD TALES also introduced readers to the sword-and-sorcery genre through Robert E. Howard’s stories of Kull, Solomon Kane, Bran Mak Morn, and Conan, and shared Clark Ashton Smith’s wonderfully evocative stories of Hyperboria, Averoigne, and Zothique. It gave us C. L. Moore’s “Schambleau” and Jirel stories, Henry S. Whitehead’s voodoo masterpiece, “Jumbee,” and many other classics of fantasy and horror.

Thrilling Pulp Heroes of the Thirties
In the spring of 1931, THE SHADOW MAGAZINE was introduced to readers by Street & Smith Publications. Employing the talents of author Walter B. Gibson, the magazine proved an instant hit. Planned as a quarterly, this first “hero” pulp became a monthly following its first two issues. A year later, it became a semi-monthly, appearing twice monthly until early 1943. In 1937, Gibson teamed with scriptwriter Edward Hale Bierstadt to develop a radio program for the Mutual Broadcasting System. It was here that actor Frank Readick, Jr. uttered the famous words quoted above that have since become part of the American idiom. Continued here.

Countdown to PulpFest 2015
It’s just sixty days to PulpFest 2015! On Thursday, August 13th, be one of hundreds of pop-culture fans who will be arriving at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus, Ohio for the annual summertime get-together for fans of pulp art and fiction. Please visit our registration page to learn how to join the convention that has become summer’s pulp-culture center of the universe.

In the weeks ahead, we’ll be talking about our dealers, our early-bird special, this year’s Munsey Award nominees, our Pulpster program book, and much more. You can keep abreast of all these updates by bookmarking www.pulpfest.com and visiting often or by liking our Facebook page. So be sure to like PulpFest on Facebook and ask for our posts to be delivered to your personal Facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter where we’ll be tweeting about our home page updates. We’ll also be posting to a variety of Yahoo newsgroups such as Pulpmags and Flearun.

PulpFest is known for its superb programming and the line-up that we’re planning for our 2015 convention is shaping up to be one of our best. We’ll be celebrating the 125th anniversary of horror master H. P. Lovecraft as well as the Standard Magazines pulp chain. We’ve already covered a lot of our programming plans concerning the Thrilling Group. Stay tuned for more information about our salute to H. P. Lovecraft and WEIRD TALES. And don’t forget about this year’s guest of honor, author Chet Williamson. He became interested in Lovecraft as a kid and has remained a devotee ever since. Chet has been writing in the fields of horror, science fiction, and suspense since 1981.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to register for PulpFest 2015! There’s no other way to be sure to be part of “Summer’s Great Pulp Con.” Although all the rooms at our host hotel, the Hyatt Regency Columbus are booked, there are still rooms available in the downtown area. Please visit http://matsuricon.org/hotel-reservations/ to find a room that is close to the convention.

The Thrilling Adventures of Rudolph Belarski
Rudolph Belarski grew up in the hardscrabble world of coal mines in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. He finished the sixth grade and then entered the work force with his classmates at the Pittston Mines, where he labored for ten years, while he subscribed to a correspondence art school to follow his dream to become a celebrated illustrator. Continued here.

Thrilling Detectives
Three Gun Terry Mack was the world’s first hard-boiled private eye. The creation of Carroll John Daly, Terry appeared in a pair of stories featured in THE BLACK MASK in 1923 and 1924. He was soon supplanted by Daly’s best known detective, Race Williams, who debuted in the June 1, 1923 issue of the magazine that would become synonymous with the hard-boiled detective story.

THE BLACK MASK was not the only rough-paper magazine where tough-guy detectives made their home. When Popular Publications launched their line of ten-cent pulps, they got the ball rolling with DIME DETECTIVE, another classic in the line of hard-boiled periodicals. Ned Pines’ Standard Magazines was right there with Steeger and Goldsmith, starting his chain of pulp magazines with THRILLING DETECTIVE in the very same month. The first issues of Popular’s and Pines’ new periodicals were dated November 1931.

“Action-packed, well-written and well-planned stories. Novels must be of the trip hammer type, with a murder in the first chapter and others later.” Those were the editorial requirements set forth by THRILLING DETECTIVE in a 1933 issue of THE WRITER. Although they were not always well-written or planned, no one could fault the magazine for a lack of action . . . nor corpses. Under the guidance of managing editor Leo Margulies and his hand-picked staff, THRILLING DETECTIVE ran “rough-and-tumble, corpse-ridden yarns” featuring “suitably hard-nosed and hard-boiled detectives.” As Margulies often opined, his line was “the fastest bunch of all pulps.”

On Thursday evening, August 13th, beginning at 8:40 PM, John Wooley and John Gunnison pay a visit to some of the continuing characters from the Thrilling line of detective pulps — Doctor Coffin, the allegedly dead Hollywood actor turned vigilante, created by pulp and film writer Perley Poore Sheehan; the workaday detectives such as department store detective Don Marko, the creation of Stewart Sterling (whose real name was Prentice Winchell); the extremely prolific Robert Leslie Bellem’s Hollywood gumshoe Nick Ransom who, like his better known counter-part Dan Turner, “torches a gasper” or “sets fire to a coffin nail” when he lights a cigarette; and the bindlestiff crimefighter, Baghdad, Hobo Detective, written by Milton Lowe and featured in a pair of stories that ran in POPULAR DETECTIVE.

Then we’ve got the wartime creation of “Walt Bruce” — an allegedly Chinese crimefighter known as Dr. Zeng who is actually the son of white missionary parents. Written by Bellem and W. T. Ballard, the Zeng stories came about through the encouragement of the Office of War Information, which thought that playing up our Chinese allies in stories was a wonderful idea. Dr. Zeng’s sidekick Lai Hu Chow, who is really Chinese, has an artificial leg in which he can carry weapons and other useful stuff.

Of course, there’s also Race Williams, one-time BLACK MASK big dog who famously boosted sales of the magazine every time he was featured on the cover. The end was coming into sight for Race and his creator. Carroll John Daly moved into comic books after the death of the pulps. Race appeared in a handful of stories published in THRILLING DETECTIVE before he found his way into SMASHING DETECTIVE STORIES during the early fifties.

John Wooley is the author, co-author, or editor of more than thirty books, including the recent HARD-BOILED CHRISTMAS STORIES. John also penned the script for the made-for-TV movie DAN TURNER, HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE, the award-winning independent film CAFE PURGATORY, and the documentary BILL BOYCE – MONEY ACTOR. He has also written comic books, trading cards, and thousands of magazine and newspaper stories, most of them in conjunction with his work as the music and horror-movie writer for the TULSA WORLD, a position he held from 1983 through 2006. He is currently a contributing editor and columnist for OKLAHOMA MAGAZINE and full-time freelance writer specializing in pop-culture subjects. This year, he was inducted into the Oklahoma Historians’ Hall of Fame.

John Gunnison is one of the foremost pulp dealers in the world. He’s the owner of Adventure House, a firm that not only deals in pulp magazines and other paper collectibles, but also publishes pulp replica editions and other material, including the much-admired HIGH ADVENTURE. John is the author of BAUMHOFER: PULP ART MASTER and BELARSKI: PULP ART MASTER, and co-author of THE ADVENTURE HOUSE GUIDE TO THE PULPS, one of the foremost reference works concerning pulp magazines. For Collectors Press he helped design Frank M. Robinson’s PULP CULTURE, Max Allan Collins’ HISTORY OF MYSTERY, Ron Goulart’s COMIC BOOK CULTURE, and other works. John was formerly the editor and publisher of THE PULP COLLECTOR, a leading pulp fanzine in its day.

Join the two Johns for a look at some of the most intriguing continuing detective characters that the Thrilling group published, along with a few of their creators on Thursday, August 13th, at 8:40 PM.

Saddle Up! Thrilling’s Western Heroes
On Thursday, August 13th, Ed Hulse will explore the Standard line of western superhero pulps, from TEXAS RANGERS, launched in 1936 and featuring the “Lone Wolf” Ranger, Jim Hatfield; to MASKED RIDER WESTERN MAGAZINE, purchased from Ranger Publications in 1938 and starring Wayne Morgan, “the Robin Hood of the West;” to RANGE RIDERS and its “stories of western avengers in action;” to THE RIO KID WESTERN, a pulp that featured “the fictional exploits of the Kid . . . interwoven with actual historical characters;” to WEST and its lengthy series featuring Johnston McCulley’s Zorro; and HOPALONG CASSIDY’S WESTERN MAGAZINE, featuring Louis L’Amour’s blend of Clarence E. Mulford’s original character with the movie version popularized by actor William Boyd. Ed will also be touching on such characters as Alamo Paige, Navajo Raine, and W. C. Tuttle’s Tombstone and Speedy, all featured in EXCITING WESTERN, and A. Leslie Scott’s Texas Ranger Walt Slade, whose adventures ran in Standard’s flagship western title, THRILLING WESTERN.

“Saddle Up! Thrilling’s Western Heroes” will begin at 9:20 PM on Thursday, August 13th, on the second floor of the Hyatt-Regency hotel in beautiful downtown Columbus, Ohio. It’s all part of this year’s “Salute to Standard Magazines,” taking place at PulpFest 2015.

Go Nuts at PulpFest’s New Gaming Track
New at this year’s PulpFest will be a gaming track. Many of the themes found in the world of modern games resonate from the pulps and the stories published in those magazines. There are games based on Conan, the Cthulhu Mythos, space operas, westerns, mysteries, pulp heroes, and more.

PulpFest 2015 will have demonstrations of role-playing games and various board, card, and dice games. We’ll have a room featuring eight tables for new or experienced players. A number of local gaming groups will be running RPGs dealing with weird tales, ancient ruins, and murder mysteries. As part of our celebration of the 125th anniversary of the birth of H. P. Lovecraft, there will be role-playing adventures based on the Cthulhu Mythos. Additionally, we’ll have a number of board and card games that can be played in less than a hour. So if you need a break from the dealers’ room, you won’t be kept away too long.

The PulpFest 2015 gaming track will begin at 10 AM on both Friday and Saturday and last until 10 PM or thereabouts. On Sunday, games will begin at 10 AM and continue until the end of the convention. All games will be set up in the Clark Room, located on the second floor of the Hyatt Regency. The only requirements to play games at PulpFest 2015 are a PulpFest membership, your imagination, and a desire to have a good time. So if you enjoy pulps and you enjoy games, PulpFest will be the place to be.

Norman Daniels–Thrilling’s “Go-to-Guy” is 110!
One of the more significant contributors to Ned Pines’ Thrilling line of pulps and comic books, Norman Daniels will certainly be feted at this year’s PulpFest. So here’s your chance to wish this prolific giant a “happy 110th birthday” as PulpFest 2015 pays tribute to Standard Magazines. The action begins on Thursday evening, August 13th and runs through Sunday, August 16th at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Lester del Rey–Still Astounding after 100 Years!
Lester del Rey’s first published work appeared in the April 1938 issue of ASTOUNDING SCIENCE-FICTION, behind a cover painted by Howard V. Brown. A long-time science-fiction artist who painted almost all of the magazine’s covers from late 1933 through early 1938, Brown also created covers for Hugo Gernsback’s SCIENCE AND INVENTION and Standard’s STARTLING STORIES and THRILLING WONDER STORIES. PulpFest 2015 will be saluting Standard Publications during its festivities from August 13th through the 16th.

To learn more about all of the PulpFest 2015 programming, please click here or on the “schedule” button on our home page at www.pulpfest.com.

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Edgar Rice Burroughs Hardbacks - New!
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Gone North by Charles Alden Seltzer
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Interview with Matthew White Jr. - Editor of the Argosy

Pulp Magazines Project - Now online!

Publishing legends The Black Mask (1920), Weird Tales (1923), and Amazing Stories (1926) are considered so “extremely rare and valuable” that the U.S. Library of Congress houses its collection of 277 issues in Washington, D.C.’s Rare Book and Special Collections Division—along with the personal libraries of Presidents, medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, and one of only three known perfect copies of the Gutenberg Bible in existence. With its latest addition of 4 issues of The Black Mask (Aug. & Sept. 1920; Dec. 1921; and Apr. 1922), the Pulp Magazines Project has made all 3 classic titles available together—for the first time—in high-quality, cover-to-cover digital editions.

Also available at the Pulp Magazines Project, new issues of the iconic “weird menace” pulp, Dime Mystery Magazine (Apr. 1938 and Sept. 1946); Adventure (Jul. 1, 1928; feat. Walt Coburn’s “The Man Who Hated Himself”); Western Story (Jul. 27, 1940); Detective Story (May 1938; feat. Zorro-creator Johnston McCulley’s “Thubway Tham’s Thothial Thecurity”); and histories of both The Black Mask (E.R. Hagemann; UCLA) and Dime Mystery Magazine (Emily Sisler; University of West Florida).

The Pulp Magazines Project is an open-access digital archive dedicated to the study and preservation of one of the twentieth century's most influential literary & artistic forms: the all-fiction pulpwood magazine. The Project also provides information on the history of this important but long neglected medium, along with biographies of pulp authors, artists, and their publishers.

At the heart of the Project's mission is the archive itself. In summer 2011, it began with a modest library of five representative first-generation pulp titles from the early twentieth century. Over time, the archive will expand, new magazines will be digitized, and contextual materials added. Eventually, the archive will feature a broad range of pre-1923 titles, post-1923 titles where copyright has lapsed, and full volume runs of select titles from 1896 to 1946.

The Project is dedicated to fostering ties between communities of collectors, fans, and academics devoted to pulp magazines, and will offer opportunities for research and collaboration to both scholars and enthusiasts alike. We will provide information on upcoming conferences and conventions, and promote new working relationships between academics and the hundreds of pulp fans and collectors beyond the college and university.

The Pulp.Net  - Now online!
The Pulp.Net features two ongoing blogs!

Pulp Super-Fan blog written by Michael R. Brown and the long-running Yellowed Perils written by William Lampkin.

Pulp Super-Fan blog by Michael R. Brown

Fanzine focus: ‘Pulp Vault’ No. 14 - New!
‘The New Adventures of Lynn Lash’
Prince Zarkon, Lord of the Unknown
‘Dime Novel Cover’ Vol. 6: Night Hawk
Fanzine focus: ‘Pulp Adventures’ No. 17

Yellowed Perils by William Lampkin

All in color for a dime (or maybe 15¢)
Going back to Bonnett’s
Richard E. Clear: 1943-2015
Pulp AdventureCon report
Pulp conventions for 2015

Pulp Newsgroups - Now online!
There are numerous pulp newsgroups that are of potential interest to pulp fans. 
Information on several of these groups and a link to sign up is posted below.

Abraham Merritt:
This group is dedicated to all of the fiction of ABRAHAM MERRITT. Merritt's novels, short stories, paperbacks, hardcovers, pulps, reprints, and any movies based on these works can all be discussed here. Also, any artwork from any of the above pertaining to Merritt's writing can be discussed and displayed. If interested, questions and statements about other authors that copied or imitated Merritt's style can be posted.  

CoverUps: Sharing and trading of Pulp Fiction covers. Discussion not only allowed, but encouraged! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Cover_Ups/

Doc Con:
  The annual Doc Savage Convention gathered together for the first time on October 24, 1998. The convention also known as Doc Con is the brainchild of Rob Smalley who together with Jay Ryan, Paul Cook and Courtney Rogers have hosted the event each year in Arizona. Traditionally held the second Saturday of each November, Doc Con attracts residents from around the country, for a weekend of planned Doc Savage events as well as discussions and camaraderie. Follow along with the planning each year by participating in this group.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Doc_Con/

 Burroughs Group:
This group is dedicated to the study and appreciation of one of the greatmasters of literary adventure,  Burroughs (1875-1950). Creator of numerous famous characters, such as Tarzan, Carson Napier, and John Carter of Mars, and exciting worlds, such as Venus, Barsoom, and Pellucidar, Burroughs is widely recognized as one of the fathers of the Pulp Era and modern heroic fiction.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/edgarriceburroughs/

FictionMags: The purpose of this mailing list is to discuss the history of fiction magazines, and to exchange information about magazines which have carried fiction, past or present. Particular emphases are on the "Gaslight" magazines of circa 1880-1914, the pulp magazines of the first half of the 20th century, the "Big Slick" magazines of the mid-20th century, the digest-sized magazines of the 1950s and 1960s -- and any other areas of magazine publishing which have been important for fiction. Discussion may cover aspects of the publishing history of the magazines concerned, their editors and editorial policies, the authors they published, and so on.


Flearun: This group is for fans of all the incarnations of Doc Savage. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/flearun/

H.R. Haggard: This group is dedicated to one of the greatest of adventure/fantasy writers , H.R. Haggard.

Justice Inc.: This group is dedicated to the [1940's pulp version] of Richard Benson and his group of crime fighting adventurers , Justice Inc. Everything about this group can be discussed [ comics, pulps, radio shows, paperbacks, current news]also if anyone is interested in Paul Ernst---In the roaring heart of the crucible...... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JUSTICEINC/

Otis Adelbert Kline: This group is devoted to Otis Adelbert Kline. His works in the science fiction, weird and historical fiction genre and his general biography can also be discussed here.
Visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OTISKLINE/
to join!

Pulp Fiction Uncensored: is for all fans of Pulp Fiction!

PulpMags: If you're interested in the old pulp magazines, this forum is the place to be. We deal with OLD pulps only! If you're looking for something dealing with modern "pulp fiction" style writing, you'd be bored here.This moderated list is setup along the lines of PEAPS, the Pulp Era Amateur Press Society, and all pulp fans across the world are welcome. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PulpMags/

Pulp Swap Group:  Place your swappable pulps and digest, plus wants, in the file section or individual messages. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PulpSwap/

REH Comics Group: This group is dedicated to the characters created by Robert E Howard that have appeared in comic book form from Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Cross Plains Comics, Dynamite Entertainment etc. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheREHcomicsgroup/

Vintage Paperbacks:  A forum for readers and collectors of classic paperback books, primarily from the "vintage era" of 1939 to 1960 (roughly speaking). Ace Doubles, Dell Mapbacks, L.A. Bantams, Gold Medal, Avon, Handibooks, and many more - we cover them all. Discussion of all genres is welcome and we particularly want to hear about any rare and unusual paperbacks or stories *about* paperbacks that you might be able to share. We discuss the cover artists, the writers, the publishers, and anyone and everyone connected with the great world of vintage paperback books. Read a great old book lately? Come on in and tell us about it! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/VintagePaperbacks/

Western Pulps: This list is dedicated to the discussion of Western pulp magazines -- the characters, the authors, the stories, the paperback reprints, and anything else connected with Western pulps. Though the primary emphasis is on pulps, we also discuss non-pulp Western novels, movies, comics, etc. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WesternPulps/

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Will Murray's Pulp Classics #83
Secret Agent "X" #5 Audiobook
City of the Living Dead

by Paul Chadwick writing as Brant House
Read by Milton Bagby

Now available!

They called Secret Agent “X”, the Man of the Thousand Faces. Armed with his irresistible gas gun, wearing impenetrable disguises, “X” infiltrates the darkest corners of the Underworld to crush all crime czars!
Behind the white fangs of escaped jungle beasts lurked an unseen but hideous menace. A menace that made cravens of men and women—sending them cringing to their shattered homes under the brutal lash of Fear in the City of the Sleeping Death. And back of the terror of a dread epidemic, Secret Agent “X” glimpsed the shadow of a criminal plot more horrible than any he had ever known.

The enigma of enigmas, Secret Agent “X” has been deputized by a high government official to battle the darkest, most diabolical enemies of America before they sink their poisonous fangs into the nation’s healthy core. Faceless and unsung, “X” infiltrates these threats in a bewildering array of disguises.
A nameless mystery man with a wartime past in the Intelligence service, declared dead by the Department of Justice, and backed by a shadowy group of powerful philanthropists, Secret Agent “X” took on the toughest assignments of the dirty thirties. A past master of disguise, he infiltrated the Underworld to crush crime in all of its hideous manifestations.

For Secret Agent “X”, Rose Wyn decided to pit him against villains who were maestros of unbridled horror. Melodrama was the rule of the day. But Secret Agent “X” plunged into maelstroms of raw bloodlust undreamed of by The Shadow and Doc Savage. His foes were truly depraved. Terrorists. Torturers. Extortionists. Kidnappers. Stranglers. Fiends. Arsonists. These were the types of torn-from-the-tabloids master criminals “X” hunted. It was grim fare.
Follow the Man of a Thousand Faces as he confronts the menace of City of the Living Dead, ripped from the pages of Secret Agent “X” magazine, June 1934 and read with chilling intensity by Milton Bagby.
5 hours - $9.99 Download / $19.98 Audio CDs

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Weinberg - Ellis Art Prints
The first three prints are ready to ship.
Now available!

Hi, my name is Bob Weinberg. I’m good friends with Doug Ellis and the two of us are both known as obsessive pulp magazine collectors. When I use the word “obsessive,” I mean exactly that. Doug and I have been collecting pulps most of our lives and we have tremendous collections of them. Recently, our buddy Tom Brown has allowed us to share our love of pulp fiction with his huge audience of Audiobook Lovers. I’ve been editing a line of pulp novels, The Best of Argosy, while Doug has been responsible for The Best of Adventure. But the pulp magazines are not our greatest collecting mania. Doug and I both collect original paintings used to illustrate science fiction, fantasy, and pulp magazines and books. Unfortunately, these originals are one-of-a-kind and are unavailable to the average collector except for those willing to pay astronomical prices.
I began buying and selling original artwork used for the covers of science fiction and fantasy paperbacks back in the 1970’s. At the time, collecting original SF Art was considered an interesting offshoot of actual collecting. Artwork sold for a few hundred dollars a painting, if that. But, as times changed, so did the cost of art. Prices skyrocketed. A piece I originally sold for $100, recently brought $15,000 at auction. Making it impossible to collect many of the finest paintings that were sold in the past fifty years. Until now!
Working together, Tom Brown, Doug Ellis and I are now selling stunning prints of some of the finest paintings in our collections. These are printed full color and will be reproduced directly from the actual art used to first publish these unique covers. They will offer the ultimate decoration for any collector interested in SF or pulp art.
Bob & Doug & Tom

The Laughter of Toffee
Artwork by H. W. McCauley
16"W x 20"H

This painting was featured on the cover of Imagation magazine in October, 1954.
 The Laughter of Toffee by H.W. McCauley - Toffee was a popular humorous character, somewhat in the sexy Thorne Smith vein of fantasy, whose adventures were chronicled by Charles Myers. Toffee originally appeared in a series of novelets published in Fantastic Adventures, but when editor Ray Palmer moved to Imagination magazine in the early 1950’s, she moved along with him.

Android Abduction
Artwork by Harold Ward
20"W x 30"H

Android Abduction by Harold J. Ward - reproduction of the cover painting for the March 1941 issue of Spicy Mystery. Ward was one of the brightest stars of the pulp cover painting universe. For the Spicy chain, Ward painted many covers with a SF theme in the early 1940's, as the publisher began running spicy SF stories inside. The stories may not have been great, but his paintings were sure popular!

The Shadow Over Innsmouth
Artwork by Edmond Good
16"W x 20"H

The Shadow Over Innsmouth by Edmond Good - the rare cover illustration done to attract readers to the first Canadian issue of Weird Tales magazine from January 1942. In 1942, Canadian Publishers were allowed to reprint stories from U.S. magazines but not their covers. The thought was to provide employment for artists unable to find work otherwise. Due to the scarcity of the Canadian Weird Tales, this cover is one of the rarest Lovecraft illustrations ever published.

Radio Spirits
Now available!

In 1948, America was buzzing with crime, corruption, and vice -- but The Green Hornet was buzzing too!
The post war era paved the way for a new kind of criminal, and our hero found himself embroiled in espionage (in addition to his regular racket busting). And in this major chapter in the legend of the masked vigilante, Miss Case stumbles on a secret and takes on a more significant role at the Daily Sentinel.

Join Britt Reid and his faithful valet Kato for twenty thrill-packed adventures of this rousing radio classic - many of which have not been heard since their initial broadcast more than fifty years ago.

Includes a Program Guide by Martin Grams, Jr.

Episodes Include: Perfect Alibi 01-13-48; A Matter of Evidence 01-20-48; Hit and Run 01-27-48; Miss Case Meets the Hornet 02-03-48; The Mysterious Mr. Jones 02-10-48; Miss Case Keeps a Secret 02-17-48; Rule of Three 02-24-48; Find the Woman 03-02-48; One For the Senator 03-09-48; Two Minus Two 03-16-48; Stone Wall Alibi 03-23-48; The Funeral Spray 03-30-48; Pink Wonderland 04-06-48; Process X 04-20-48; Double Play 04-27-48; Career at Stake 05-04-48; The Woman in Black 05-11-48; The Travis Case 05-18-48; A Cable From England 05-25-48; The Hornet Bats For a Pitcher 06-01-48

Duration: 10 hours
Media: (10) CDs
Price: $39.98

Radio Spirits
Now available!

Simon Templar, better known as "the Saint," is perhaps the first truly multimedia hero. By the 1960s his adventures had appeared in books, films, comic-strips and on television. But radio has been the most durable medium for the Saint; from the first series during World War II to the most recent in 2002, fifteen actors have played the modern-day Robin Hood.
Of course when you mention The Saint on the radio most people think of Vincent Price, and quite understandably for he was the longest-running and most high-profile incumbent of the halo. But who were the other fourteen - and how did they get their haloes?

The Saint on the Radio goes behind-the-scenes of the Saint, providing intriguing detail about the series' creation, its writers, episode synopses, all the cast over the years, and two complete radio scripts. It provides an invaluable guide to the radio adventures of one of the 20th Century's most enduring and endearing heroes.

Author Ian Dickerson was nine years old when Return of the Saint first aired on television. He's not been the same since. All told his Saintly addiction led to the loss of a large amount of pocket money and many weeks of his life as he spent his formative years tracking down every Saint adventure he could find in a pre-internet world.

When The Saint returned to TV in the 1980s he got involved in running The Saint Club, which led to a long running friendship with Leslie Charteris and his family. A thorough examination of The Leslie Charteris Collection at Boston University has led to Ian to write a number of articles on various aspects of the Saint's career. He's also written, produced and directed a number of documentaries on the making of The Saint and Return of the Saint.

Trade Paperback Book - 346 Pages
Price: $22.95

Renaissance eBooks, Inc.
Futures Past Editions
The final Star Man novel, “Summit Conference”, by pulp veteran Stuart J. Byrne
Now available!

The recently discovered `13th and final Star Man novel, “Summit Conference”,
penned by pulp veteran Stuart J. Byrne before his death, has just been released in ebook format.

Published in seven omnibus editions (each containing two complete Star Man books, the final containing #13 and a bonus collection of the author’s notes and thoughts about the series titled “The Star Man Papers”), this new, final volume brings the saga to a fitting conclusion.

All seven ombnbuses are exclusively on sale for Kindle ebook readers at Amazon – Free for Kindle Subscribers, or readers can own each volume for only $2.99.

As Published by Futures Past Editions, Byrne's Entire Star Man Saga Includes:
The First Star Man Omnibus: #1 Supermen of Alpha & #2 Time Window  
The Second Star Man Omnibus: #3 Interstellar Mutineers & #4 The Cosmium Raiders
The Third Star Man Omnibus #5 The World Changer & #6 The Slaves of Venus
The Fourth Star Man Omnibus: #7 Lost in the Milky Way & #8 Time Trap
The Fifth Star Man Omnibus: #9 The Centaurians & #10 The Emperor
The Sixth Star Man Omnibus: #11 The Return of Star Man & #12 The Second Empire
The Final Star Man Omnibus: #13 Summit Conference & The Star Man Papers.

Stuart J. Byrne, a pulp writer for Amazing Stories, Other Worlds, Science Stories, and the Perry Rhodan series, put a lifetime of knowledge and skill into the Star Man books, which tell of the adventures of Steve Germaine, who receives transhuman powers from aliens so he can fight a dictatorship that holds the solar system in an iron grip. Metaphysics and quantum physics are combined into a thrilling, mind-expanding tour de force.

Futures Past Editions

Robert E. Howard: Two-Gun Raconteur #18
Now available!

Pre-orders are now being accepted for issue number 18 of The Definitive Robert E. Howard Journal.
This is an extremely limited edition of 150 copies, so don’t procrastinate if you want a copy.

The new issue will make its debut at Howard Days on June 12th. If you can’t make it to Cross Plains, you can pre-order it beginning today.
Orders will ship in late June. Price per copy is $21.00, plus $4.00 for U.S. shipping and handling. Overseas orders require additional postage, so email inquiries here for the overseas shipping rates.

Contents include:
A full color cover by Bob Covington featuring Cormac Fitzgeoffrey, inside front and back covers featuring scenes from “The Black Stone” by Bryan “Zarono” Reagan and a back cover by Stephen Fabian.
“The Cobra in the Dream” by Robert E. Howard, illustrated by Charles Fetherolf
“Iron Man Roll Call” by Chris Gruber, illustrated by Clayton Hinkle
“A Farewell to the Old West – The End of the “Old Frontier”—Robert E. Howard’s ‘Old Garfield’s Heart’” by Dierk Guenther, illustrated by Richard Pace
“The Hyborian Sage: Real-World Parallels Between Howard’s Essay and Modern Discoveries” by Wm. Michael Mott, illustrated by Robert Sankner
“Worms of the Earth: A Bran Mak Morn Portfolio” by Michael L. Peters
“Not Your Ordinary Gun-Dummy: The Western Heroes of Robert E. Howard” by James Reasoner, illustrated by Terry Plavet
“The Poetry Contest” by Rob Roehm
“Conan der Ubermensch” by David Scherpenhuizen, illustrated by Bill Cavalier

As stated above the price is $25.00, which includes U.S. postage and handling.
To Order by Mail and Pay with Check or Money Order,
Send Your Order To:
Damon C. Sasser
6402 Gardenspring Brook Lane
Spring, TX 77379
(Please make checks or money orders payable to Damon C. Sasser.)
or Order and Pay Via PayPal.

Paypal ordering link is at the link below.

The Serial Squadron Cinema Cliffhanger Archive
Research copies are now available!

Archive DVD featuring Warren Hull - 15 Chapters (Complete)

One of the major original pulp heroes comes to the screen in the greatest adaptation of pulp to film ever created, featuring Warren Hull and Iris Meredith. Consistently rated one of the top 5 cliffhanger serials of all time by fans, and hugely influential. Source: new digital transfer of 16mm original print, complete, with generally excellent sharp picture quality, restored picture element with stabilization, exposure correction, and noise reduced audio.

Status: Restoration complete, archive DVD requests are shipping now.
To request a research copy, click here.

The Shadow - Under the Blue Light - Now online!

The Crime Clinic
- New!
The Golden Grotto - New!
The Curse of Thoth
The Killer

SIGNAL: A Sam Dryden Novel - Coming July 7!
by Patrick Lee

From the bestselling author of RUNNER comes the next thriller featuring Sam Dryden, in the series that has captured the imagination of readers worldwide. In the middle of the night, ex-Special Forces operative Sam Dryden gets a urgent call from an old colleague, desperate for his help in a last-minute secret mission. Without a moment's hesitation, Dryden agrees. The two race to a remote shack in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, where they break in, rescue four kidnapped girls, then flee into the hills just seconds ahead of the arriving police and FBI team. It's then that Sam Dryden learns the real secret behind this mission. His former teammate has been working security for an old friend whose company discovered something, and developed a device around that discovery, which had the power to change the course of history. But, as Newton's laws predict, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. There are some very bad people determined to get their hands on this device, and will stop at nothing to do so. This hidden group apparently has the money, the connections, the men, and the material to accomplish anything they want. Now the only thing standing in their way is Sam Dryden.

Series: A Sam Dryden Novel (Book 2)
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Product Dimensions: 9.6 x 6.6 x 0.8 inches
List Price: $25.99

SWORDS OF SORROW #3 (OF 6) - Arriving in comic shops July 8!
(Writer) Gail Simone (Art) Sergio Davila
(Covers) A: Tula Lotay
; B: Emanuela Lupacchino


The genre-busting, time-hopping epic heroine crossover continues! In the midst of WWII, reluctant allies Miss Fury and the Black Sparrow are joined by an epic host of heroines from different worlds and eras to fight an invasion taking place right on Broadway!  Featuring Red Sonja, Eva (the daughter of Dracula), Lady Zorro, Red Sonja, and more! Don’t miss the funnest, bawdiest, sword-slingingest crossover event ever!

Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99

TARZAN - VERSUS THE NAZIS (Volume 3) - November 3, 2015!
by Burne Hogarth

Following on from Tarzan in the City of Gold and Tarzan Versus The Barbarians, Tarzan Versus The Nazis is the third of four exclusive volumes authorized by the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate, collecting the entire run of the legendary Tarzan comic strip by one of the most influential artists of the 20th Century, Burne Hogarth (with Don Garden).

Hardcover,176 pages
List Price: $39.95

Tellers of Weird Tales - Now online!
Terence Hanley has created a blog in which he researches and writes about the contributors to Weird Tales magazine and its companion titles, Oriental Stories and The Magic Carpet Magazine.

A Corporate Dystopia for Today - New!
The Iron Heel and 1984-Part Seven - New!
The Iron Heel and 1984-Part Six
The Iron Heel and 1984-Part Five
Happy Flying Saucer Day!

Terence McVicker, Rare Books - Now online!

Terence McVicker has launched a new website.  Every month a new "theme" for the "Shoppe" will be announced. 

For the inauguration of the grand opening, in addition to samplings from "Shoppe stock," he is featuring a nice selection of Amateur Journals of H. P. Lovecraft from the Hyman Bradofsky (The Californian) Collection and fine, nearly complete collections of the works of James P. Blaylock and Tim Powers, two of Fantasy & Science Fiction's finest living writers!  So don't dote on the dead, take a voyage on an Elfin Ship, or step through the Anubis Gates and journey to the furthest reaches of your imagination!

And be sure to read "FOTS" - Friends of the Shoppe - for important book information!

New additions added every Sunday and every month a new theme!

ThrillerFest IX
Grand Hyatt, New York City,
 July 7-11, 2015

ITW's annual celebration of the thriller world is the largest event of its kind, a meeting place for authors, readers, budding writers, and publishing industry professionals.

Welcome to ThrillerFest X! It’s hard to believe that it has been ten years since we gathered in Scottsdale, Arizona for our first conference back in 2006.

To commemorate our special anniversary, we’ll be hosting online events throughout the year culminating in a wonderful celebration at the Grand Hyatt from July 7-11, 2015.

We’ll be honoring 2015 ThrillerMaster Nelson DeMille along with 2015 Spotlight Guests Mark Billingham, Charlaine Harris, and Greg Iles.

We’re also excited that 2014 ThrillerMaster Scott Turow and 2014 Silver Bullet Award recipient Brenda Novak will be back to join us this year, along with 2015 Silver Bullet Recipient Kathy Reichs.

You won’t want to miss this incredible line-up, so please sign up today!

Upcoming Modern Hero - Pulp Novels
by Christopher R. Yates
(New publications to the list are in bold)

Now available!
Batman: Arkham Knight: The Riddler’s Gambit, Alex Irvine, Titan Books, Ltd., $7.99, June 23, 2015
The Dragons of Heaven, Alyc Helms, Angry Robot, $7.99, June 30, 2015

Coming soon!
Ant-Man: Natural Enemy, Jason Starr, Marvel, $24.99, July 7, 2015
Batman Arkham Knight: The Official Novelization, Marv Wolfman, Titan Books, Ltd., $7.99, July 21, 2015
Deadpool: Paws, Stefan Petrucha, Marvel, $24.99, August 18, 2015
Arrow – Vengeance, Oscar Balderrama & Lauren Certo, Titan Books, $7.99, September 29, 2015
Collision: Book 4, Secret World Chronicles, Mercedes Lackey, et al., Baen, $7.99, September 29, 2015
Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits, David Wong, Thomas Dunne Books, $26.99, October 6, 2015
Ghosts of Karnak, George Mann, Titan Books, Ltd., $7.99, October 13, 2015
Wild Cards V: Down and Dirty, ed. George R.R. Martin, Tor, $17.99, October 27, 2015
Wild Cards XXII: Lowball, ed. George R.R. Martin, Tor, $8.99, November 3, 2015

Gladiator, Philip Wylie, Dover Publications, $9.95, November 18, 2015
Pax Britannia: The Ulysses Quicksilver Omnibus Vol. 2, Jonathan Green, Abaddon, $14.99, December 2015
Wild Cards XXIII: High Stakes, ed. George R.R. Martin, Tor, $25.99, December 2015
Powers: The Secret History of Deena Pilgrim, Brian Michael Bendis & Neil Kleid, Thomas Dunne Books, $25.99, January 5, 2016
Ex-Isle, Peter Clines, Broadway Books, $14.00, January 12, 2016
Stiletto [sequel to The Rook], Daniel O’Malley, Little, Brown & Co., $25.99, January 26, 2016

The Weird Tales of Conan the Barbarian - Coming March 16, 2016!
by Robert E. Howard

Before he conquered books, comics, and movies, Robert E. Howard's immortal character Conan the Cimmerian was born in the pages of the pulp magazine Weird Tales.
Reprinted as they originally appeared in that legendary publication from 1934 to 1936, this ferocious anthology gathers many of the barbarian's most famous adventures:
"Red Nails," "The Hour of the Dragon," "Queen of the Black Coast," and four others.

Paperback: 272 pages

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