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02 October 2015

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2015 Pulp Shows

The Pulp Coming Attractions Pulp Shows page has been updated with available information on the presently known pulp shows scheduled for 2015!
Click on the PULP SHOWS link below or the icon at the top of the page and start making your reservations!

62nd Michigan Antiquarian Book And Paper Show
SUNDAY, October 11, 2015
9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Antiquarian Book & Paper Show is the largest book and paper show in the Midwest, averaging over 70 exhibitors and one million old, rare, and collectible book and paper items for sale.
Where you find things you always wanted but never knew existed!

Lansing Center
333 E. Michigan Ave
Lansing, Michigan

3 blocks east of Capitol

Admission $5

Adventure House
Now available!

The Phantom Detective - Summer 1952

"The Murder Machine" by Robert Wallace
The Phantom Detective was ready to rip the lid off Leland and prove how corrupt that city had become—but doing so might mean that Murial Havens would face sudden death!

"Till Death Do Us Part" by Bert Friend
"A Case of Nerves" by Terry O.K. Burleson
"As Handsome Does" by William O'Sullivan
"I Came Back" by Bill Erin
"The Gentle Rain" by Morris Cooper
"The Wrong Killer" by Philip Morgan
Cover Artist: Kirk Wilson

 7x10, 128 pages, $14.95

Adventure House
Now available!

Captain Future - Winter 1944

"Magic Moon" by Stewart Sterling
A cruel plot to seize the satellite Styx, third moon of Pluto and enslave peaceful natives, sends Captain Future and his loyal aides out on the most dangerous adventure of their careers!

"To Dust Returneth" by Henry Kuttner
"The Companions of Sirius" by William Morrison
Cover Artist: Earle K. Bergey

 7x10, 128 pages, $14.95

Adventure House
Now available!

G-Men - February 1936

"Big Shot" by C.K.M. Scanlon
Ruled by a Napoleon of crime, a vast combine of criminal mobs holds multitudes in terror while waging a grim, relentless campaign of piracy, pillage and murder!  Follow Dan Fowler on the trail.

"The Snow Man" by William H. Stueber
"In the Bag" by Col. William T. Cowin

 7x10, 128 pages, $14.95

Age of Aces
Now available!

The Jailbird Flight
By Donald E. Keyhoe

Below the Rio Grande he had once been known as “The Killer.” Now Captain Bruce Kirby flew through hell skies, leader of the strangest squadron that ever dared face death from flaming Spandaus. Outcasts—all of them—branded with the convict’s arrow! No cowards came to the Jailbird drome—only those dishonored war eagles who chose a chance to die in action rather than rot behind prison bars. Hot tempers, liquor, and the madness of war had brought them low—but beneath it all they still were men! A former U.S. Marine pilot, author Donald E. Keyhoe was a prolific contributor to the pulp magazines, but he is perhaps best remembered for his UFO research in the Fifties and Sixties. In August of 1931, Keyhoe started three long-lived series in three different aviation magazines: Captain Philip Strange in Flying Aces; The Devil Dog Squadron in Sky Birds; and The Jailbird Flight in Battle Aces. This volume features the first seven Jailbird adventures published by Popular Publications in 1931 and ‘32: The Jailbird Flight, The Drome of Vanishing Men, The Masked Skull Squadron, The Jailbird Ace, Dead Man’s Drome, Claws of the Jailbird, and The Skeleton Ace.

$16.99 | 6″x9″ trade paperback | 318 pages|

Available from:  AmazonMike Chomko Books, and Adventure House

Age of Aces
Now available!

Captain Philip Strange: Strange Staffels
By Donald E. Keyhoe

America’s enemies have assembled squadrons of flying furies, exploding skeletons, and invisible airplanes to turn the tide of the First World War. But when things get weird, we get Strange. Captain Philip Strange, that is—ace pilot and so-called “Brain-Devil” of G-2 Intelligence. His assignment? Journey from the back-alleys of Paris to the skies over Germany, taking down flying fortresses, cursed aerodromes, strafing skulls, and other wild weapons of mass destruction! This fourth volume of Philip Strange missions includes seven thrilling tales: Satan's Staffel, The Vanishing Staffel, Hoodoo Drome, The Skull Staffel, The Skeleton Barrage, Staffel of the Starved, and The Staffel Invisible.

$16.99 | 6″x9″ trade paperback | 394 pages

Available from:  AmazonMike Chomko Books, and Adventure House

AGENT X - Coming to TNT Sunday, November 8 at 9PM! 

In times of extreme crisis, when traditional law and government aren't in a position to help, there is an unseen hand that works to protect this country and its citizens from all manner of threats by any means necessary. Hidden from the view of the public -- and even from the President -- there is a top secret agent who is trained and ready to serve, deployed only at the careful discretion of the Vice President. This is Agent X.

Jeff Hephner (Interstellar, Chicago Fire), Sharon Stone (Casino) and Gerald McRaney star in the new series coming this November to TNT.

2 hours series premiere on Sunday, November 8 at 9PM eastern.

Legendary artist Jim Steranko is contributing to AGENT X.
The artist Tweeted a series of design drawings he made for TNT's upcoming spy series Agent X, starring Jeff Hephner and Sharon Stone.
It's unclear if this sequence is intended for the show's main titles or for promotional spots. The design drawings can be seen at the link below.

Altus Press
by Carroll John Daly (Author), Brooks Hefner (Author), Matthew Moring (Editor), Mark Krajnak (Illustrator)

Now available for pre-order!

Collected for the first time: the stories of hard-boiled detective Race Williams. Originally appearing in the pages of Black Mask Magazine, author Carroll John Daly pioneered the hard-boiled P.I. story and perfected the genre with his classic character Race Williams. Apart from the novel-length Race Williams stories, these classic hard-boiled thrillers have rarely been reprinted, if ever.

Volume 1 contains the first 17 Race Williams stories, all from 1923-26 issues of Black Mask: ''Knights of the Open Palm,'' ''Personal But Not Confidential,'' ''$3,000 to the Good,'' ''The Red Peril,'' ''Them That Lives By Their Guns,'' ''Devil Cat,'' ''The Face Behind the Mask,'' ''Conceited, Maybe,'' ''Say It With Lead!,'' ''I ll Tell the World,'' ''Alias Buttercup,'' ''Under Cover,'' ''South Sea Steel,'' ''The False Clara Burkhart,'' ''The Super-Devil,'' ''Half-Breed,'' and ''Blind Alleys.''

Three additional, early, first-person hard-boiled stories by Daly which laid the groundwork for the Race Williams are included as well: ''Dolly,'' ''Paying an Old Debt,'' and ''The False Burton Combs,'' as well as editorial pieces by Daly himself on his inspirations, writing style, and advice to prospective writers. And it's prefaced by an all-new, scholarly introduction by Professor Brooks Hefner of James Madison University.

Them That Lives By Their Guns: The Collected Hard-Boiled Stories of Race Williams Volume 1 is the most important release in years on the history of the Hard-Boiled Detective story.
$29.95 softcover, 686 pages

Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Books
Now available from Sanctum Books!

THE SHADOW Volume 100
"The Death Triangle," "The Crimson Death" & "The Seven Deadly Arts"

Sanctum Books commemorates its milestone 100th issue with pulp thrillers by all three Maxwell Grants: Walter B. Gibson, Theodore Tinsley and Bruce Elliott! First, The Master of Darkness unmasks the murderous mastermind behind "The Death Triangle." Then, "The Crimson Death" strikes in a dizzy dance of murder that draws even The Shadow into its arms! Finally, a mysterious cult revives an ancient curse  through "The Seven Deadly Arts." This instant collector's item showcases the classic color pulp covers by George Rozen, Graves Gladney and Modest Stein and the original interior illustrations by Tom Lovell, Paul Orban and Edd Cartier, with original commentary by popular culture historian Will Murray. (Sanctum Books) 978-1-60877-190-5 Softcover, 7x10, 160 pages, B&W, $15.95

Anthony Tollin, P.O. Box 761474, San Antonio, TX 78245-1474
1 book: $15.95 plus $3.00 (First Class) or $2 (Media Mail) for postage and packaging
Six issues for $84 (first class) or $78 (media mail) [postpaid]
Check, Money Order, or Paypal (orders@shadowsanctum.com)

Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Books
Now available from Sanctum Books and online retailers!

DOC SAVAGE Volume 83: "The Rustling Death" & "Terror and the Lonely Widow"
The pulps' greatest superhero returns in action-packed thrillers by Alan Hathway and Lester Dent writing as "Kenneth Robeson." First, Ham Brooks is rendered helpless by a strange sound, a rustling noise that can destroy planes in midair and disintegrate entire populations! Then, after his cover is blown during an undercover mission, the Man of Bronze heads to the South Seas to avert a atomic age threat in one of his most gripping postwar adventures. This instant collector's item leads off with the classic color pulp cover by Emery Clarke, and also features the original interior illustrations by Paul Orban and historical commentary by Will Murray, author of fifteen Doc Savage novels. BONUS: A lavishly illustrated article on "Doc Savage in the Golden Age of Comics" by longtime comics editor Robert Greenberger! (Sanctum Books) 978-1-60877-181-3 Softcover, 7x10, 112 pages, B&W, $14.95

Anthony Tollin, P.O. Box 761474, San Antonio, TX 78245-1474
1 book: $14.95 plus $3.00 (First Class) or $2 (Media Mail) for postage and packaging
2 books: $29.90 (cover price) First Class postpaid
Six issues for $84 (first class) or $78 (media mail) [postpaid]
Check, Money Order, or Paypal (orders@shadowsanctum.com)

Art's Reviews Podcasts! - Now online!

R. A. Jones and Jeff Deischer discuss the new book "The Twilight War"
Author R. A. Jones has completed the second volume in his Centauri Universe superhero series.  Volume one was "The Steel Ring" which was a reimagining of these Golden Age  superheroes in 1939.  The new volume "The Twilight War" continues the story, solves some mysteries and introduces new ones.  Editor and Publisher Jeff Deischer comes on board for a lively 3 way discussion.  Plus R. A. discusses other plans for the series and has some surprising news for fans of his Adult superheroine Scimidar!

Farmercon X: The Weird Tales of Philip Jose Farmer
A discussion about the weird tales of Science Fiction grandmaster Philip Jose Farmer and his connections to the Cthulhu Mythos.
Past episodes:
Pulpfest: Author reading by John Hegenberger
Pulpfest: Interview with Chistopher Paul Carey
Jason Aiken: Author Reading

Jason Scott Aiken: Interview
Jeff Deischer: A review of his recent work
Pulpfest: Interview with Duane Spurlock

Beb Books - Now available!

Science Fiction existed long before John W. Campbell and Astounding Science Fiction.
Join Beb Books in an exploration of SF "Before the Golden Age!"

The Voyage of the Asteroid
First up is"The Voyage of the Asteroid" by Laurence Manning. Written in 1932.
Three adventurers travel by rocket to fog covered Venus, get lost in the heavy fogs and battle against prehistoric monsters and primitive lizard men in a desperate struggle to find their way back home.

The Four-Dimensional World of Bob Olsen
Next is "The Four-Dimensional World of Bob Olsen,"  five stories written between 1927 and 1932 explaining and exploring the wonderful things that could be achieve with access to the fourth dimension.
Stories include "The Four Dimensional Roller-Press", "Four-Dimensional Surgery", "Four Dimension Robbery",
 "Four Dimension Transit" and "The Man Who Annexed the Moon."

Both stories are available as either ePub format ebooks for $1.99 ea or in print for $6 ea plus $3.00 postage.

Pay by either check or money order to:
Brian Brown
11675 Beaconsfield
Detroit, MI 48224

or via Paypal to beb01@sprynet.com

Check out the rest of Beb Books many titles.
Ask for a catalog at beb01@sprynet.com

Ask for a list of everything  in stock. It’s free.

BEYOND MARS HC - Arriving in comic shops October 7!  
Jack Williamson (Writer) • Lee Elias (Art & Cover)

Written by renowned science fiction author Jack Williamson and superbly drawn by Lee Elias, Beyond Mars is one of the rarest Sunday strips — it only appeared in a single newspaper, The New York Sunday News.

This oversized book presents the complete series—all 161 strips from 1952 to 1955—in their original color!

Oversized 9.25" x 12" full color hardcover, 160 pages, $49.99

by Otto Penzler (Editor)

Presenting Edgar Award-winning editor Otto Penzler's latest anthology, The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories, the largest collection of Sherlockian tales ever assembled—now in a deluxe hardcover edition, perfect for the collector and gift markets.

Arguably no other character in history has been so enduringly popular as Sherlock Holmes. From his first appearance, in Arthur Conan Doyle's 1887 novella A Study in Scarlet,readers have loved reading about him—and writers have loved writing about him. Here, Otto Penzler collects 83 wonderful stories about Holmes and Dr. John Watson, the majority of which will be new to readers. Among these pages are tales by acclaimed Sherlockians Leslie S. Klinger, Laurie R. King, Lyndsay Faye and Daniel Stashower; pastiches by literary luminaries both classic (Kenneth Millar, P. G. Wodehouse, Dorothy B. Hughes) and current (Anne Perry, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman); and parodies by Conan Doyle's contemporaries James M. Barrie, O. Henry, and August Derleth.

Publisher: Pantheon
Product Dimensions: 7 x 1.3 x 9.1 inches

Hardcover: 816 pages
List Price: $40.00
Pre-order Price: $22.11

Paperback: 816 pages
List Price: $25.00
Pre-order Price: $18.63

Kindle Edition
Pre-order Price: $15.99

Black Coat Press
Now available!

Five French utopian fantasies by
Jacques Fabien, Victor Hugo, Gustave Marx, Jean-Baptiste Mosneron de Launay & Turrault de Rochecorbon.
adapted by Brian Stableford

The Aerial Valley (1810) proves that a utopian society can only maintain stability if it remains technologically limited and isolated from outside influences; it is a sensitive challenge to the philosophy of progress as an instrument of perfectibility.

The Year 2800 (1829) bases its anticipations of future improvement on bold social reforms.

Paris in Dreams (1863) echoes the then-ongoing endeavors of Baron Haussmann, who was busy remodeling the city in accordance with his own utopian design.

Victor Hugo's The Future was the first chapter of the great author's introduction to a guide-book produced for visitors to the Exposition Universelle of 1867.

Gustave Marx's Love a Thousand Years Hence (1889) is a satire of the glut of utopian accounts of future Paris, being elevated to the capital of a unified Europe.

US $22.95 / GBP £14.99
5x8 trade paperback, 272 pages 

by Fernand Fleuret
adapted by Brian Stableford

I confided to Horatio my ambition to construct the automaton in his image...

Jim Click invents a robot in the image of his friend, Admiral Horatio Gunson, on the eve of a great battle. Everything starts going wrong when the robot kills his model. Frightened, the inventor then sets up a fabulous hoax, in which his automaton will act as if he were the real admiral. And after the fake Gunson wins the battle, no one discovers the deception, not the king nor his sailors, or even his mistress...

Fernand Fleuret's Jim Click (1930) was written at a time when androids were much in fashion throughout Europe, thanks to the widespread distribution of Karel ?apek's play R.U.R. (1920) and Fritz Lang's film Metropolis (1927), and, like those works, it is both a significant reflection of the spirit of its era and a work of enduring appeal and value, as readable and as effective today as it was then.

US $20.95 / GBP £12.99
5x8 trade paperback, 256 pages 

from The Memoirs of Sâr Dubnotal
edited by J-M. & R. Lofficier

The pale wisp of vapor that emerged from Annunciata's body condensed and took on the appearance of a human hand, suspended in mind-air, illuminated by an unknown mysterious light. "The hand of Ranijesti!" whispered Sâr Dubnotal.

From the sun-bleached streets of Tunis to the bottom of the seas, from the sordid back alleys of Paris to the blood-drenched trenches of the Somme, Sâr Dubnotal, the Great Psychagogue, his disciple Rudolph, his medium Gianetti Annunciata, and his trio of assistants, Frank, Fréjus and Otto, pursue evil wherever it hides.

The evil hypnotist Tserpchikopf, the monstrous Cthulhu, the diabolical Doktor Von Meyer, the vengeful wraith of Ligeia and the malevolent Helen Vaughn are amongst the foes they face in this volume.

Published anonymously in 1909 in a series of French pulp magazines, the Sâr Dubnotal series features one of the first superheroes of the supernatural. This collection includes one original, never translated before Sâr Dubnotal story and eleven exploits of the Great Psychagogue penned by seven modern masters of popular fiction.

Introduction by Jean-Marc Lofficier
Ep.8. The Astral Trail [La Piste astrale] adapted by Brian M. Stableford
Matthew Dennion: Clash of the Titans
Travis Hiltz: The Treasure of the Ubasti (TOTS 6)
Josh Reynolds: The Swine of Gerasene (TOTS 10)
Matthew Baugh: The Gargoyles of Notre-Dame (SHADOW OF JUDEX)
Travis Hiltz: The Hounds of Saint-Augustin
Matthew Baugh: What Rough Beast... (TOTS 7)
Micah Harris: Slouching Towards Camulodunum (TOTS 7 & TOTS 8)
Matthew Dennion: A Tale of Two Souls
Roman Leary: The Evils Against Which We Strive (TOTS 4)
Matthew Baugh: Ask me a Riddle...
Stuart Shiffman: True Believers (TOTS 10)

US $22.95 / GBP £14.99
6x9 trade paperback, 328 pages 


Blood 'N' Thunder / Murania Press
Message from publisher Ed Hulse....

As of today Blood 'n' Thunder's subscription policy is changing to reflect a decision I recently came to. BnT will cease publication as a periodical next year with issue #50, scheduled for Fall 2016. Since launching the zine in 2002 I've done a pretty lousy job of adhering to its stated quarterly schedule anyway, and as various aspects of my life have changed in recent years, BnT must change along with them.

Therefore, those whose subscriptions expire with the just-published #45 will be offered a renewal price of $50 for the remaining five issues to come. This will provide more than the subscriber's customary 20-percent savings inasmuch as #50 will be a jumbo-sized magazine with a cover price of $19.95 or more. (I'm already thinking about the last issue's contents, because I expect to go out with a bang.) The five-for-$50 deal will also extend to those who decide to subscribe for the first time before issue #46—Fall 2015—is published this coming November. At that time I will stop offering subscriptions and the last few issues will be available only on a single-copy basis at the cover price of $12.50 postpaid. So if you want the discount enjoyed by subscribers, this is your last opportunity to get it. I've just revised the site's Subscription page to conform with this change of policy.

The cessation of publishing on a quarterly basis (more or less) doesn't mean Blood 'n' Thunder is going away. It will continue as a series of irregularly published books—each running to 200 pages or more—that will include collections of essays grouped by theme. My plan is to publish at least two of these per year, timed for release in Spring at the Windy City convention and in Summer at PulpFest. There might be a third volume each year, depending upon my schedule. Of course, I'll continue to publish the Classic Pulp Reprints series and other Murania Press books.

Blood 'N' Thunder / Murania Press

This issue of Blood ‘n’ Thunder is highlighted by the first part of an extended survey of Famous Fantastic Mysteries, a forgotten pulp magazine that reprinted classic early stories of science fiction.
Old-Time Radio authority Martin Grams offers a history of the long-forgotten King Kong radio serial, complete with lengthy script excerpts.
Popular-fiction scholar Rick Lai presents another of his Wold Newton-ish excursions into literary lineage, this one concentrating on Robert E. Howard’s Bran Mak Morn.
David Smith trains a spotlight on Pistol Pete Rice, hero of Street & Smith’s Western pulps.
Film critic Glenn Kelly pens an appreciation of the screen’s first super-villain, the legendary Fantomas.
The basic but sad history of nickel-priced pulps is the subject of an article by veteran fictioneer James W. Egan.
BnT editor Ed Hulse reports on the 1937 cliffhanger serial Radio Patrol.
Finally, this issue reprints the long-forgotten first adventure of The Hornet, a 1934 character invented by Samuel Merwin.

Like every issue of BnT, the Summer 2015 issue is more than a hundred pages long and boasts dozens of illustrations, including reproductions of rare movie stills and original pulp art.


Blood 'N' Thunder / Murania Press
By William Corcoran

Now available for pre-order; shipping begins next week!

This wildly melodramatic thriller, originally published in the August 1933 issue of Dime Mystery Magazine, provided the template for countless pulp-hero novels published during the Thirties. Depression-era readers craved outlandish menaces to take their minds off their troubles, and The Purple Eye was at the top of the list.
The Eye, maniacal criminal mastermind and leader of the ancient death cult known as the Brotherhood of Baktuun, terrorizes New York City with a series of high-profile murders accomplished by mysterious means. Seven million souls are at his mercy as his outrages mount in dizzying succession. The police, constrained by legal niceties and endless red tape, seem powerless to thwart his mad schemes. Enter Wayne Saxon, millionaire sportsman and world traveler, who devotes his life to running the Eye to earth. He works within the law when possible, but without it when necessary. Will he succeed? There’s a thrill on every page of this baffling mystery.
Shawn Danowski’s introduction, “The Pulp That Murder Built,” provides a history of Dime Mystery in its early, pre-weird menace phase.

Classic Pulp Reprints #6
Cover Art by H. L. Parkhurst
Introduction by Shawn Danowski
252 pages, 6x9, trade paperback
Price: $19.95

Blood 'N' Thunder / Murania Press: EDitorial Comments - Now online!

Coming Next Week: THE PURPLE EYE - New!
October Collectibles Update - New!
Birthday Boy: Walter B. Gibson
BLOOD ‘N’ THUNDER Policy Change
BLOOD ‘N’ THUNDER #45 Is on the Way!

Bold Venture Press
October releases!

ALIBI Volume One Number One
Trade paperback now available!
Kindle edition (On sale October 14th)

A rare mystery magazine returns in this facsimile edition, loaded with fiction.
Alibi was developed as a magazine to be sold exclusively in Woolworth department stories.
Only five issues were published of this unusual magazine.
Terror Beach by Samuel Hopkins Adams

"The Zeppelin Murders" (part 1 of 2) by H. Thompson Rich
"Written in Blood" by H. L. Gates
"Frozen Faces and the Nickel" by George Kibbee Turner
"Snatched" by Wallace Jackson
"The Eight O'Clock Alibi" by Herbert Corey
"Heater Pete and the Hillbilly" by M. C. Blackman
"Club of the Three Gloves" by Albert E. Ullman
"The Body on the Blacony" by Arlton Eadie
"The Joss-Stick Murder" by Hulbert Flynn
"Murders on the Doorstep" by Anthony Roper
"A Lifer's Story" by Edgar Clayton

Cover by Lyman Anderson, illustrations by E. Stoner
ALIBI Volume One Number One
ISBN: 978-1517060091
130 pages, $14.95

Ice Flow
by William P. Lazarus
Trade paperback now available!
Kindle edition (On sale October 14th)

Revere River seemed like a good idea. After that, everything went downhill—the population, which grew weary of the unrelenting snow; the avalanche that killed another chunk of the population; the economy, which relied on outlaws seeking solitude, and the annual gathering of bounty hunters to clear them out.

Now a slick shyster keeps the town in his hip pocket—but when lust overpowers greed, the town’s delicate existance will crack like ice.

ISBN: 978-1517371739

214 pages, $16.95

Railroad Stories #2
The Legend of King Lawson by E.S. Dellinger
Trade paperback now available!
Kindle edition (On sale October 14th)

Bold Venture presents Railroad Stories #2: The Legend of King Lawson by E.S. Dellinger! Five tales from Railroad Stories Magazine starring King Lawson! Written by an author who knew his trains first-hand!

"Washout!" ... "Mixed Orders" ... "Boomer Trails" ... "Landslide!" and "Snowed In" -- five hair-raising, heart-tugging stories following William "Kingsley" Lawson from gandy dancer to trainmaster, and then from riches to rags! Lawson turns his back on a harrowing accident, an unfaithful wife, a duplicitious friend, and follows the lonely Boomer Trail from town to town to train yard.

Can King return to the top of the railroad heap? Was he repsonsible for the tragic accident that cost hundreds their lives? Did his wife and former friend have relations behind his unsuspecting back? Or was it all a tragic misjudgment? How will they ever reconcile when floods, fires, snow drifts and shady con-men come between them?

ISBN: 978-1517558444
268 pages, $16.95

Bringing Back Classic Adventure One Page at a Time - Now online!

Clive Cussler: THE PHAROH'S SECRET (The NUMA Files) - Coming November 17!
by Clive Cussler & Graham Brown

Kurt and Joe tangle with the most determined enemy they’ve ever encountered when a ruthless powerbroker schemes to build a new Egyptian empire as glorious as those of the Pharaohs. Part of his plan rests on the manipulation of a newly discovered aquifer beneath the Sahara, but an even more devastating weapon at his disposal may threaten the entire world: a plant extract known as the black mist, discovered in the City of the Dead and rumored to have the power to take life from the living and restore it to the dead.

With the balance of power in Africa and Europe on the verge of tipping, Kurt, Joe, and the rest of the NUMA team will have to fight to discover the truth behind the legends—but to do that, they have to confront in person the greatest legend of them all: Osiris, the ruler of the Egyptian underworld.

Hardcover: 432 pages
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons
Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.3 x 9 inches
List Price: $28.95
Pre-order  $20.47

Cthulhu Wall Calendar 2016 - Now available!

The Art of Fine Gifts: The Cthulhu calendar is packed with weird and wonderful depictions of Lovecraft's monster who lurks beneath the deep.
Featuring the fantastic work of talented artists, you will be terrified and delighted in equal measure.
The datepad features previous and next month's views.

Calendar: 12 pages
Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 0.1 x 11.8 inches

$11.99 / £9.99

Davy Crockett's Almanak of Mystery, Adventure, and the Wild West - Now online!

Forgotten Books: A KILLING IN COMICS by Max Allan Collins (2007) - New!
Altus Gallery: Frederick Nebel's MACBRIDE & KENNEDY - New!
Comic Gallery: CRIME DOES NOT PAY (1944) - New!
Pulp Gallery: SPICY ADVENTURE (1937)
Overlooked Films: The Continental Op in Dashiell Hammett's FLY PAPER (1995)

Ron Ely announced as special guest!
Anthony Tollin announced as special guest!
October 9th, 10th and 11th, 2015

Ron Ely has agreed to attend Doc Con 18!
This will be the Doc Savage gathering of a lifetime!
Plan on attending October 9th, 10th and 11th, 2015 or call (623) 271-9005 for hotel reservations today!

GUEST SPEAKER: Prepare to be entertained! October Surprise, "world famous" pop sociologist, has been on assignment researching the sociocultural climate of the 30's and 40s using Doc Savage magazine as reference and guide. At Doc Con 2015 he will present portions of his research concerning the original fans that wrote letters to the Doc Savage Club, printed in the original publications between 1933 and 1949. Using census data and related sources, this presentation will outline discoveries about the original fandom, their backgrounds, and the lives they went on to lead.

Pre-registration will begin in late July. A webpage will be established for that and it will include a pre-registration gift that will most likely have to do with Ron Ely and Bob Larkin.

By air, you will fly into Sky Harbor International. It is only 15 minutes from the hotel which is located at: Comfort Suites, 9824 W Camelback Rd, Glendale, AZ, 85305, US Phone: (623) 271-9005. Tell the desk clerk that you are part of DOC SAVAGE group and they will give you the group rate room discount.

You don't have to book at the hotel but since it is the best price in the area and has a complimentary breakfast that you will eat with your friends both mornings. Additionally, the DOC SAVAGE SUITE will be located on the same floor as your room so you can stay late and not miss out on any of the DOC AFTER DARK plans on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Edgar Rice Burroughs Comics
 All New Comic Strips created exclusively for ERB, Inc.
You can subscribe for only $1.99 / month

Fifteen strips currently available on the  Burroughs comics website:
"Tarzan of the Apes" by Roy Thomas and Pablo Marcos, adapting the original Tarzan novels.
"Tarzan" by Roy Thomas and Tom Grindberg, featuring new Tarzan adventures.
John Carter: Warlord of Mars by Roy Thomas and Rodolfo Pérez Garcia.
"Korak the Killer" by Ron Marz and Rick Leonardi.
"Carson of Venus" by Martin Powell and Tom Floyd.
"The Eternal Savage" by Martin Powell and Steven E. Gordon.
"The War Chief" by Martin Powell and Nik Poliwko.
"The Cave Girl" by Martin Powell and Diana Leto.
"Pellucidar" by Chuck Dixon and Gary Kwapsiz.
"The Land That Time Forgot" by Martin Powell and Pablo Marcos.
"The Mucker" by Ron Marz and Lee Moder
"The Monster Men" by Tom Simmons, Erik Roman, L Jamal Walton, and Cristian Docolomansky
 "The Lost Continent" by Martin Powell and Oscar González 

 "The Jungle Girl" by Martin Powell and Will Meugniot
"The Outlaw of Torn" by Thomas Simmons and Jake Bilbao

Edgar Rice Burroughs Comics
Featuring art from your favorite ERB comic strips!
Now available!

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E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow in Review:
This weeks new Shadow review is
"Masters of Death" from the May 15, 1940 issue of The Shadow Magazine. 
Pulpgen-Online Pulps:   Now with over 1000 stories online!

"The Blackout Deaths" by Charles Larson from 10-STORY DETECTIVE, November, 1942
In the darkness of the blackout, an unknown murderer struck suddenly. And John Gabriel, chief air-raid warden in his sector, figured he had the clue that would trap the killer. But when light was restored, Gabriel saw that its beams pointed in another direction - to the path that would lead himself to the Death House door.
"Party Girl Murder" by Carl McK. Saunders from TEN DETECTIVE ACES, July, 1934
Featuring: Captain John Murdock
The party girl. Alive, she had a host of friends. But dead, she was alone. For no one wanted his name linked with hers. Men offered hard-boiled Captain John Murdock bribes to keep their names in the clear. Others called on him with guns. But John Murdock had a one-track mind. The track that rode killers to the electric chair.
"It's A Cinch!" by Jordan Cole from SECRET AGENT "X", November, 1934
Malthus tried to hire a hitman to kill an enemy, but made a slight mistake.

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New on Famous (and forgotten) Fiction!

September 2015
Another story from the Harvard years of George Allan England, "The Divided Letter," a romance that originally appeared in the October, 1902 issue of The Harvard Illustrated Magazine.
Also, The first Sherlock Holmes short story (and the only appearance of Irene Adler) from the July, 1891 issue of The Strand, "A Scandal in Bohemia," including all the Sidney Paget illustrations and an introduction by Dan Neyer.

August 2015
A romantic adventure set in Morocco by A. J. Dawson, The Powder Play, as it appeared in the January, 1898 issue of Pearson’s Magazine (UK). 
Our presentation also includes the Warwick Goble illustrations, an introduction by Bob Gay and, as a part of the intro, a reprinting of an article that appeared in the
January, 1901 issue of The Bookman  that includes additional biographical information about Dawson not found in the usual sources.


Continuing our reprinting of the Harvard work of George Allan England, we present “Two-Fifty An Hour - A Tragedy in One Act”  that originally appeared in the February, 1902 issue of The Harvard Illustrated Magazine.

July 2015
In Writings
Expanding our selection of stories by Baroness Orczy, this month we introduce The Baroness Orczy Collection, which includes a biography of the Baroness and links to her stories all in one place.
And, to kick off our new addition, we have reprinted the Baroness's third published story, The Traitor --a story which seems to have never been reprinted and has nothing to do with the Scarlet Pimpernel.
Lastly, in our continuing reprinting of George Allan England, we have put together another selection from his Harvard years, Illustrations: 3 Short Works that were originally written while he was a student and, like with the Orczy story, have never been reprinted.

June 2015
In Writings
The first, and chronologically the last, Mowgli story, "In the Rukh" by Rudyard Kipling as it appeared in the June, 1896 issue of McClure's Magazine with illustrations by W. A. C. Page and dual introductions by Bob Gay and Dan Neyer.

May 2015
In Writings
Two new items for your reading pleasure:
The Output of Authors - Nineteen famous authors discuss (often with tongue in cheek) their working habits and writing speed in an article from the  April, 1897 issue of Pearson's Magazine (UK).
 The Downfall of Reginald Pym by George Allan England - Another story written while he was a student at Harvard that originally appeared in  the October, 1901 issue of The Harvard Illustrated Magazine. 

April 2015
Continuing our reprinting of the works of George Allan England, we present "The Battle of Woolly Field," England's second professional sale that is based on a Civil War incident.

March 2015
In Writings
We've added a new section to our Writings section: The Arthur Conan Doyle Collection.  Here, you will find all our reprintings of Doyle's works (with more to come), along with an added tidbit or two.

But, as they say in infomercials, there's more!
We've also added a suspense story by Doyle "The Brazilian Cat", a pastiche of Sherlock Holmes, "The Adventure of the Two Collaborators" that includes an introduction describing the background of the how the story came about, and an article/interview from the August, 1892 issue of THE STRAND MAGAZINE, "A Day with Dr. Conan Doyle": a bit of insight into Doyle's life including all the original photographs that appeared with the article.

February 2015
In Writings
Continuing our look at England's life and work, we present George Allan England: the Harvard Years by Bob Gay, an in-depth look at England's years as a student at Harvard, including a bibliography of his work for The Harvard Illustrated Magazine, links to stories England wrote while a student and an overview of his first published book, Underneath the Bough.

January 2015
In Writings
The 6th, and final tale of The Chronicles of Don Q., "How Don Q. Played a Three-Cornered Game" presented as it appeared in the December, 1903 issue of Pearson's Magazine, including the Stanley Wood illustrations. 
An introduction by Dan Neyer and the translation of all foreign words and phrases are included as an added bonus.

Famous (and forgotten) Fiction is a new site featuring familiar and obscure fiction along with articles, pictures and essays.  In the Writings section, we have fiction by H. C. Bailey (the first Reggie Fortune story), Carl Stephenson, Sinclair Lewis and a large selection of Kipling, including the complete Mowgli stories and "The Man Who Would Be King."  We've also added an article about Sleeman's An Account of Wolves Nurturing Children in Their Dens, that includes a complete reprinting of the work.

In Comics, there is an overview of Superman #205 ("The Man Who Destroyed Krypton!") and a look at a Steve Ditko illustrated story that bears a strong resemblance to a well-known story by Carl Stephenson.The Pictures section starts with a group of collectible (and some not so) items and is the first of 24 collections.

The site is hoping for subscribers to keep it going and future plans call for more stories, more articles and there are a number of novels  we also intend to add to the mix.
New material will be appearing on the last Friday of each month (which means we'll have more new stuff at the end of February). 
In a few month  s, we will also be offering ebooks: on the site (in PDF) and at Amazon and B&N in their proprietary formats.

Girasol Collectables

That dreaded moment has come and the Girasol Pulp Replicas project is complete.
No NEW Replicas will be added to the catalogue.
We will, for an as yet undetermined period, be keeping the existing catalogue available.
However, we may begin retiring the less-active Replicas at any time, so don't delay if there are any you're interested in!
Contact us before ordering large quantities to confirm availability.

All of the remaining issues shown below are available now.
We'd like to thank everybody that has supported the project over the years, and we hope that the Replicas continue to provide reading and research enjoyment for years to come.
We do not anticipate taking on any other pulp reprint projects at this time and our Pulp Cover Gallery project is our only active item at present.

Girasol accepts checks, International money orders, and Paypal as methods of payment.
Other than Replicas, please confirm availability first before ordering items such as pulp magazines or other books.
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As always, these reprints are exact copies including the illustrations, ads, and back-up stories and have been printed on off-white paper, staple-bound and finished off with a high quality reproduction of the original cover.
The only thing missing is the smell (alas) and the flaking newsprint.

Email Girasol Collectables at: info@girasolcollectables.com.
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Back issues - Still available!

ALL DETECTIVE MAGAZINE  ($25 each postpaid)
#27 January 1935

BLACK MASK MAGAZINE ($35 each postpaid)
April 1920 - First issue!
June 1,1923 - The rare KKK issue

CIVIL WAR STORIES ($25 each postpaid) 
Spring 1940

DAN TURNER  ($25 each postpaid)
Dan Turner Hollywood DetectiveNo. 1 (January 1942)
Dan Turner Hollywood Detective No. 2 (April 1942)

DIME MYSTERY BOOK ($35 each postpaid)
#1 December 1932

DOCTOR DEATH  ($25 each postpaid)
#1 February 1935
#2  March 1935
#3  April 1935

DR. YEN SIN  ($35 each postpaid)
#1 May/June 1936
#2 July/August 1936
#3 September/October 1936

EERIE TALES ($20 eachpostpaid)
#1 July 1941

GOLDEN FLEECE  ($25 each postpaid)
#1 October 1938
#2 November 1938
#3 December 1938
#4 January 1939
#5  February 1939
#6  March 1939
#7  April 1939
#8 May 1939
#9 June 1939

HORROR STORIES ($35 each postpaid)
#1 January 1935
#2 February 1935

#5  July 1935

MAGIC CARPET ($25 each postpaid)
#1 January 1933
#2 April 1933
#3 July 1933
#4  October 1933
#5  January 1934

THE MYSTERIOUS WU FANG ($35 each postpaid)
#1  September 1935

#2  October 1935
#3  November 1935
#4  December 1935
#5 January 1936
#6 February 1936
#7 March 1936

November 1936 with a rare Domino Lady cover appearance

THE OCTOPUS ($35 each postpaid)
February/March 1939

OPERATOR 5  ($35 each postpaid)
#1  The Masked Invasion (April 1934)
#2  T
he Invisible Empire (May 1934)
#3  The Yellow Scourge (June 1934)
#4  The Melting Death (July 1934)
#5  Cavern of the Damned (August 1934)
#6  Master of Broken Men (September 1934)
#7  Invasion of the Dark Legions (October 1934)
#8  The Green Death Mists (November 1934)
#9  Legions of Starvation (December 1934)
#10 The Red Invader (January 1935)
The League of War Monsters (February 1935)
#12  The Army of the Dead (March 1935)
March of the Flame Marauders (April 1935)
#14 Blood Reign of the Dictator (May 1935)
#15 Invasion of the Yellow Warlords (June 1935)
#16 Legions of the Death Master (July 1935)
#17  Hosts of the Flaming Death (August 1935)
#18 Invasion of the Crimson Death Cult (September 1935)
#19 Attack of the Blizzard Men (October 1935)
#20 Scourge of the Invisible Death (November 1935)
#21 Raiders of the Red Death (December 1935)
#22  War-Dogs of the Green Destroyer
(January 1936)
#23 Rockets From Hell (February 1936)
#24  War Masters from the Orient (March 1936)
#25 Crimes Reign of Terror (April 1936)
#26 Death's Ragged Army (June-July 1936)
Patriot's Death Battalion (August-Sept. 1936)
#28 The Bloody Forty-Five Days (Oct.-Nov. 1936)

#29 America's Plague Battalions (December 1936)
#30 Liberties Suicide Legion (January 1937)
#31 Seige of the Thousand Patriots (February 1937)

#32 Patriot's Death March (March-April 1937)
#33 Revolt of the Lost Legions (May-June 1937)
#34 Drums of Destruction (July-August 1937)
#35 The Army Without a Country (Sept-Oct 1937)
#36 The Bloody Frontier (Nov-Dec 1937)
#37 The Coming of the Mongol Hordes (Jan-Feb 1938)
#38 The Seige that Brought the Black Death (Mar-Apr 1938)
#39 Revolt of the Devil Men (May-June 1938)
#40 The Suicide Battalion (July-Aug 1938)
#41 The Day of the Damned (Sept-Oct 1938)
#42 The Dawn that Shook the World (Nov-Dec 1938)
#43 When Hell Came to America (Jan-Feb 1939)
#44 Invasion from the Sky (March-April 1939)
#45 Winged Hordes of the Yellow Vulture (May-June 1939)
#46 War Tanks of the Yellow Vulture (July-Aug 1939)
#47 Corpse Cavalry of the Yellow Vulture (Sept-Oct 1939)
#48 The Army from Underground (Nov-Dec 1939)

ORIENTAL STORIES ($25 each postpaid)
#1  October / November 1930                        
#2  December 1930 / January 1931
#3  February / March 1931
#4  Spring 1931
#5  Summer 1931

#6  Autumn 1931
#7  Winter 1932

#8  Spring 1932
#9  Summer 1932

PIRATE STORIES ($25 each postpaid)
November 1934

THE PHANTOM DETECTIVE ($25 each postpaid)
February 1933

SAUCY MOVIE TALES  ($25 each postpaid)
#3   December 1935 (#1 after a title change)
#4   January 1936  (#2 after a title change)
#5   March 1936
#9   July 1936
#11 September 1936

#17 March 1937

THE SCORPION ($35 each postpaid)
April/May 1939

SOLDIER OF FORTUNE ($25 each postpaid)
October 1931

SPICY-ADVENTURE STORIES  ($25 each postpaid)
#2  November 1934 [#1 after the ashcan]
#3  December 1934
#4  January 1935
#5  February 1935

#6  March 1935
#7  April 1935
#8  May 1935
#9 June 1935
#10 July 1935
#11 August 1935
#12 September 1935
October 1935
#14 November 1935
#15 December 1935
#16 January 1936
February 1936
#18 March 1936
#19 April 1936
#20 May 1936

#21 June 1936
#22 July 1936
#23 August 1936
#24 September 1936
#25 October 1936

#26 November 1936
#27 December 1936
#28 January 1937
September 1937
December 1937

SPICY-DETECTIVE STORIES  ($25 each postpaid)
#1  May 1934
#3  July 1934
#4  August 1934
#5  September 1934
October 1934
#7  November 1934
December 1934
#9  January 1935
#10 February 1935
#11 March 1935
#12  April 1935
#13 May 1935
#14 June 1935
#15 July 1935
#16 August 1935
#17 September 1935
October 1935
#19 November 1935
#20 December 1935

#21 January 1936
#22 February 1936
#23 March 1936

#24 April 1936
#25 May 1936
#26 June 1936
#27 July 1936
#28 August 1936
#29 September 1936              
#30 October 1936
#31 November 1936
#32 December 1936
#33 January 1937

#42 October 1937
#76 August 1940

SPICY-MYSTERY STORIES  ($25 each postpaid)
#2  June 1935
#3  July 1935
#4  August 1935
#5  September 1935
#6  October 1935
#7  November 1935

#8  December 1935
#9  January 1936
#10 February 1936
#11 March 1936

#12 April 1936

#13 May 1936
#14 June 1936
#15 July 1936
August 1936
#17 ­ September 1936
#18 October 1936
#19 November 1936
#20 December 1936
January 1937
#22 February 1937
#23 March 1937
#26 June 1937

SPICY WESTERN STORIES  ($25 each postpaid)
#1  November 1936
December 1936 
#3   January 1937
#4   February 1937
#14 December 1937 

THE SPIDER  ($35 each postpaid)
#1  The Spider Strikes! (October 1933)
#2  The Wheel of Death (November 1933)
#3  Wings of the Black Death (December 1933)
#4  City of Flaming Shadows (January 1934)
#5  Empire of Doom (February 1934)
#6  Citadel of Hell (March 1934)
#7  Serpent of Destruction (April 1934)
#8  The Mad Horde (May 1934)
#9  Satan's Death Blast  (June 1934)
#10 The Corpse Cargo  (July 1934)
#11 Prince of the Red Looters (August 1934)
#12 Reign of the Silver Terror (September 1934)
#13  Builders of the Black Empire (October 1934)
#14  Death's Crimson Juggernaut (November 1934)
 The Red Death Rain (December 1934)
#16 The City Destroyer (
January 1935)

#17 The Pain Emperor  (
February 1935)

#18  The Flame Master (March 1935)
#19 Slaves of the Crime Master
(April 1935)
#20 Reign of the Death Fiddler (May 1935)
#21 Hordes of the Red Butcher (June 1935)
#22 Dragon Lord of the Underworld (July 1935)
#23 Master of the Death Madness (August 1935)
#24 King of the Red Killers (September 1935)
#25 Overlord of the Damned (October 1935)
#26 Death Reign of the Vampire King (November 1935)
#27 Emperor of the Yellow Death (December 1935)
#28 The Mayor of Hell (January 1936)
Slaves of the Murder Syndicate (February 1936)
#30 Green Globes of Death (March 1936)
#31 The Cholera King (April 1936)

#32 Slaves of the Dragon (May 1936)
#33 Legions of Madness (June 1936)
#34 Laboratory of the Damned (July 1936)
#35 Satan's Sightless Legion (August 1936)
#36 The Coming of the Terror (September 1936)
#37 The Devil's Death Dwarfs (October 1936)
#38 City of Dreadful Night (November 1936)
#39 Reign of the Snake Men (December 1936)
#40 Dictator of the Damned (January 1937)
The Mill-Town Massacres (February 1937)
#42 Satan's Workshop (March 1937)
#43 Scourge of the Yellow Fangs (April 1937)
#44 The Devil's Pawnbroker (May 1937)
Voyage of the Coffin Ship (June 1937)
#46 The Man Who Ruled in Hell (July 1937)
Slaves of the Black Monarch (August 1937)
Machine Guns Over the White House (Sept 1937)
#49 The City That Dared Not Eat (October 1937)
#50 Master of the Flaming Horde (November 1937)
#51 Satan's Switchboard (December 1937)
#52 Legion of the Accursed Light (January 1938)
The City of Lost Men (February 1938)
#54 The Grey Horde Creeps (March 1938)
City of Whispering Death (April 1938)
#56 When Thousands Slept in Hell (May 1938)
#57 Satan's Shackles (June 1938)
The Emperor from Hell (July 1938)
The Devil's Candlesticks (August 1938)
The City That Paid to Die (September 1938)
#61  The Spider at Bay (October 1938)
Scourge of the Black Legions (November 1938)
The Withering Death (December 1938)
Claws of the Golden Dragon (January 1939)
The Song of Death (February 1939)
#66  The Silver Death Rain (March 1939)
Blight of the Blazing Eye (April 1939)
King of the Fleshless Legion (May 1939)  
#69  Rule of the Monster Men (June 1939)
#70  The Spider and the Slaves of Hell (July 1939)
The Spider and the Fire God (August 1939)
#72  The Corpse Broker (September 1939)
#73  The Spider and the Eyeless Legion (Oct. 1939)
#74  The Spider and the Faceless One (Nov. 1939)
Satan's Murder Machines (December 1939)
#76  The Spider and the Pain Master (January 1940)
#77 Hell's Sales Manager (February 1940)
#78 Slaves of the Laughing Death (March 1940)

#79 The Man From Hell (April 1940)
#80 The Spider and the War Emperor (May 1940)
#81 Judgement of the Damned (June 1940)
Dictator's Death Merchants
(July 1940)
#83 Pirates From Hell (August 1940)
#84 Master of the Night-Demons (Sept. 1940)
#85 The Council of Evil (October 1940)
#86 The Spider and his Hobo Army (November 1940)
#87 The Spider and the Jewels of Hell (Dec. 1940)
#88 Harbor of Nameless Dead (January 1941)
#89 The Spider and the Slave Doctor (February 1941)
#90 The Spider and the Sons of Satan (March 1941)
#91  Slaves of the Burning Blade (April 1941)
#92  The Devil's Paymaster (May 1941)
#93 The Benevolent Order of Death (June 1941)
#94 Murder's Black Prince (July 1941)
#95 The Spider and the Scarlet Surgeon (August 1941)
#96 The Spider and the Deathless One (September1941)
#97 The Satan's Seven Swordsmen (October1941)
#98 Volunteer Corpse Brigade (November1941)
#99 The Crime Laboratory (December 1941)

#100 Death and The Spider  (January 1942)
#101 Murder's Legionaires (February 1942)
#102 The Gentleman from Hell (March 1942)
#103 Slaves of the Ring (April 1942)
#104 The Spider and the Death Piper (May 1942)
#105 Revolt of the Underworld (June 1942)
#106 Return of the Racket Kings (July 1942)

#107 Fangs of the Dragon (August 1942)
#108 Hell Rolls on the Highways (September 1942)

#109 Army of the Damned (October 1942)
#110 Zara, Master of Murder (November 1942)

#111 The Spider and the Flame King (December 1942)
#112 The Howling Death (January 1943)

#113 Secret City of Crime (February 1943)
#114 Recruit for the Spider Legion (March 1943)
#115 The Spider and the Man from Hell (June1943)
#116 The Criminal Horde (August1943)
#117 The Spider and Hell's Factory (October1943)
#118 When Satan Came to Town (December1943)

($25 each postpaid)
#2 December 1933

STRANGE STORIES  ($25 each postpaid)
#1 February 1939

STRANGE TALES  ($25 each postpaid)
#1 September 1931
#2 November 1931
#3 January 1932
#4  March 1932
#5 June 1932
#6 October 1932
#7 January 1933

TERROR TALES  ($35 each postpaid)
#1  September 1934
#2  October 1934
#3  November 1934
#4  December 1934
#5  January 1935
#6  February 1935
#7 March1935
#8 April 1935

#9 May 1935
#10 June 1935
#11 July 1935
#12  August 1935
September 1935
#14  October 1935
#15  November 1935
#16  December 1935
#17 January 1936
#18 February 1936
March 1936
#20 April 1936
#21 May 1936
#22 June 1936
July/Aug 1936
Sept-Oct 1936
#25 Nov-Dec 1936

#26 Jan-Feb 1937

#27 March-April 1937
#28 May-June 1937
July-August 1937
#30 September-October 1937

#31 November-December 1937
#32 January-February 1938
#33 March-April 1938
#34 May-June 1938

#35 July-August 1938
#36 September-October 1938
#37 November-December 1938
#38 January-February 1939
#39 March-April 1939
#40 May-June 1939

#41 July-August 1939
#42 September-October 1939
#43 November/December 1939

#44 January/February 1940
#45 March/ April 1940
#46 May/June 1940
#47 July 1940
#48 September 1940
#49 November 1940

#50 January 1941
#51 March 1941

THRILLING MYSTERY ($25 each postpaid)
#1 October 1935

WEIRD TALES  ($35 each postpaid)
#1  March 1923
#2  April 1923
#4  June 1923

#5  July/August 1923
#6  September 1923
#7  October 1923

#8   November 1923

#9   December 1923/January 1924 
#10  February 1924
#11  March 1924
#12  April 1924
#13  Anniversary Issue May/June/July/24 ($50)
#14  November 1924 - One of the rarest WT's
#15  December 1924

#16  January 1925
#17 February 1925
March 1925
#19 April 1925
#20 May 1925
#21 June 1925
#22  July 1925
#23  August 1925
 September 1925
#25  October 1925
#26  November 1925
December 1925
#28 January 1926
#29 February 1926
#30 March 1926
#31  April 1926
#32  May 1926
#33  June 1926
#34  July 1926
#35  August 1926
#36  September 1926
#37 October 1926
#38 November 1926
#39 December 1926
#40  January 1927
#53  February 1928
#59  August 1928
#96 December 1931
#107 November 1932
#108 December 1932
#111 March 1933
#114 June 1933

#115 July 1933
#117 September 1933
#118 October 1933
#121 January 1934
#124 April 1934
May 1934
#128 August 1934
#129 September 1934
#131 November 1934
#130 October 1934
#132 December 1934
#134 February 1935
#135 March 1935
#143 November 1935
#151 July 1936
#152 August 1936
#153 October 1936
#173 June 1938

Girasol Collectables
Pulp Cover Gallery Editions
Now available!

Girasol has launched a new series of deluxe hardcover editions which feature full sets of top quality cover scans of various pulp titles.
These numbered Limited Edition volumes of 300 copies each are designed to present the cover art in all its glory.
The interior pages are 8.5"x11", full color throughout, 130+ pages.

Each book in the series has a mix of full page scans, size as to the original pulps, as well as some 4 per page and 6 per page.
The exterior is made from bonded leather, with a small color cover inset on the front of an issue-of-interest from the interior.
There is a brief introduction about the cover art and artists, as well as a title checklist with issue number, date, and cover artist if known.

Pulp Cover Gallery Volume 1 – WEIRD TALES  - $130




Please note that the cover inset may not be exactly as shown in the image at the right.


The Golden Age - Now online!

ERB-dom #1-#15 ~ 1960-1966 ~ Art by Jeff Jones, Roy Krenkel, Reed Crandall, Frank Frazetta and others!
- New!
Jeff Jones ~ I am A Barbarian by Edgar Rice Burroughs - New!
Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ Misc Titles - New!
Edgar Rice Burroughs ~ The Westerns - New!
Michael W. Kaluta ~ Carson of Venus - New!
Roy G. Krenkel ~ Tales of Three Planets by Edgar Rice Burroughs - New!
The Venus Series by Edgar Rice Burroughs - New!
Michael W. Kaluta ~ Pellucidar
Frank Frazetta ~ The Canaveral Portfolio ~ At The Earth's Core

Roy G. Krenkel ~ Land of Terror by Edgar Rice Burroughs
The Pellucidar Series by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Reed Crandall ~ The witzend Edgar Rice Burroughs Portfolio

Gotham Pulp Collectors Club
3rd Saturday of every month

 Gotham Pulp Collectors Club is a club for pulp collectors to meet in the NYC/Metro area.
It meets the 3rd Saturday of every month.
Check the website at the link below for exact time and place information.

Name:  Gotham Pulp Collectors Club
Time: 1-5 PM
Muhlenberg Library on West 23rd Street.

Contact:  Mark Halegua at msh@pulps1st.com

Gotham Pulp Collectors Club

Haffner Press
The Watcher at the Door: The Early Kuttner, Volume Two
Now available for pre-order!

Edited by Stephen Haffner
Foreword by Robert A. Madle
Introduction by Dr. Garyn G. Roberts
Cover Art by Jon Arfstrom
700+ page Hardcover

Before his marriage to (and subsequent collaborations with) Catherine L. Moore, Henry Kuttner was a frequent contributor to the pulp magazines that specialized in the weird, supernatural, horror, and science fiction genre. Beginning in 1936, with the minor classic “The Graveyard Rats,” Kuttner launched a steady stream of short stories aimed at Weird Tales, Strange Stories, Thrilling Mystery, and others.

Writing for Weird Tales brought Kuttner into direct correspondence with that magazine’s premier contributor. H. P. Lovecraft. Kuttner set several stories in Lovecraft’s “Cthulhu Mythos” and two are presented in THE WATCHER AT THE DOOR: “Hydra” and “The Hunt.”

At this point in his still-young career, Kuttner had cracked the science fiction market and was steadily publishing in Thrilling Wonder Stories, Fantastic Adventures, Science Fiction, and made his first sale to the new prestigious fantasy magazine, UNKNOWN.

In the course of writing the stories collected in this volume, Kuttner married Catherine Lucille Moore on June 7, 1940 (in New York with artist Virgil Finlay as Best Man).
THE WATCHER AT THE DOOR is the second volume in a three-volume “Early Kuttner” set collecting many of Kuttner’s earliest stories, most of which have never been reprinted.

For those of you that missed on getting a copy of Volume One:
For a limited time, Haffner Press is offering the out-of-print TERROR IN THE HOUSE as a combo with preorders of THE WATCHER AT THE DOOR.
Take advantage of this great offer at the link below.

You can also pre-order THE WATCHER AT THE DOOR along with THE COMPLETE IVY FROST and THE MICHAEL GRAY MYSTERIES for #125 and receive a Bonus Chapbook and free shipping. Take advantage of this offer at the Haffner Press Homepage at the link below.

Haffner Press
The Complete Ivy Frost
by Donald Wandrei

Cover Art by Raymond Swanland
Now available for pre-order!

It may come as a surprise to some that Donald Wandrei wrote more mysteries than all his horror, fantasy, and science fiction tales combined. This volume collects all eighteen adventures of Wandrei’s ratiocinative detective I.V. Frost, who is ably assisted by his beautiful and tough female assistant, Jean Moray. A scientist and inventor, Frost has his own approach to solving mysteries. Rather than following the usual hard-drinking, trench-coated style of many of his contemporaries, Frost’s strategy was to mix the logic of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes with the technology of Lester Dent’s Doc Savage. In 2000, D.H. Olson edited a volume published by Fedogan and Bremer collecting the first eight of Frost’s adventures. A second volume of the remaining 10 tales was promised but never materialized.


Haffner Press
The Michael Gray Mysteries
C.L. Moore & Henry Kuttner

Now available for pre-order!

Edited by Stephen Haffner Introduction by Ed Gorman Cover Art by Lawrence Noble
A massive omnibus of four novels from the late 1950s all featuring the amateur sleuthing of San Francisco psychoanalyst Michael Gray.

The Murder of Eleanor Pope —Psychoanalyst Michael Gray leads police to a three-time killer!
The Murder of Ann Avery —Psychoanalyst solves brutal slaying!
Murder of a Mistress —Psychoanalyst Michael Gray solves the killing of a girl who knew too much about too many men who had too damned much to lose.
Murder of a Wife —Marked for Murder! No one believed her—not even the police!


Haffner Press Status Update:
Nearly everything is in hand to bring this 4-novel omnibus to you.
Once we have Fredric Brown's MURDER DRAWS A CROWD under our belt and out in the wild, this is the next title to go to press.
NOTE: this title is part of a 3-book combo of Horror & Detective titles that features an exclusive chapbook. See the Haffner Press homepage for details.

Haffner Press
(Writer) Fredric Brown, Jack Seabrook (Cover) Norman Saunders
Now available for pre-order!
Expected to debut at the Windy City Pulp and Paper Show on April 17!

A massive fix of liquor-fueled murder, smoke-clouded mystery, and hard-hitting revenge from the author of The Screaming Mimi and The Fabulous Clipjoint. This archival-quality hardcover assembles 38 incredibly rare stories from 1938-1942, with the original Pulp artwork from such magazines as Thrilling Detective, Masked Detective, Detective Fiction Weekly, and more. This is the book Fredric Brown fans have been waiting for!

Hardcover, 6x9, 744 pages, B&W, $40.00

Haffner Press Status Update
 Look for this 744-page bundle of awesome to debut at the Windy City Pulp and Paper Show on April 17th.
Check out the ordering page for MURDER DRAWS A CROWD for a sneak-peek at some of the interior illustrations and the decorated endpapers.

Please be aware that the price on publication will be $45, so you can save $5 by preordering at $40.

Haffner Press

Hard Case Crime
Coming this month!

The longest-running series from Max Allan Collins, author of Road to Perdition, and the first ever to feature a hitman as the main character, the Quarry novels tell the story of a paid assassin with a rebellious streak and an unlikely taste for justice. Once a Marine sniper, Quarry found a new home stateside with a group of contract killers. But some men aren’t made for taking orders—and when Quarry strikes off on his own, god help the man on the other side of his nine-millimeter...

QUARRY comes to Cinemax in Fall 2015
The original Quarry novels return to bookstores for the first time in 30 years
Featuring cover paintings by the legendary Robert McGinnis

Max Allan Collins
Cover art by Robert McGinnis


The assignment was simple: stake out the man’s home and kill him. Easy work for a professional like Quarry. But when things go horribly wrong, Quarry finds himself with a new mission: learn who hired him, and make the bastard pay.

Max Allan Collins
Cover art by Robert McGinnis


Putting his plan in motion to target other hitmen, Quarry follows one from steamy Florida to the sober Midwest. But this killer isn’t a man at all—she’s a sloe-eyed beauty, as dangerous in bed as she is deadly on the job. Has Quarry finally met his match?

Max Allan Collins
Cover art by Robert McGinnis


When the man he worked for abruptly exits the business, Quarry finds himself in the crosshairs as a rival tries to take over. But what does Quarry have that the new man wants? And how did the beautiful blonde in the swimming pool become a target?

Max Allan Collins
Cover art by Robert McGinnis


Now retired and happily married, Quarry turns down a million-dollar contract to assassinate a presidential candidate. It’s not the sort of assignment you can just walk away from without consequences—but coming after Quarry has consequences, too.

Horrified Press - Now available!

The Fall of Cthulhu
 An Anthology of Mythos Fiction

They say that when the "stars are right" he will return and usher in a new age and the Elder Gods will reign once again.
H.P.L. drops a few hints that Cthulhu might not be returning during mankind's time on Earth.
What could possibly stop him from awakening from his aeons old sleep? Or thwart his plans?

Paperback: 170 pages
Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
List Price: $13.86

Horrified Press - Now available!

The Fall of Cthulhu Volume II
 An Anthology of Mythos Fiction
They say that when the "stars are right" he will return and usher in a new age and the elder gods will reign once again.
H.P.L drops a few hints that Cthulhu may not return during mankind's time on Earth.
In this second installment we return to a world on the brink, where the unthinkable - the unnameable - could lurk just around the corner.

Paperback: 184 pages
Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
List Price: $13.97


Horrified Press - Now available!

Swords against Cthulhu
 An Anthology of Sword & Mythos Fiction

Swords against Cthulhu, an anthology of sword and sorcery/Cthulhu Mythos crossovers.
Mighty thewed barbarians battle alien wizardry and cosmic terror in a blind, unreasoning universe where only the strong survive

Paperback: 156 pages
Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
List Price: $13.87

Horrified Press   Amazon.com   Lulu  

Horrified Press - Now available!

Barbarian Crowns
 A Robert E. Howard Tribute Anthology

Join the authors of Barbwire Butterfly Books, as they lay down a world based on the fictional lands of legendary writer Robert E. Howard.
Barbarians takes swords to hand, as quests are forged with resolve and are successful by the cut of steel to flesh.
These are the eras of man yet unspoken of, the times of legend and lore relayed to you now in the pages of this anthology.
These are the tales of those strong enough to rise above the rest -- to earn themselves the right to claim their Barbarian Crown.

Paperback: 222 pages
Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
List Price: $13.78

Horrified Press - Now available!

October's End
An Anthology of Halloween Tales

Summer has shed its kin by the time October comes to town. Frost is in the air, twilight lingers and the nights loom over the shortened days.
Nature displays the dying of the year with a explosion of color. The nights are darker and the stars are clearer.
Belief is, that the wall between the worlds is at it's thinnest during this season and on the 31st of October it's even possible to cross over in both directions.
We simultaneously hope and dread that we will catch a glimpse of or come in contact with the dead, undead, those who never lived, and the undying.
We all love Halloween. Of all nights of the year, Halloween is the one where we hope that the impossible can be made possible and unreal can become real.
It's the day where our deepest fears and wishes take on flesh. On Halloween our souls cry out "Scare us! Show us Fear! Makes us BELIEVE!"
We wear masks not to hide, for that is an illusion, but to reveal our true selves. It is the one day where we find the courage to laugh at Death.

Paperback: 100 pages
Product Dimensions: 5.8 x 8.3 inches
List Price: $13.86


Howard Andrew Jones - Now online!

The Coming of Conan Re-Read: “Xuthal of the Dusk”  - New!
Jerry Schneider Enterprises
Now available!


Lieutenant Gulliver Jones, U. S. N., arrived on Mars in a most unexpexected fashion and promptly found himself head-over-heels in adventure. For Mars was a planet of ruined cities, ancient peoples, copper-skinned swordsmen, and weird and awesome monsters. There was a princess to be rescued, a River of Death to be navigated, and a strange prophecy to be fulfilled.

Here is a long-lost classic of interplanetary adventure which some science-fiction experts think may have helped to inspire the immortal Edgar Rice Burroughs. Though by no means a Burroughs novel, everyone who has ever enjoyed a novel of Barsoom will find Edwin L. Arnold's Gulliver of Mars a special reading delight.

Trade Paperback
310 pages

JUSTICE INC.: THE AVENGER #5 - Arriving in comic shops October 7!  
Writer: Mark Waid, Christopher Sequeira
Art: Ronilson Freire
Cover: Francesco Francavilla

Beginning “THE FACES OF FEAR!” Richard Benson, the Avenger, is the world’s foremost master of disguise–but when the man who taught him the art of deception comes to him in desperate need of help, what surprising facts will we learn about Benson’s own past?

Full color, 32 pages, $3.99

The Len Levinson Collection - Now available!

Destroyer Books is proud to present the Len Levinson Collection. These six books are tough, honest, and just plain good. Often unexpectedly funny, and always surprising, these books are the best books you’ve never read.

Len Levinson is a master of understanding what makes characters tick. Whether it’s a tough-as-nails sergeant in World War Two (Doom Platoon) or a vicious serial killer (Without Mercy), you’ll come to know Len’s characters as well as you know a close friend.

We jumped at the chance to publish these books because we believe that good books deserve to be read. We’re very proud of them, and hope you enjoy them too.

The Bar Studs
In the "Anything Goes" era of the 1970s, Manhattan's stunning nightlife is seen through the eyes of six bartenders:

Adrian, whose establishment provides whatever high anyone may be looking for
Johnny, whose good looks the wild young women he serves find irresistible
Leo, master of the East Side pick-up joint where everyone finds a partner except Leo himself
Teddy, star bartender at a Village gay bar simmering with pent-up violence
Jake, a Bowery holdout whose cynicism is a deadlier weapon than any gun
Houlihan, who sees nightly the ugly underbelly of high society from his perch behind the bar of the Plaza Hotel's fashionable Oak Room

This new edition of the cult classic from Len Levinson—heralded as a "trash genius" by Paperback Fanatic magazine—features an all-new afterword by the author.

Doom Platoon
During the first hours of the massive Nazi attack known to history as the Battle of the Bulge, a platoon of American soldiers finds itself on the wrong side of the ferocious Panzer Lehr Division, charged with capturing a major oil depot. The Yanks face a hard choice: stop the Germans—or die trying.

The first war novel from underground cult favorite Len Levinson—called a "trash genius" by Paperback Fanatic magazine—Doom Platoon is a gritty, violent classic that gives new meaning to the phrase "war is Hell."

With all-new afterword from the author!

Inside Job
Four down-on-their-luck cops cook up a plan to rip off the NYPD Property room, bulging with millions in recovered cash, drugs, jewels, furs, and other valuables. But can New York's Finest pull off the perfect crime? Or will the Brothers in Blue be caught red-handed?

From cult favorite Len Levinson—called a "trash genius" by Paperback Fanatic magazine—comes a taut, high-tension adventure that grabs you from the first page and doesn't let go.

With all-new afterword from the author!

The Goering Treasure
Reich Marshall Herman Goering plundered an estimated $50 million in jewels and gold during the years of the Third Reich. Now, as World War Two is rapidly coming to a close, everyone wants to find it. Die-hard Nazi fanatics who hope to use it to finance the next Reich in South America...America's Office of Strategic Services, whose operatives are ordered to find it or die trying...a gang of cutthroat German gangsters...and some crazy ambitious women with their own agendas. From underground cult favorite Len Levinson—called a "trash genius" by Paperback Fanatic magazine—comes a gripping tale of action, adventure, and betrayal, where the only thing that's certain is that nothing is certain.

Featuring an all-new afterword by the author, The Goering Treasure is back in print for the first time in more than three decades!

Without Mercy
In a city full of lunatics, perverts, and drug addicts, Detective First Grade Danny Rackman must track down a twisted killer who’s murdering hookers and sex show performers in the lurid Times Square of the 1970s. But the more Danny struggles to understand the man he’s hunting, the more he realizes that he shares many of his quarry’s characteristics. In the end, is he tracking himself?

Cult classic author Len Levinson—called a “trash genius” by Paperback Fanatic magazine—delivers a terrifying insight into the mind of evil.

Featuring an all-new afterword from the author, Without Mercy will leave you breathless.

Operation Perfidia
Career CIA agent David Brockman is sentenced to eight brutal years in prison after an assignment goes awry. Now free at last, he is obsessed with discovering who set him up, why the agency never sprang him, why his beautiful Cuban wife—also a CIA spy—abandoned him, and why his own government, even now, is doing everything it can to prevent him from remembering what really happened.

From acclaimed, cult-classic author Len Levinson, this brand-new edition of Operation Perfidia features a shocking new ending, a new afterword by the author, and more twists and turns than you ever thought possible.

The Fiendish World of Sax Rohmer
Edited by Phil Baker & Antony Clayton
Now available!

Forever associated with his creation of evil genius Dr Fu Manchu, a Chinese super-criminal scheming to destroy Western civilisation, Sax Rohmer (1883-1959) was the king of pulp exotica. At the height of his fame Rohmer was one of the most popular writers on the planet, but now he is largely remembered for outrageous attitudes and lurid Chinaphobia. Lord of Strange Deaths approaches Rohmer with something more than routine disapproval, and instead brings out the complexity and historical significance of his work.

This is the first extended attempt to do justice to Rohmer, and it ranges across the spectrum of his output from music-hall writing to Theosophy. Contributors focus on subjects including Egyptology, 1890s decadence, Edwardian super-villains, graphic novels, cinema, the French Situationists, Chinese dragon ladies, and the Arabian Nights. The result is a testimony to the enduring fascination and relevance of Rohmer’s absurd, sinister and immensely atmospheric world.

Contributions from:
Jean Augris • Phil Baker • Clive Bloom • Antony Clayton • Gary Dickinson • Christopher Fowler • Christopher Frayling • Paul French • Robert Irwin • Lawrence Knapp • Gary Lachman • Roger Luckhurst • Alan Moore • Steve Moore • Kim Newman • Kevin O’Neill • Mark Valentine • Anne Witchard.

Sewn HB 400 pages, 8 pages colour plates
£25 +p&p (£5 UK, £10 EU. £15 ROW)
210mm x 148mm
500 copies, available now

Lovecraft's Southern Vacation: A Robert E. Howard LitCrit TriplePunchPack! - Now available!
by Brian Leno (Author), Don Herron (Introduction)

Lovecraft’s Southern Vacation collects the crème de la crème of Cimmerian Award-winning essayist Brian Leno’s Robert E. Howard criticism together for the first time under one set of covers, with an Introduction and Afterword by Don Herron.

The title essay rocked standard perceptions of a classic supernatural tale that everyone thought they knew inside and out — as Leno took Howard’s “Pigeons from Hell” and showed convincingly how it satirized the New England horror fiction of H. P. Lovecraft.

Then Leno took to the texts again to investigate one of the long-standing puzzles of Howard’s life: Did he or did he not see the 1933 film King Kong before his death in 1936?

And trust to Leno to come up with an unexpected source for Howard’s popular tale “The Frost-Giant’s Daughter,” featuring the Texan’s most famous creation, Conan the barbarian.

If you enjoy Howardian litcrit, Leno’s got the knack.

Print Length: 56 pages
Kindle Price:    $2.99

THE MADNESS OF CTHULHU (Volume Two) - Coming October 20!
by S. T. Joshi (Editor)

Recognized as Lovecraft’s masterpiece of terror, At the Mountains of Madness has ​ for decades inspired dread in ​ his readers and sparked the imaginations of the most hallowed practitioners of fantastic fiction. Taking the essence of his horrific vision, these modern masters have crafted new tales of the fantastic...

Featuring never-before- seen tales by


Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Titan Books; Annotated edition
Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 0.9 x 8 inches
List Price: $15.95
Pre-order Price: $11.96

MASKS 2 #7 (OF 8)  - Arriving in comic shops October 7!  
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Art: Eman Casallos
Covers: Butch Guice and Jae Lee

In this issue, the machinations of the Red Death have scattered the masked heroes of three eras into the time stream. Now, wildly altered versions of the heroes have reunited for one last campaign to defeat the Red Death and save all of reality.

Full color, 32 pages, $3.99

Meteor House
THE SONG OF KWASIN by Christopher Paul Carey
First ever stand-alone hardcover edition coming in December!

Meteor House is pleased to announce the first-ever standalone edition of Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey’s critically acclaimed novel The Song of Kwasin, the third volume of the Khokarsa series. The Song of Kwasin previously appeared only in an expensive hardcover omnibus collecting the first three novels of the Khokarsa series and it has never been published alone in its own volume! So if you’ve read Hadon of Ancient Opar and Flight to Opar, and have been waiting for the epic climax to Philip José Farmer’s original Khokarsa trilogy, this new Meteor House edition—available as both an affordable trade paperback and a collectible signed limited edition hardcover—is your chance to finally read the thrilling, adventure-packed third book!

Meteor House’s new edition of The Song of Kwasin also features cover art and a frontispiece by Hugo Award-winning artist Bob Eggleton as well as rare and previously unpublished bonus materials, including:

A brand-new introduction by noted author and critic Paul Di Filippo*
A Preface to the New Edition by Christopher Paul Carey *
“Kwasin and the Bear God” by Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey (a 20,000-word novella featuring a lost adventure of Kwasin)
The Khokarsan Calendar by Philip José Farmer**
The Plants of Khokarsa by Philip José Farmer**
A Guide to Khokarsa by Christopher Paul Carey (expanded from the guide in the Restored Edition of Flight to Opar)
Notes on the Khokarsa Series by Philip José Farmer*
Philip José Farmer’s Original Outline to The Song of Kwasin**
Philip José Farmer’s Alternate Outline to The Song of Kwasin*
Correspondence by Philip José Farmer to Frank J. Brueckel and John Harwood, authors of “Heritage of the Flaming God,” the monumental essay that inspired the Khokarsa series*
* Never before published.
** Only previously available in an out-of-print and extremely hard-to-find signed limited edition.

US $22 tpb/$33 hc
5.5 × 8.5, 400+ pages
Unlimited Trade Paperback Edition
Signed Limited Edition Hardcover (Signed by Christopher Paul Carey)

Moonstone Books
Now available in the Moonstone bookstore!
Coming to comic shops October 21!

The Green Lama returns in Adam Lance Garcia's thrilling new novel, fully authorized by Kendell Foster Crossen's Estate, The Green Lama: Crimson Circle. After defeating the Great Old One Cthulhu, the Green Lama and Jean Farrell are faced with their most dangerous enemy, a deadly assassin known only as Omega, who is systematically kidnapping and killing their allies. Attacked on all sides, they must face the truth: Sometimes, the greatest evil comes from within!

160 pages, 6 x 9, $14.95

The New Pulp Heroes - Now online!
Tom Johnson has started a new Blog for authors who have created new pulp heroes.

The Challenger
The Interceptor

Off-Trail Publications - Now available!

by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson
Introductions by Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson and John Locke

Before he was a comic-book pioneer, Major Malcolm-Wheeler Nicholson wrote adventure tales for the great pulp magazines—and no run-of-the-mill pulp fiction was it. The Major served as a cavalry officer on the southwest border during the Mexican Revolution. While the First World War raged in Europe, he fought the Moro insurgency in the southern Philippines. Then followed his strangest assignment, conducting espionage in legendarily hostile Siberia. After the war he was stationed in Western Europe. These places became the settings for the majority of his hardboiled adventure stories. His use of authentic detail, combined with his superior storytelling ability, make his stories difficult to put down. You read one of the Major’s entrancing tales—and your imagination is transported back to those real places of danger and daring!

This inaugural collection of the Major’s fiction includes stories set in all four of his real-life arenas, originally published in top adventure pulps: Adventure, Argosy, The Popular Magazine. It is time for the Major to receive his due—as one of the genuine larger-than-life men of the pulps. Included is an in-depth introduction by Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, the Major’s granddaughter.

“Yes, Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson is one of the very, very few people responsible for the birth of the comic book industry as the visionary founder of what we today call DC Comics. And, yes, Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson is one of the very, very few people responsible for giving the world Superman.”

Michael Uslan,
Executive Producer of all the Batman movies,
Comic book historian, and author of his memoir, The Boy Who Loved Batman.

“Not many adventure writers can claim to have based their stories on their own exploits. Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson could—and because of it, his evocations of heroism and combat have a believability and a personal depth unlike anything else in pulp fiction.”

Gerard Jones,
Author of Men of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters and the Birth of the Comic Book.

6x9-inch perfect bound; 264 pages, $20.00

Checkout  earlier titles by clicking on the link below.


OLD MARS - Now available!

Collected by #1 New York Times bestselling author George R. R. Martin and award-winning editor Gardner Dozois, this anthology of fifteen all-original stories by science fiction's top talents celebrates the Golden Age of Science Fiction, an era filled with tales of interplanetary colonization and derring-do.

Featuring stories by Allen M. Steele, Matthew Hughes,David D. Levine, S. M. Stirling,Mary Rosenblum, Mike Resnick, Liz Williams, Howard Waldrop, James S. A. Corey, Melinda Snodgrass, Michael Moorcock, Phyllis Eisenstein, Joe R. Lansdale, Chris Roberson, and Ian McDonald.

Winner of the 2014 Locus Award for Best Anthology

Paperback: 512 pages
Publisher: Titan Books Ltd
Product Dimensions: 7.8 x 1.5 x 5.2 inches

Paperback Perils - Now online!

Tarzan Alive (Philip Jose Farmer, 1972)
Barbarian Crowns (Barbwire Butterfly Books/Horrified Press, 2015)
First Seas and Other Tales (Frank Schildiner, Pro Se Productions, 2014)
Iron and Bronze (Win Scott Eckert and Christopher Paul Carey, 2009)

Perils On Planet Perils On Planet X - Now online!

Perils On Planet X is a swashbuckling adventure on a lost planet… join Colonel Donovan Hawke of Terra as he travels through time and space to the ancient emerald world of Xylos – home of vicious reptilian predators, ruthless strato-pirates, beautiful princesses, and innumerable fantastic dangers!
Perils On Planet X is high adventure on alien worlds – classic space opera in the  Burroughs and Alex Raymond traditions, revived for a new millennium!
The adventure begins today at the link below!

Fall is almost upon us, and that means the annual NJ Pulp Adventurecon draws near--an afternoon of pawing through boxes of pulp magazines, vintage paperbacks, vintage movie memoribilia, golden age comics and more! (Just like it says in the banner, but we couldn't resist repeating ourselves!)

You'll find fifty tables of swell swag at this show -- last year Robert Gould, son of pulp artist John Fleming Gould, visited and brought several magnificent pieces of original artwork for display and sale. Brendan Faulkner had his usual extensive selection of vintage movies, some of which are so rare the actors and crew don't even remember them! Gary Lovisi, the leader at Gryphon Publishing and hand-on-the-crank at Paperback Parade magazine, had his usual fine publications, and John Gunnison of Adventure House had his usual extensive stock of vintage and rare pulp magazines. Mala Mastroberte, our favorite pin-up model, was present ... and that's good enough for us, but Mala also had a selection of photos, books, and photo postcards.

For more information, watch this page (and the other pages), and join our mailing list by using the link below. While you're signing up, you might even click the link for Bold Venture Press and take a gander at our pulp reprints and new, pulp-inspired fiction by authors like Richard A. Lupoff, Gary Lovisi, John Wooley, and others.

Ramada Inn
1083 Route 206
Bordentown, New Jersey
(Just off New Jersey turnpike Exit 7)

Pulp Crazy - Now online!

Is He in Hell? by Win Scott Eckert - New!
PulpFest 2015 Convention Report  
The Farmerian Tarzan-
Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan

Pulp Den - Now online!

To Die A Stranger  - New!
Detective Fiction - New!
Guest Post by Diana Rubino BOOTLEG BROADWAY - New!
The Long Cold - New!
The Collaborator Affair - New!
The Carnival of Death  - New!
Real Dangerous Plan
Valentine's Day  
Killer's Law
The Mad Money Caper
         Pulp Den  

Pulp Flakes - Now online!
A new pulp blog on pulp magazines, authors and their stories, adventure and detective pulps.

R.W. Daly - Seeker of the Deep
Adventure, July 1952 - review
Pulp Artist's site: Gloria Stoll Karn

Pulp Magazines Project - Now online!

Publishing legends The Black Mask (1920), Weird Tales (1923), and Amazing Stories (1926) are considered so “extremely rare and valuable” that the U.S. Library of Congress houses its collection of 277 issues in Washington, D.C.’s Rare Book and Special Collections Division—along with the personal libraries of Presidents, medieval and Renaissance manuscripts, and one of only three known perfect copies of the Gutenberg Bible in existence. With its latest addition of 4 issues of The Black Mask (Aug. & Sept. 1920; Dec. 1921; and Apr. 1922), the Pulp Magazines Project has made all 3 classic titles available together—for the first time—in high-quality, cover-to-cover digital editions.

Also available at the Pulp Magazines Project, new issues of the iconic “weird menace” pulp, Dime Mystery Magazine (Apr. 1938 and Sept. 1946); Adventure (Jul. 1, 1928; feat. Walt Coburn’s “The Man Who Hated Himself”); Western Story (Jul. 27, 1940); Detective Story (May 1938; feat. Zorro-creator Johnston McCulley’s “Thubway Tham’s Thothial Thecurity”); and histories of both The Black Mask (E.R. Hagemann; UCLA) and Dime Mystery Magazine (Emily Sisler; University of West Florida).

The Pulp Magazines Project is an open-access digital archive dedicated to the study and preservation of one of the twentieth century's most influential literary & artistic forms: the all-fiction pulpwood magazine. The Project also provides information on the history of this important but long neglected medium, along with biographies of pulp authors, artists, and their publishers.

At the heart of the Project's mission is the archive itself. In summer 2011, it began with a modest library of five representative first-generation pulp titles from the early twentieth century. Over time, the archive will expand, new magazines will be digitized, and contextual materials added. Eventually, the archive will feature a broad range of pre-1923 titles, post-1923 titles where copyright has lapsed, and full volume runs of select titles from 1896 to 1946.

The Project is dedicated to fostering ties between communities of collectors, fans, and academics devoted to pulp magazines, and will offer opportunities for research and collaboration to both scholars and enthusiasts alike. We will provide information on upcoming conferences and conventions, and promote new working relationships between academics and the hundreds of pulp fans and collectors beyond the college and university.

The Pulp.Net  - Now online!
The Pulp.Net features two ongoing blogs!

Pulp Super-Fan blog written by Michael R. Brown and the long-running Yellowed Perils written by William Lampkin.

Pulp Super-Fan blog by Michael R. Brown

Dime Novel Cover Series revisited - New!
Fanzine focus: ‘Pulp Adventures’ #18
Fanzine update: ‘Blood ‘n’ Thunder’ #45
New stories of The Purple Scar
Ravenwood: The novel

Yellowed Perils by William Lampkin

The 2015 Doc Savage movie — or not
- New!
Showtime for the Continental Op - New!
The Mars in my mind
Who read the pulps in 1937?
The ultimate Tarzan playset
The biggest Doc Con yet
Pulp Newsgroups - Now online!
There are numerous pulp newsgroups that are of potential interest to pulp fans. 
Information on several of these groups and a link to sign up is posted below.

Abraham Merritt:
This group is dedicated to all of the fiction of ABRAHAM MERRITT. Merritt's novels, short stories, paperbacks, hardcovers, pulps, reprints, and any movies based on these works can all be discussed here. Also, any artwork from any of the above pertaining to Merritt's writing can be discussed and displayed. If interested, questions and statements about other authors that copied or imitated Merritt's style can be posted.  

CoverUps: Sharing and trading of Pulp Fiction covers. Discussion not only allowed, but encouraged! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Cover_Ups/

Doc Con:
  The annual Doc Savage Convention gathered together for the first time on October 24, 1998. The convention also known as Doc Con is the brainchild of Rob Smalley who together with Jay Ryan, Paul Cook and Courtney Rogers have hosted the event each year in Arizona. Traditionally held the second Saturday of each November, Doc Con attracts residents from around the country, for a weekend of planned Doc Savage events as well as discussions and camaraderie. Follow along with the planning each year by participating in this group.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Doc_Con/

 Burroughs Group:
This group is dedicated to the study and appreciation of one of the greatmasters of literary adventure,  Burroughs (1875-1950). Creator of numerous famous characters, such as Tarzan, Carson Napier, and John Carter of Mars, and exciting worlds, such as Venus, Barsoom, and Pellucidar, Burroughs is widely recognized as one of the fathers of the Pulp Era and modern heroic fiction.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/edgarriceburroughs/

FictionMags: The purpose of this mailing list is to discuss the history of fiction magazines, and to exchange information about magazines which have carried fiction, past or present. Particular emphases are on the "Gaslight" magazines of circa 1880-1914, the pulp magazines of the first half of the 20th century, the "Big Slick" magazines of the mid-20th century, the digest-sized magazines of the 1950s and 1960s -- and any other areas of magazine publishing which have been important for fiction. Discussion may cover aspects of the publishing history of the magazines concerned, their editors and editorial policies, the authors they published, and so on.


Flearun: This group is for fans of all the incarnations of Doc Savage. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/flearun/

H.R. Haggard: This group is dedicated to one of the greatest of adventure/fantasy writers , H.R. Haggard.

Justice Inc.: This group is dedicated to the [1940's pulp version] of Richard Benson and his group of crime fighting adventurers , Justice Inc. Everything about this group can be discussed [ comics, pulps, radio shows, paperbacks, current news]also if anyone is interested in Paul Ernst---In the roaring heart of the crucible...... http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JUSTICEINC/

Otis Adelbert Kline: This group is devoted to Otis Adelbert Kline. His works in the science fiction, weird and historical fiction genre and his general biography can also be discussed here.
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Pulp Swap Group:  Place your swappable pulps and digest, plus wants, in the file section or individual messages. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PulpSwap/

REH Comics Group: This group is dedicated to the characters created by Robert E Howard that have appeared in comic book form from Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Cross Plains Comics, Dynamite Entertainment etc. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheREHcomicsgroup/

Vintage Paperbacks:  A forum for readers and collectors of classic paperback books, primarily from the "vintage era" of 1939 to 1960 (roughly speaking). Ace Doubles, Dell Mapbacks, L.A. Bantams, Gold Medal, Avon, Handibooks, and many more - we cover them all. Discussion of all genres is welcome and we particularly want to hear about any rare and unusual paperbacks or stories *about* paperbacks that you might be able to share. We discuss the cover artists, the writers, the publishers, and anyone and everyone connected with the great world of vintage paperback books. Read a great old book lately? Come on in and tell us about it! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/VintagePaperbacks/

Western Pulps: This list is dedicated to the discussion of Western pulp magazines -- the characters, the authors, the stories, the paperback reprints, and anything else connected with Western pulps. Though the primary emphasis is on pulps, we also discuss non-pulp Western novels, movies, comics, etc. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WesternPulps/

THE SAINT: SEASONS 1 & 2 - Coming October 13!

All 39 heavenly episodes from Season 1 & 2 of THE SAINT

Modern-day Robin Hood. Wealthy man of mystery. Debonair rogue. Call Simon Templar what you will, but never cross THE SAINT. A timeless figure of adventure since his creation by Leslie Charteris in 1928, The Saint has thrilled adventure aficionados with his exploits in a variety of media, including novels, movies, and radio—but nowhere was the dashing Mr. Templar more indelibly realized than in his 1960s television series, starring the perfectly cast Roger Moore in the title role.

Seasons One and Two of The Saint set the stage for what would become a six season run on television, and paved the way for the dashing Roger Moore to take on the role of an even more famous man of action later in his career. With guest starring appearances by such notables as Oliver Reed (Tommy, Gladiator), Academy Award-winning actress Julie Christie (Darling, Doctor Zhivago) and a pair of beauties from the spy classic Goldfinger (Honor Blackman and Shirley Eaton), The Saint is a wild and witty adventure that is every bit as fun and exciting today as it was when it first aired.

Release date: October 13, 2015  
Available in US/Canada
LIST PRICE: $44.99

The Serial Squadron Cinema Cliffhanger Archive
Research copies are now available!

Archive DVD featuring Warren Hull - 15 Chapters (Complete)

One of the major original pulp heroes comes to the screen in the greatest adaptation of pulp to film ever created, featuring Warren Hull and Iris Meredith. Consistently rated one of the top 5 cliffhanger serials of all time by fans, and hugely influential. Source: new digital transfer of 16mm original print, complete, with generally excellent sharp picture quality, restored picture element with stabilization, exposure correction, and noise reduced audio.

Status: Restoration complete, archive DVD requests are shipping now.
To request a research copy, click here.

The Shadow - Under the Blue Light - Now online!

The Man From Scotland Yard
- New!
The Plot Master
The Killer
The Murder Genius

SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE NECRONOMICON HC - Arriving in comic shops October 7!  
Sylvain Cordurié (Writer) and Laci (Art/Cover)

Following his encounter with the vampire Selymes, Sherlock Holmes embarks on an Arctic expedition under the assumed name of Thomas Sigerson.
During his excursion, the great detective uncovers strange and dark forces at work, and learns that some mysteries are best left unsolved!

Hardcover, 96 pages, $17.99

Tellers of Weird Tales - Now online!
Terence Hanley has created a blog in which he researches and writes about the contributors to Weird Tales magazine and its companion titles, Oriental Stories and The Magic Carpet Magazine.

Jacob Clark Henneberger on Campus
The Undead Past
J.D. Salinger and Lamont Buchanan
Allison V. Harding-Revelations and Requests

Terence McVicker, Rare Books - Now online!

Terence McVicker has launched a new website.  Every month a new "theme" for the "Shoppe" will be announced. 

For the inauguration of the grand opening, in addition to samplings from "Shoppe stock," he is featuring a nice selection of Amateur Journals of H. P. Lovecraft from the Hyman Bradofsky (The Californian) Collection and fine, nearly complete collections of the works of James P. Blaylock and Tim Powers, two of Fantasy & Science Fiction's finest living writers!  So don't dote on the dead, take a voyage on an Elfin Ship, or step through the Anubis Gates and journey to the furthest reaches of your imagination!

And be sure to read "FOTS" - Friends of the Shoppe - for important book information!

New additions added every Sunday and every month a new theme!

THE TWILIGHT WAR (THE STEEL RING Volume 2) - Now available!
by R. A. Jones

It is 1940 and war rages across Europe. The members of the Steel Ring, an ancient order dedicated to keeping peace in the world, face one of their greatest challenges when the Nazis unleash a new super weapon unlike any the world has seen before. In this second volume of THE STEEL RING series, author R. A. Jones expands the Steel Ring with new members the Eternal Man, the Phantom Princess, Airman and the Arrow, who work alongside returning characters.

Paperback: 338 pages
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.8 x 9 inches
List Price: $20.00

Upcoming Modern Hero - Pulp Novels
by Christopher R. Yates
(New publications to the list are in bold)

Now available!
The Black Stiletto: Secrets & Lies, Raymond Benson, Oceanview Publishing, $16.00, September 15, 2015
Collision: Book 4, Secret World Chronicles, Mercedes Lackey, et al., Baen, $7.99, September 29, 2015

Coming soon!
Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits, David Wong, Thomas Dunne Books, $26.99, October 6, 2015
Black Widow Forever Red, Margaret Stohl, Marvel Press, $17.99, October 13, 2015
Wild Cards V: Down and Dirty, ed. George R.R. Martin, Tor, $17.99, October 27, 2015
Wild Cards XXII: Lowball, ed. George R.R. Martin, Tor, $8.99, November 3, 2015

Lara Croft and the Blade of Gwynnever, Dan Abnett & Nik Vincent, DK Publishing, $12.99,  November 3, 2015
Gladiator, Philip Wylie, Dover Publications, $9.95, November 18, 2015
Pax Britannia: The Ulysses Quicksilver Omnibus Vol. 2, Jonathan Green, Abaddon, $14.99, December 2015
The Black Stiletto: Endings & Beginnings, Raymond Benson, Oceanview Publishing, $16.00, January 12, 2016
Arrow – Vengeance, Oscar Balderrama & Lauren Certo, Titan Books, $7.99, January 26, 2016
Stiletto [sequel to The Rook], Daniel O’Malley, Little, Brown & Co., $25.99, January 26, 2016
Ex-Isle, Peter Clines, Broadway Books, $14.00, February 2, 2016
The Conclave of Shadow [Missy Masters #2], Alyc Helms, Angry Robot, $7.99, February 2, 2016
Powers: The Secret History of Deena Pilgrim, Brian Michael Bendis & Neil Kleid, Thomas Dunne Books, $25.99, March 15, 2016
Wild Cards XXIII: High Stakes, ed. George R.R. Martin, Tor, $25.99, April 2016
Captain America: Dark Design, Stefan Petrucha, Marvel, $24.99, April 19, 2016
X-Men: Days of Future Past, Alex Irvine, Marvel, $7.99, May 17, 2016
Ghosts of Karnak, George Mann, Titan Books, Ltd., $7.99, May 24, 2016

Weirdbook #31
Now available!

“Weirdbook returns after a 17-year hiatus under the editorship of Douglas Draa!
Here are great fantasy and horror tales by current and upcoming masters of the genre...”

John Betancourt of Wildside Press and Douglas Draa , under Paul Ganley’s stewardship, have revived the legendary magazine.
Their intention is to offer the finest in Weird, Horror, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Sword Sorcery, and even Science fiction.
The debut issue #31 is now available!

Paperback: 160 pages
Product Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
List Price: $12.00

Front cover: Dusan Kostic     Back cover: Stephen Fabian

Publisher and Executive Editor: John Gregory Betancourt
Consulting Editor: W. Paul Ganley
Editor: Doug Draa
Production Manager: Steve Coupe

CHIVAINE, by John R. Fultz
THE CITY IN THE SANDS, by Ann K. Schwader
NECROMANCE, by Frederick J. Mayer
WALPURGIS EVE, by K. A. Opperman
DOLLS, by Paul Dale Anderson
GUT PUNCH, by Jason A. Wyckoff
CASTLE CSEJTHE, by Ashley Dioses
BOXES OF DEAD CHILDREN, by Darrell Schweitzer
COFFEE WITH DAD’S GHOST, Jessica Amanda Salmonson
MISSED IT BY THAT MUCH, by Gregg Chamberlain
A CLOCKWORK MUSE, by Erica Ruppert
THE SHRINE, by Wade German
THE ROOKERY, by Kurt Newton
BRIDE OF DEATH, by Dave Reeder
ZUCCHINI SEASON, by Janet Harriett
THE TWINS, by Kevin Strange

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